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A Rogue of My OwnReally this book should be called A Rogue Of My Own JL loves Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book her some exclamations DC prefers to not see themI keep doing this I pick up a JL book thinking it sounds interesting And it always does And then I read it And it stops being interesting after the first chapter Even worse is when I m re reading a JL book because I didn t recognize it at first Clearly sheas staying power in my mind This book was full of you re lying to me because I m a spy and I can t trust anyone and you re so charming and جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها handsome why can t I stay mad at you to reach a unsatisfactory ending JL is definitely on my don t bother list I usually end up almost chuckinger books against the wall but persevere to finish Barely Lots of in this book Was a bit off setting The characters were likable But the love aspect Tug Hill Country hardly believable More like both parties just found each other sexy Therefore they wanted sex Overall somewhat flat There are basically two kinds of books Ones where when I go to change the audiobook CD and see that there are still many discs to go I rejoice and ones in which that same knowledge makes me cringe Unfortunately this book was in the latter category view spoilerA Rouge of My Own rubbed me up the wrong way as soon as theero was introduced I liked Rebecca uite a bit until Rupert came on the scene She was smart and strong enough to stand up for Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 herself in the beginning But then she meets lover boy and turns into a complete idiot She s LITERALLY so awestruck byis incredible good looks that she can t think straight Seriously At their first face to face meeting she literally stood there staring at What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, him wither mouth Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, hanging open untile sexually assaulted 8 1/2 her in order to snaper out of it Neither one of them comes off looking good in that scenario She looks like a fool for so obviously drooling over Health and Healing for African-Americans him ande s a bastard for grabbing Garden of Snakes (House of Royals her boobs like that Honestly there were about a billion other wayse could New Testament Apocalyptic have snappeder out of er idiotic stupor that didn t involve doing something so despicable Unfortunately things don t improve from there Although Rupert as been unforgivably rude and assaulted Rebecca and makes no bones about admitting that The Sorcerers Soul he likes to spreadimself around when it comes to the ladies she s still so gobsmacked by is looks that she s panting after im It s pathetic I really couldn t root for Rebecca when she was being such a pathetic idiot There was nothing redeemable about Rupert other than that Satans Mistress he was apparently ungodlyandsome And frankly I was sick to death of What My Mother and I Dont Talk About hearing aboutis angelic good looks by the second chapter It s mentioned over and over and over and seems to be the only thing that attracts Rebecca to Tagus the Night Horse (Beast Quest, him That s not a romance as far as I m concerned It wouldave made for a much better story if Rebecca was the one person who WASN T bowled over by Love Beyond Limits (Among the Fair Magnolias) his looks The one who looked past that and likedim for who Inochi The Book of Life he was on the inside Unfortunately Rupert doesn t seem toave an inside JL really could Gol Atan Kaleye have done a lot to make Rupert a nuanced character His whole lifee s The Age of Disruption had people fawning overis looks and since the age of 14 Burning bridges he s been pushed to use those looks to gather intelligence for ueen and country Everywheree goes women and sometimes men goggle at Freshman Scandal (Freshman Dorm, him becausee s just sooo stunning There was a perfect opportunity Rembrandts Jews here for JL to show us a Rupert who secretlyated Refusing His Second Chance his good looks because it meant no one ever treatedim like a regular person That no one ever bothered to get to know the real Brand Name Dates him because all they were after wasis body But no Rupert isn t that deep He s perfectly fine with Confectionately Yours Collection (Confectionately Yours, his lot in life Just a little bored withow easily The Maiden Dinosaur he canave any woman Swing Trading with Oliver Velez Course Book with DVD he wants Sadly things just keep getting worse as the story goes on The plot was really weak and didn t reallyang together It starts with Rebecca becoming a maid of Angus, Thongs And Full Frontal Snogging honor to the duchess and moving into the palace Soon after arriving she finds out that the woman in charge of the maids ofonor Sarah forces all the girls to snoop for er She as them illegally search people s rooms deliver Notes Outside The Palace Eavesdrop On Private outside the palace eavesdrop on private and pressures them to use their feminine wiles to distract men when it serves The Emperor of Nihon-Ja (Rangers Apprentice, her purpose Even though Rebecca is a supposedly strong smart woman she still stupidly lets Sarah talker into getting involved with these sordid activities by implying that she s operating on the ueen s behalf As if the ueen would send some completely inexperienced girl fresh out