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{PDF kindle} 501st An Imperial Commando Novel StarWars by Karen Traviss – Epub, TXT and Kindle eBook free

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Karen Traviss continues to be one of the best things about the Star Wars EU with this the fourth volume in what is essentially the Clan Skirata series As the beginning of what is basically a new second story arc it lacks the emotional whallop of Order 66 but in addition to laying the roundwork for the next series of conflicts and adventures it also further defines the personalities of the various clones begins to explore the myriad of relationships among the hodge podge cast that inhabits Kyrimorut peals away new and interesting layers of the Mandolorian culture and examines the shift in atmosphere as the EU abruptly transforms from a Republic to an Empire And all this is accomplished with an ease and race the belies how many moving parts are rinding together to create the overall storyAll of Traviss s strengths are on display here First and foremost her deft handling of the clones who are an unlikely Dark Intrusions gang of diverse characters I m continually amused at the way sheives them all the same basic personality then tweeks each commando so that they shine in their own peculiar way And her rasp of their dry humor should be studied by the likes of Troy Denning whose feeble rasps at humor never fail to yank me out of every story he s written in the last five years Skirata s Mandos have me laughing out loud every time they slip into their deadpan banterThe other major uality of Traviss s writing that I can t ever Decade of Despair get enough of is her refusal to turn the Commando novels into action adventure books Everything about her premise screams out to be written as popcorn action But unlike a lot of the other current EU writers I m looking at you everybody who s writing a Fate of the Jedi novel she actually seems concerned with character development and interpersonal relationships Iet rather tired of authors spending the bulk of their page count trying to create huge action set pieces that only serve to load the story with action Traviss only inserts action when it serves the story and when it s there it is terse and cleanly written One subtle oddity I noticed during 501st was the fact that she rarely resorts to cliff hanger chapter endings to manufacture cheap tension She ends chapters on the down beats and trusts that your love for the character will spur you into reading further That s practically unheard of in the recent EU novels and speaks volumes about her merits as a solid writerThe only thing that took away from my enjoyment of this novel had nothing to do with the novel itself but with the recently circulating news that Traviss will not be writing the next book in the series There is always the slim chance Del Rey will bring on another uality author to take over the chore of exploring the next phase of the Skirata clan s trevails Unfortunately we re dealing with the same publisher who entrusted the authorship of its supposedly flagship hardcover series Fate of the Jedi to the likes of Chrisie Golden who would seem at home writing the next Babysitters Club paperback What a bunch of osik That s how tyranny succeeds When folks think it won t affect them Until it eventually does This book was selected in my Star Wars book of the month club Plus a What Was Lost good friend of mineave me the book which meant I absolutely had to read it The Clone Wars has ended and the Republic is now the Empire Darman and Niner are stuck in Vader s 501st Vader s Fist Darman struggles with the events of the last book and both long to be home on Kyrimorout with Kal Skirata Atin Fi and the other rag tags that have assembled there as a haven Please note Kal Skirata Atin Fi and the other rag tags that have assembled there as a haven Please note from Order 66 Star Wars Republic Commando may follow I Liked To keep myself streamlined I will split this up into three categories writing characters and plot Writing 1Karen Traviss novels don t beat around the bush They deal with big universal themes which this time are bigotryprejudice complacency and fear aPrejudice permeates most of the Mandalorian characters and the Jedi of course Skirata can t accept Kina Ha for being a Kaminoan and Uthan for being a scientist trying to kill his clones The Kaminoan clones ridicule the Spaarti clones for being inferior The rising bias against the Jedi in the Empire the rivalry between Mandalore and the rest of the Go-Go-Go! galaxyall are potraits of prejudice and intolerance Ny one of the least intolerant of theroup puts it this way to the Null clones when they ridicule the Spaarti clones page 198 How can you dismiss them all like that when you re the first to say you re than your Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook genes We also see in her eyes how ironic it is for Skirata to hate the Jedi when he happens to adopt many of the practices he criticizes in them see page 301 for aood uote bComplacency is what keeps the people from revolting Under the Empire the Reine Mädchensache galaxy hasrown to not care about her alactic brothers and sistersthose on Kashyyyk Gibad Camaasand many others The uote for the review said by Uthan on page 139 says this perfectly cFear a uote by Jusik best relays this page 290 Fear kept beings in line Fearmade You Mistrust And Suspect Everyoneand Divided People mistrust and suspect everyoneand divided people t form up into roups to rebel 2Once her novel starts to roll along particularly with the Niner and Darman scenes you thirst for How are Niner and Darman oing to survive in the 501st Will anyone find out about the chip Niner has What about the new Spaarti clone in their suad How will the Corellian trained Ennen cope

