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What a classic The writing is pitch perfect the stories all consuming A truly wonderful collection of short stories A Bird in the House is the 4th book in a five book series that Margaret Laurence wrote about the fictional Manitoba town of Manawaka based on her hometown of Neepawa It s not a series in the sense that one normally thinks of a series the books are only loosely connected each one has a different main character and so they really stand alone There s no need to read them in order or together This is a book that I think I could Re Read Over And Over read over and over It s actually not a novel but eight interconnected short stories The stories center on the childhood of a girl who grows up to be a writer essentially depicting the process of how a child becomes a writer Accurate capturing of the view from childhood blunt confusing inevitable I m surprised by how well the author made it feel like my own childhood Impressive writing capturing that feeling as well as that odd melancholic echo from childhood you feel when you look back as an adult Full of the unspoken regrets and confusion found when growing up but faced in the unapologetic way we all must Don t know as it s a book to read again but it takes Don t know as it s a book to read again but it takes two hours and made me want to call my mother So This is an old favorite and I picked it up to choose a story to include in my first year lit class in the fall Laurence renders beautifully the balance between skepticism and wonder that characterizes one girl s developing insights into the structure of the ADULT WORLD THAT RESTRAINS AND CONSOLES HER EACH STORY world that restrains and consoles her Each story a ewel of introspection but taken together they form an episodic novel that is to me one of the most moving accounts in literature of finding your way through family dynamics The child at the centre of the stories Vanessa is sensitive to the undercurrents of emotion that rage beneath the sometimes placid sometimes dour sometimes cruel personae of her progenitors but the book is most moving when its narrator captures the limits of such insight the sense that everyone who comes before us is shaped by a multi layered past that they will shape us in turn and that we can get only glimpses of how and why it all means something I like reading short stories even though the form confounds me a bit I ve heard it said that short stories are harder to write than novels so I often wonder why an author like Alice Munro chooses the format and as a reader as much as I love her collections I feel a bit deflated as each story ends and I am compelled to pause and decide if I want to immediately start the pro. One of Canada’s most accomplished authors combines the best ualities of both the short story and the novel to create a lyrical evocation of the beauty pain and wonder of growing upIn eight interconnected finely wrought stories Margaret Laurence recreates the world of Vaness. ,

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A Bird in the HouseOd a fourteen year old girl when the story starts and middle aged whe her story ends Vanessa s early dreams are to become a writer and she acts as one from a young age She is very observational makes deductions about people and connections beyond her physical age and is always making notes about what is happening around her both real things and her thoughts about possibilities for future storiesThis book is a series of linked short stories short stories about Vanessa s relatives and her interactions with them The characters are wonderful Laurence as usual creates well *developed and multi dimensional characters The story lines of each are not complicated * and multi dimensional characters The story lines of each are not complicated are stories of every day life but captured my interest immediately and engaged me from the get goAs in many of the books of the Manawaka series Laurence integrates the thoughts of the female narrator into the story line She does so in The Bird in the House as well but Vanessa MacLeod is a fourteen year old and most of her thoughts aren t ust thoughts they are right out there in the open in the real world She makes comments She asks uestions She rebels Her heart breaks and then she tells everyone about it This narrator is not a keep all one s thoughts inside kind of narrator She is out there and living in the moment which makes her very endearing and one of my favourite Manawaka series narrators One cannot help but be captiavated by Vanessa MacLeodAs usual Laurence s writing is terrific at times direct often lyrical engaging wonderful about connecting the reader with its characters and carrying the reader along with the story line Margaret Laurence is a stellar writer who deserves to have a greater following for her talents She was creative and innovative long before it became popular to do so Due to her premature passing she stopped writing long before she shared all she had to offer Based on the small number of books Laurence wrote and had published before she passed she is regarded as one of the twentieth century s great writers It is a shame she didn t live longer to write even books so that people all over the world would hold her in even higher esteem something her talents vision writing accomplishments and being so ahead of her time are so deserving of 4 stars I m having a hard time BEING OBJECTIVE WITH THIS READ SINCE I READ IT objective with this read since I read it my Canadian Short Stories class and had to present on it for three hours THREE HOURS I TALKED A LOT ABOUT IT I think it s a really sad book And I found the ending a bit defeatist I thought the family dynamic was really toxic But I also thought it was interesting. Fourth book of the five volume Manawaka series Vanessa MacLeod takes her rightful place alongside the other unforgettable heroines of Manawaka Hagar Shipley in The Stone Angel Rachel Cameron in A Jest of God Stacey MacAindra in The Fire Dwellers and Morag Gunn in The Diviner. Cess of meeting and understanding a whole new cast of characters on the next page With A Bird In The House Margaret Laurence blends the two formats with eight short stories about the same family all from the perspective of Vanessa MacLeod umping back and forth between the ages of eight and fortyish This felt like a bit of a cheat to me even though I understand that each story appeared on its own in some magazine or other over the years it was hard to consider each a complete work knowing that the narrative would continue that the characters and setting would be familiar right there on the next page This isn t a complaint it No Place Like Home just read like a novel instead of a collection of short stories and it was a satisfying way ofumping through time to watch Vanessa mature and find her place in her family and the wider worldThe title of A Bird in the House has two meanings In the first Vanessa s gentle grandmother Connor has a pet canary She would try to coax the canary into its crystal t Such a beautiful book It made me nostalgic for a time and place I ve never experienced Simple yet haunting I m not normally one for child protagonists but Vanessa is neither saccharine nor overly sassyprecocious I want to write like this Margaret Laurence s A Bird in the House was honestly one of the best works I ve read in a long time Were it possible to give it 11 stars I would The writing style is very smooth and rather unemotional considering the nature of the stories The format of interconnected short stories featuring the same protagonist is a genius way of telling childhood stories they don t always run in chronological order and something about that makes you feel connected to Vanessa Perhaps it s that you feel less like you re watching her grow up and like you re remembering alongside her Each one of these stories is uiet but profoundly devastating uiet in that the tragedies are not something heavily focussed on they are ust things that happen they are normal Which is also what made them so devastating 375 out of 5 stars I went upstairs to my room Momentarily I felt a sense of calm almost acceptance Rest beyond the river I knew now what that meant It meant Nothing It meant only silence forever Really Enjoyed All The Symbolism As Well As all the symbolism as well as characters and their relationships silence forever Really enjoyed all the symbolism as well as the characters and their relationships Bird in the House is the fourth book in the Manawaka Series by Margaret Laurence the common denominators being a female narrator and the fictional town of Manawaka a small town in Saskatchewan where the narrator currently or once livedIn A Bird in the House the female narrator is Vanessa MacLe. A MacLeod – a world of scrub oak willow and chokecherry bushes; of family love and conflict; and of a girl’s growing awareness of and passage into womanhood The stories blend into one masterly and moving whole poignant compassionate and profound in emotional impactIn this.

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