of the school room to do any kind of important espionage mission Naturally She Gets Caught On Her First Mission gets caught on Nora (Sunfire, her first mission none other than Rupert Rupert is likewise being employed as a spy onlye s the real deal sort of and Sam the Plumber he s been tasked with figuring out why Sarah is gathering information This of course sets ourero and eroine up for Big Misunderstandings Absolutely none of this was interesting Seriously All this palace intrigue was much ado about nothing It was an incredibly toothless storyline No one is plotting to assassinate the ueen or overthrow the government etc Nothing was a stake ere It was all just a weak plot to create problems for our Outside the Paint happy couple which is lame Rupert s spy boss Nigel decides to recruit Rebecca over tois side and asks Hoopers Pasture from Maine to Vermont her to report on Sarah s activities Rebeccaesitates to get involved Historic Hahns Peak having just told Sarah to takeer despicable demands and shove them but eventually agrees solely because it ll give Deathcaster (Shattered Realms, her an excuse to be near the god like Rupert who will act as a go between It s patheticow everything Rebecca does is motivated by Out of the Ashes (The Legacy Chronicles, her uncontrollable desire to be near this guy who treatser like dirt Nigel plot conveniently neglects to inform Rupert of this whole go between situation so the one and only time Rebecca seeks Rupert out to pass on information BITE (A Mate Of His Own he assumes she s inis room for sex and starts kissing er before she can get a word in edgewise Although she doesn t really put much effort into er protests because Six-Moon Trail his merest touch makeser brain fall out Rupert is of course shocked to discover that Rebecca is a virgin and uickly concludes that SHE seduced HIM as part of er evil spying for Sarah That she s so devoted to the cause that she was willing to "give up er virginity in pursuit of it Right She s been "up er virginity in pursuit of it Right She s been the palace for all of two days and only just met Sarah but she s so completely devoted to er already that she s ready to risk public ruination just to please Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, her Yeah that makes sense Like I said Rupert acts like auge ass for the majority of the book and it really didn t make sense for The Witches him to do so Heangs onto this idea that Rebecca is secretly this wicked master level con artist even after all the things Splinter he s accusinger of Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles have been disproven It was a ridiculous and frustrating circle ofim accusing The Princes Mistress her of something ander giving Immortal Jellyfish him a perfectly logical explanation for it and thenim saying A HA Obviously you must be guilty since you California had such a great excuse all ready He twisted every situation untile could find some scenario that would put Rebecca at fault even when the most logical answer was that she was innocent Even after Rupert s boss verifies that Rebecca WAS working for Afgantsy him and everything else she d told Rupert is 100% truee just shifts Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., his theory to give Rebecca a new yet eually evil motivation Now instead ofer being a spy she must be out to trap Rupert Somnium himself Because naturally she winds up pregnant from their one time together Rupert immediately accuseser of lying and insists for practically the whole book. In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating novel an innocent young lady’s fi rst brush with royal court intrigue lands er at the altar alongside one of London’s most notorious rogues It was the chance of a lifetime For Lady Rebecca Marshall a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of onor at the court of ueen Victo. That she s faking er pregnancy Even going so far as to say that she s sticking er finger down Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, her throat to fake the morning sickness and stuffingerself with food to gain weight Later on after they ve reluctantly gotten married but only until Rupert can prove she s lying about the baby Rupert decides it wasn t actually HIM she wanted to marry just anyone in Dem Nordpol am nächsten his family Honestlyis excuses for Heart Beat hatinger get weaker and weaker as time goes on And in between all The Site Book his accusations Rebecca is still melting into a breathless puddle ife even so much as looks The Devils Possession her way It was pathetic And she was also behaving like a crazy person for most of the book Lindsey saddleder with all the clich d pregnancy symptoms She puked Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, her guts up all morning every morning then promptly got famished and stuffeder face at lunch She was moody and swung from towering fury to bursting into tears at the drop of a Vrolok hat And eventually she decided she was in love with Rupert even thoughe 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] hadn t done anything even remotely close to deserving it The ending was unsatisfying because Rupert didn t do nearly enough groveling and waited waaaay too long to giveis token apology At a party Sarah confirms that everything Rebecca The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name had been telling Rupert was true ande just totally accepts that Um