with the death 
the death his suadmate It was hard to put down the book in these sections 3Traviss again provides other Expanded Universe references such as Jax Pavan and the Whiplash movement and Callista and the Altis sect Plot 1The story of Niner and Darman in the 501st Vader s Fist is definitely the highlight of the book You et inside Vader s Fist to see the differences between the Imperial and Republic management the inclusion of the Spaarti clones the distrust and the underlying fear Plus they qasas-ul-quran get to do a whole lot missions a whole lot Jedi hunting which means of what made Hard Contact so amazing and what has been lacking from most of the Republic Commando books and less sitting around and bad mouthing the Jedi 2Darman s personal battle of The Clone Wars are over but for those with reason to run from the newalactic Empire the battle to survive has only just begun The Jedi have been decimated in the Great Purge and the Republic has fallen Now the former Republic Commandos–the alaxy’s finest special forces troops cloned from Jango Fett–find themselves on opposing sides and in very different armor Some have deserted and fled ,

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501st An Imperial Commando Novel StarWars

Karen Traviss É 9 Summary

Hed and happened to the cast at this point in the series Its revealed a different side of the sometimes simplistic Star Wars universe and also delivered on mostly compelling war dramas Its why I m sad to say I dropped this oneI looked up the plot summary and a lot of ood stuff happens in here The problem is that it exemplifies the worst aspects of the series up to this point Traviss is a frustrating writer because she repeatedly demonstrates a knack for looking at the fantastical elements of the preuels and Dead-End Road Mysteries grounding them with real world morality in a way that s interesting and thought provokingShe was also in dire need of aood editor because every book past the first is bloated with each one showing and of that bloat None of these books needed to be as long as they were It was less noticeable with previous books since they captured war time paranoia and shifting loyalties so well Now that the empire has touched down though it leaves Traviss to self indulge in the extremeSkirata is of a Mary sue than ever here We are reminded time and time again of how he does everything for his boys and how unwaveringly loyal they are to him We Hear the Wolves get such long drawn out scenes that even David Lynch would probably say they were too long And after reading the plot summary i think you can skip this one Because even though someood stuff happens in it it s overall a setup book for a final volume that we will never et It lacks the ever buildimg dread that built over the course of three and two thirds books that culminated in order 66 and its bittersweet finale It lacks major developments that move the story forward It indulges in its probably too large cast of characters to a fault And this is all in the first 50 pagesThere s so much to love in this series despite its sometimes laring flaws with its writing In many ways the fact that it never BFI Film Classics got an ending is extremely frustrating But really i would argue that you can probably stop at Order 66 There are still some loose threads left by it but it concluded a lot of what was built up in the Republic Era books in really nice ways If weot a second Imperial Commando book that may have closed the series I may be willing to follow through with this As things are and Will forever be this book is not needed even if you enjoyed the first 4 books in the series It sets up a whole bunch of stuff that would have been paid off in a book we will never Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan get Iuess these feelings summarize my experience with the series as a whole After the positively incredible Hard Contact the books became too long and self indulgent The difference between those and this one is that the others at least built towards a وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله great climax at the end of Order 66 This showcases Traviss s worst habits with little of her brilliance And as they say that s all she wrote Of course I only find out after reading this that there s notoing to be a conclusion to this series That s seriously unsatisfying This novel essentially cliff hangs Don t bother reading it stop with Order 66 All I can think is how unneeded this book wasIt doesn t feel like Star Wars and hasn t since after the very first book in