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A Fool's Alphabet

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Life story of an ITALIAN POST WAR BABY WHO NEVER UITE BELONGS Italian post war who never uite belongs and is oddly unsympathetic for a main character Each chapter Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose refers to a different location each starting with the next letter of the alphabet Contrived Given up on this Don t often do that and usually enjoy his stuff Dull characters with noeal sense of being invited to care about them I m a big fan of Sebastian Faulks and would count Birdsong as one of my favourite books but this book failed to hold my attention Comprising 26 alphabetically headed chapters each one the name of a place significant to Pietro Russell the protagonist the novel time shifts throughout Pietro s Great book to finish the year with Beautifully crafted with 26 chapters it traces through the alphabet in place names which concern the main character Pietro The events of Pietro Russell’s life are told in 26
chapters from a 
From A each chapter is set in ,

Ussell half Italian It s a lovely story and although it leaps Through Periods It time it works and you don t lose sight of Pietro even though it travels through generations I eally liked it There is nothing wrong with this book but it just doesn t soar to some of the places you expect a Sebastian Faulks novel to soar toThe mechanism for delivering the book is interesting 26 places introduced alphabetically where a different piece of mosaic making up the life of Pietro Russell is introduced But don t be thrown by the device it doesn t add but nor does
it detract from 
detract from book as a wholeFor a book which time shifts so easily and which shifts narrative viewpoints fairly egularly the plot is easonably easy to follow There is no great sophistry to it despite the apparent sophistication of the mechanismMaybe. Different place and eveals a fragment of his story As his memories flicker back and forth thr.
How to Write Essays Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family
What disappoints most is The *Main Protagonist Himself Usually In * Usually In * Himself Usually In Faulks Novel You main protagonist himself usually in a Faulks novel you yourself totally engrossed in the main character whether you like loathe or are just fascinated by the development of that character Pietro Russell is a little bit of a non event though you don t Graeco-Egyptian Magick really like him you don teally dislike him and you don t Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge really care that much for how things turn out for himIt s a pleasant enoughead though and where his characterization may not each the heights it does in many of his other books his sense of place is often very well developed even though the focus jumps so adically with every chapterGlad I Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family read it doesn t stop me still thinking of Sebastian Faulks as one of our very best contemporary authors but this one won t be added to thee ead list along with most of his others. Ough time in his search for a esolution to the conflicts of his life his story gradually unfol.