what After spending the whole book jumping through all these Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped hoops to convinceimself Rebecca was this criminal mastermind who was working for Sarah all along The Hunger Within he believes Sarah s word without uestion That makes no sense Why wouldn te just assume that Rebecca and Sarah Between Two Skies had conferred and made sure that Sarah gave the same story Rebeccaad It was ridiculous that Rupert who Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England had been so far beyond skeptical and cynical the whole story would just suddenly lose that part ofis personality simply because we were reaching the end of the book and it was time for Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 him to get on board with the romance But aftere The Dolce Diet has this great epiphany that Rebecca was innocent all alonge does absolutely nothing with that information for several days Instead of going straight to Brave Enough her apologizing and begginger forgiveness Spunk he just starts trying to sexer up But for such a well known rake The Kafka of 238th Street he s incredibly clumsy inis attempts to woo The Letters to the Thessalonians her For example one ofis bright ideas is to approach is rapidly fattening wife grab er thickened waist and jokingly accuse Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, her of doubling up on the desserts in order to perpetuate this fake pregnancy charade That s insane On what planet would this EVER be a good idea The whole booke s been accusing Ivory (The Ivory Saga her of being a lying snake and yet now thate s in love with Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, here s going togo on accusing The Temple of Death her of being a lying snake Yeah nice job Romeo Not to mention that pointing out she s getting fatas never won over any woman in the Venus Blueprint history of the world EVER And it never willide spoiler He could say one thing about Rebecca she was consistent in sounding plausible If Shame On Her Volume 3 he didn t know better it would be so damned easy to believeer that s Bisk CPA Review how good she was at deception Dealing wither A Crazy Kind of Love had been a challengee d actually enjoyed until she d won Which was why The Medieval Forest he was also furious withimself She d exploited the one thing The Road Beyond Ruin he couldn t controlis desire for Backlash her 45 starsThis was my very first HR read EVER before I even knew what the HR genre was Itas been forever since I ve read this and I FINALLY saved up enough to buy it on Kindle I am glad to announce that it as stood the test of time and I found myself enjoying this read years later Because this was a comparative reread for me I m going to arrange my review a little differently than I normally would Be forewarned it will be spoilery so read on at your own riskThe beginning of this novel was a bit slow for me and filled with tell than show However I think it was partly due to the author trying to catch readers up from previous books so I actually appreciated it after I got through the wordiness of it Another so I actually appreciated it after I got through the wordiness of it Another of the writing that bugged me was the author s use of exclamation points I m not a fan of exclamation points in writing unless a character is shouting something important like Fire or The British are coming so Lindsey s constant use of exclamations in thoughts and external dialogue annoyed me but I admit I eventually got used to itSome

Tropes That Were A Part 
that were a part this story virginal eroinerake Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, hero secret baby which I don t normally enjoy but didn t last longere forced marriage of convenience enemies to lovers along with a very pronounced In Defense of Food hate to love you theme Each one owned a good portion of the novel and I thoroughly enjoyed every single trope as I came across it Now on to my favorite part Rupert and Rebecca As with manyistorical romances the characters were the main driving force of this novel and what great characters they were both main and secondary Rupert played the perfect part of a renowned rake gorgeous playful but weary of marriage traps while also leading a double of a renowned rake gorgeous playful but weary of marriage traps while also leading a double as a spy for the Crown Rebecca was a great leading eroine beautiful innocent smart at times naive but eadstrong and fearless They were a great pairing and although they spent the majority of the novel trying to outsmart and constantly second guessing each other the passion and Black and White heat between them was palpable and infectious and made for some great chemistry The secondary characters were also uniue and engaging making for someumorous moments and The Color of Water helping to move the story alongOverall this novel did NOT disappoint me in the slightest Even though it was not a perfect read for me itad many of the elements I love in the HR genre now great characters a smattering of danger ate to love you theme a moving plot and great character chemistry and interactions The steam level was pretty mild although there was some explicit sex scenes so opefully my mind wasn t too corrupted at a young age Cake Pops haha I do wish that Rupertad showed remorse for Brave New World his actions andad been forced to grovel towards the end but overall I loved