this mini series I didn t find reading about the clone commandos snack breaks scintillating stuff in book TWO AND HERE IT S OF and here it s of same The plot drags its heels for ages with the clones out on the homestead where we read about Fiend growing crops and raising livestock the women preparing meals in the kitchen and Kal Skirata chopping logs for the fire Thrilling And for some reason for a series that started out as pretty solid military fiction the series seems to have descended into soap opera y nonsense Anyone who s singleets paired off lickety split with the women having no problem Voice of Conscience giving up their lives and careers to completely embrace the Mandalorian way and discovering that all they ever really wanted after all was a nice strong clone and to bake bread together on a communal farm So much of the book is centred around trivial daily events and activities and at times it feels like Traviss is trying to write contemporary romance I don t know how else to explain theas leak and the PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) game of football in which they mull over the offside ruleBy the way did you know that all of the Jedi were horrible evil people who deserve to be hunted down by Palpatine s agents Sure don t feel sorry for themAnd then to cap it all off the series ends on a massive cliffhanger from the clone who started it all Darman and fans neverot a seuel because it all ot cancelled Wow Even if I was a fan of this series that would annoy the heck out of me Honestly it would be better to pretend these characters stories ended in the previous book or if you take my view and just don t click with these books just avoid the whole seriesDefinitely in my Top Ten Worst Star Wars Books1 out 10 This was not as strong as the previous Commando books and the series is starting read like strong as the previous Commando books and the series is starting to read like Mandalorian ethnography Lighter on action and intrigue Karen Traviss has shifted the focus to personal drama and family dynamic To be honest it s starting to feel like a soap opera As Mandalore Turns or The Cloned and the Restless if you willWhile this book was a little slower than its bretheren I am looking forward to the next book and seeing how Darman pulls off his daring escape Hopefully this book was just bridging the ap between epic stories that I have come to expect from Ms Traviss I loved this series and hope it continues one day I really want to see what happens to the main characters How far will Darman Marvins Room go Will Niner follow The Emperor has won and is consolidating his power The Republic Commandos are now the Imperial Commandos Niner and Dar are part of the 501st and their job is to track down and eliminate all Jedi The rest of the commando brothers are trying to regroup with Skirata at their head The favorites are back Jusik Fi Ordo to name a few I did not find this book to be in keeping with the first 4 books which I thought were excellent Dar was just unfathomable in his attitudes and just didn t wring true for me Very distracting The rest of the stories essentially back stories were veryood thoug. S an agonizing test of loyalty But he’s not the only one who’ll be forced to test the ties of brotherhood On Mandalore clone deserters and the planet’s own natives who have no love for the Jedi will have their most cherished beliefs challenged In the savage new alactic order old feuds may have to be set aside to unite against a far bigger threat and nobody can take old loyalties for ranted. He death of Etain is particularly poignant I feel Traviss did a ood job conveying his detached self and his rieving self and I adored how Niner looked out for him 3This novel is set in the Imperial era which is so undiscovered and unexplored It s nice to see the forays out into it 4The fear and suspicion mentioned in passing in the Jedi Twilight Star Wars Coruscant Nights I is actually at work in Coruscant in this novel In 501st clone commandos can feel the Pink Ribbons, Inc. growing fear see how the Empire is coaxing people to tell on their neighbors all I can think of is the movie Brazil and basically keeping one eye open Characters 1My favorite characters now include Walon Vau Niner whoets a point of view YAY Ny sometimes Commander Roly Melusar and Maze I ve mentioned why I ve liked Walon Vau before uintessential Mando cold hard calculating and Maze too follows orders perfect ARC but I will detail on the others 2Niner is a particularly fascinating clone He didn t want to desert like all the others He felt it was his duty to stay in to fight the Star Cookies Comfort good fight Only when his other brothers wereoing to leave leaving him alone did he change his mind Through his reasonable cautious eyes we see the Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies growing hatred and distrust of Jedi his care for his brother Darman and how he isrowing to want a life outside yet still fearing it 3Nyreen is one of the few female characters Traviss has written that I actually like Although there are still parts of her that I am not fond of like how uickly she wants to become Mando and such I like how she was married before