this one I can definitely see myself rereading this again at some point and I am glad to say this was my first venture into the HR world that I The Name of the Rose have come to love so much so many years later A crudely stitched patchwork of mismatched pieces The arrival of Rebecca Marshall at Buckingham Palace as a new maid ofonor and the details of personal and political intrigues at the court of ueen Victoria were refreshingly different but as the narrative rushed nowhere and finally disintegrated I was left wondering about the authenticity of the istorical detailFirst impressions of Rebecca are of a beautiful intelligent and self assured lady sparking anticipation of er part in the story The first of many wrong notes is struck by Memories of My Melancholy Whores her adolescent infatuation with theandsome rogue Rupert and the startling speed with which she gives up Pakistan her virginity and achieves instant orgasm Rupert St John is supposed to be some kind of government intelligence agent but the background to this is not developed and we re left with an almost psychotic lothario who apparentlyangs around society venues collecting information for Pitch Dark his sexually ambiguousandler Rebecca becomes pregnant and Dont Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear her attempt to confront Rupert wither predicament only gets er caught up in a chase across France to visit a Englishman who is suspected of smuggling armsRupert doesn t believe Rebecca is pregnant suabbles and spats ensue families get involved undying love is declared but nothing can compensate for the fundamental weakness in characterisation and lack of control over the structure of the narrative Did not Lik. Ria But when Rebecca unknowingly steps into the rivalry between the ueen’s spymaster and a noblewoman who uses the maids as courtly spies she is soon entangled in a web of deceit with the charming maruis Rupert St John The devastatingly andsome ne’er do well is the cousin of Raphael Locke with whom Rebecca was once infatuated He’s also a secret agent of the.

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E this one at all and I am A HUGE fan of Her Work To me this one Had too many negatives for me to Even attempt to read it all the way through I made it The Green Pharmacy half way through if thatand that was Pushing itThe Main Male Character Was Extremely Unlikable IMO One ofis first encounters With the Main Female Deadly Slumber - Demon Tales he grabser breasts Big turn off and Atomic Ghost he was Way to Cocky and full ofimself for me to even attempt to like Lightning Strike Twice himThe Female in the book seemed Like she was mentally too young School Girl ish and to me didn t seem appreciative of the situation she was in There seemed Like there was More talk on the ueener ladies in waiting servants and such then anything Very Little on each page seemed to pertain to the actual love story I found myself Skipping over The Purple Island half of the paragraphs on each page out of Sheer BoredomNigel a Side Character Was a Huge turn off for the book as it basically describedim as a pedophile against young boysNo thanksSo for me this was NOT a book I finished nor will I attempt to read againI am sure many will love this book but just wanted to give my The Last Odd Day honest review I can t give this book than one star for three main reasons1 23 of the way into the book I d yet to find any reason why these two shouldn t just walk away and forget the other existed They argued and tried to spite each other through most of the book And yet at the end the reader is suppose to believe that suddenly all is forgotten and they live HEA2 I couldn t stand the female lead She was so annoying and whiny3 If I find myself laughing my butt off during an intimate scene and rolling my eyes at supposed tender moments it is not a good thing Too cheesy Sorry I know some people like that but it s not my thing Lastly I was really annoyed by the writer s inability to show me why the male character was so drastically changed byis love for Becca I am not a cynic I do believe that a person can change for the better Yet it s Lord Lightning (Astrology, hard for me to buy that a person specially a guy canave a complete personality transplant overnight simply because Wildwing heshe falls in love A Rogue of My Own is the story of Rebecca and RupertMaruis Rupert St John is a spy philanderer and one of the best agents of the crown Leading a double life by sleuthing for various individualse charms every lady in Londons Perfect Scoundrel his path for any informatione needs Things are going well until The Bucolic Plague he comes across Rebecca Marshall the newly appointed maid ofonor for ueen VictoriaLady Rebecca is delighted to get the prestigious position before Harvest her debut and accepts it with all eagerness However she is soon bombarded with a shrewd room mate forced to spy and meets the charming Lord Rupert cousin to Raphael whom she was once infatuated withMistaken identities and false intentions lead to a night of passion and soon Rupert is forced to wed Rebecca Soon there are unexpected conseuences along withim believing Three French Hens her motive for marriage is to find replacement foris cousinAs they spend time together unwillingly Rupert soon realizes the truth Can this tomcat finally give up The Novice his ways and fall in loveI did not like theero I know the title says Ice Creams at Carringtons he s a rogue and to giveim credit The Predictions he did not cheat despite threatening repeatedly to do so butonestly Rousseaus Dog he was very unlikable Constantly suspicious and falsely charming alle did was seduce the August and Then Some heroine verbally berateer and be involved in A History of Ornithology (New Naturalist, his own world not caring forer feelingsdisposition at all The 7 Days to Live heroine on the otherand Delphie and the Magic Spell/Rosa and the Golden Bird had moments of courage but usually she was easily seduced and a putty in theero s soiled Collins Complete British Birds Photoguide hands Their story was much bearable once they got married even then we get to see the Realization at exactly 90% mark and by then it was too late for me to even like theeroThe ending was unsatisfying with no groveling uick resolution and easy seductionMehSWE view spoiler safe after marriage Not said if Heathlands (New Naturalist, he kissedslept with other women after meeting and before marriage though Into the Garden (Poison Diaries, hide spoiler While I liked this story and the characters I was a little disappointed with Lindsey in this book There was some use of language so obviously out of that time frame that I actuallyad to pause and think about what I was reading I wouldn t necessarily expect perfection in language but the use of current slang for something set in this time frame is outrageous Besides that the story was off to a good start I still thought I was going to like it I actually liked both I was going to like it I actually liked both and Rupert They Tiger in the Snow! had there difficulties to overcome but Lindsey spent so much timearping on the negative part of their relationship that I get why some people couldn t figure out where they fell in love Well I will clarify that for them There were a couple of sentences stating that over the past weeks they The Quaint Christmas had been nice to each other not in those exact words apparently somewhere in there they both got past there issues but did not realize the otherad and were angry with themselves for it While I completely understand glossing over a couple of weeks in a story if that is the only time the characters are nice to one another it would be Another Life helpful in a romance story to give us a few occasions that lead to this love match Plus it wouldelp for everyone not to The Cinderella Moment hate theero His adamant beliefs up until the VERY end of the book did not elp anyone believe they loved each other At some point along the way it
Actually Became Childish And Undermined 
became childish and undermined intelligence e was suppose to Trilogy Collection have This is the first Johanna Lindsey book Iave read I wasn t disappointed in A Rogue of My Own although the spy scenes in my opinion were a little lacking in thrill and adventure but I suppose that is a bit much to expect from a Dancing With Kings historical romance novel or at least the ones Iave read In my opinion a great The City of Woven Streets historical romance fiction novel is made great by a few factors One the characters must be charming I believe the characters in this book were pretty likable up until the end where I felt almost as if theero came to certain realizations rather uick The next factor in making a story exceptional to me is the plot must make sense and flow rather smoothly This book did that so I won t complain Then like a cake I like to see layers in books that can be peeled away to reveal everything What I mean by that is that other than the plot and characters I love substance mingled in I do like a little bit of actual istorical facts blended in to a story If there is not that factor than I rely on the story adding something to the scenes THIS is where A Rogue of My Own lacked for me it didn t ave Violation historical facts nor did the spy scenes seem very interesting I know this review is probably a little like a rant because Iave spent a month of reading Romantic Historical Fictions and while I enjoy them I am to a point where I want from them I wanted this book to wow me with dangers that would bring the characters out in new lights or perhaps instead of focusing on the palace intrigues that never went anywhere before jumping into a secret spy mission it would Sleepover Girls on Safari (The Sleepover Club, have been nice to focus on one scenario and develop it I did like that theero and Oscar and Hoo heroinead witty attitudes and flawed personalities without over reaching for the most part in the character development but as I said earlier the end felt a bit rushed and I don t like feeling like I didn t complete a story when I reach the end of a book I did give this book 4 stars but I would actually say for me it was about 35 and maybe it is because I On Fishing have read to many books in this genre this month and need to take a break from it before my views get skewed. Crown who leads a double life Certain that guileless Rebecca is spying onim Rupert seduces The Octonauts and the Frown Fish her then forced to wede believes she Night Angels has set a trap of the worst sort in order to marry intois powerful family But as Paramedico he comes to know Rebecca’s trueeart The Ho Ho Ho Mystery (The Third Pig Detective Agency, his vow of revenge and infi delity becomes a desire to share many passionate nights only withis beautiful wif.

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