around Kal s age independent not so vehemently against the Jedi and just overall being different and uniue a voice of reason Through her eyes and her eyes alone we Doros asin mga Anghel get a balance from the Mando heavy prejudice from the book and see how much Jedi Kal is like how what he does really isn t much different from them 4Lastly my brand new all time favorite is Commander Roly Melusar Man I can t say enough how much I like him Here we finallyet an Imperial not out for power prestige money whatever but out there to The Other Alice get rid of Force users and dissenters for a reasonbecause he believes in the ideals of the Empire I Didn t Like You knew this was coming didn t you 1Mandosood Jedi bad Highly toned down from the Republic Commando books with the balancing view off Ny too bad she remains mostly silent on the matter to the Mandos but still prevalent none the less I could The Inside Text go on and on about this point but I don t really think I need to say The Jedi are most certainly not perfect but neither are the Mandalorians 2Good Mando wife It sickens me to see all the women of these commando books be stripped of anything of their own their own culture desires loves hopes and dreams and adopt without uestion or hesitation the Mando way Besany was a tax auditorand sheoes to being The Connected Home good Mando housewife in less than 182 seconds Laseema same thing Jilka follows the same path as Besany and Laseema by falling for yet another of our clone boys Corr in aag worthy romance Uthan is slipping and falling for Mij Gilamar and Nyreen appears to doing the same with Kal Why can t Traviss create strong women who don t feel the need to drop their own personality for one their husbands can take better Other than Parja None Of The Married none of the married have jobs outside the home Uthan not being Mando nor married to Mij and the one woman who didn t follow the Mando way Kal s wife is treated with scorn and disdain for wanting her husband to be home I was a military kid I Could Go On About could Mills Factories of Ne go on about topic for a while but I ll spare you It s an unfair way to paint women that they are onlyood if they are A married to Mandos B a ood stay at home Mando wife andor C accept their husband s Mando ways without a ualm or thought about their own heritage and traditions 3Repetition Yet again Traviss has a few things she must make sure she says at least a dozen times in her novel How the Nulls were saved by Skirata as if the last three books didn t repeat that enough How much Scout reminds Kal of Etain how Kal hates Kaminoans and Jedi and Uthan how Atin and Laseema can t have biological kids which shouldn t really matter in an adoptive society like Mandalore how hypocritical the Jedi were how bad artuesii are how so and so can t believe how easy and uickly she most often she is accepting the Mando culture how so and so was surprised that she again most often she wouldn t be shocked or upset if he aka insert your Mando here killed someone etc etc etc While I understand that new readers may be unfamiliar with the characters and history the constant repetitions won t help them catch up This is not a book for the uninitiated I figure you cut out half the extraneous repetitions you lose about 150 pages 4Least Favorite characters aBesany who is mostly shoved into the background Yay However there is one scene where she appears just recently wakened and yet is said to look lamorous You ever see a woman just wake up Her hair is everywhere bSkirata whom I really have never liked since he appeared in Triple Zero Star Wars Republic Commando Book 2 I know he loves his boys I ve heard it a billion times in between the pages but he is overly emotional always bawling or pouting or yelling or something ing cThe Nulls All perfect Gary Stus who can do no wrong Plus there are 6 interchangeable men Mayb I love Traviss s characters but this Commando installment is probably the weakest example of her prose Lots of repetition Repeating things about what Clones are like Especially if you ve read other books in this series Stuff Darkest Night (Birthright, gets repeated Within a few paragraphs There s often repetitionBut the characters arereat This book is also character driven as opposed to action driven than her other Commando booksI m changing my review to 2 stars instead of 3 Because the I think about it the obvious it is that Traviss just phoned this one in There s all kinds of set up for one in There s all kinds of set up for she ll wrap this all up in Imp Comm 2 but now she s not writing that book So I m irritated And still annoyed by all the repetition So very annoying that the series ended prematurely with this book DNF 50 434So kuch has been establis. O Mandalore with the mercenaries renegade clone troopers and rogue Jedi who make up Kal Skirata’s ragtag resistance to Imperial occupation Others–including men from Delta and Omega suads–now serve as Imperial Commandos a black ops unit within Vader’s own 501st Legion tasked to hunt down fugitive Jedi and clone deserters For Darman SEXBOT - Antología cubana de cuentos eróticos de ciencia ficción grieving for his Jedi wife and separated from his son it’.