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[A Simple Change The Change #1 Summary] E-pub By J.L. Ostle – DOC or Kindle

The Marriage Clock jAlison is in love with the boy next door but doesn t want to ruin their friendship with any drama Kyle is the hot one in school that every one is after but he can t ever find a girl to settle down with Things are tested between the best friends and taken on a level that could be hard to turn back from but they always find their way back After another boy shows interest in Alison things start to make Kyle seemealous Has Kyle been hiding feelings all this time or is he ust scared of loosing his best friend I always enjoy reading new authors Ms Ostle has captured high school angst at its finest Her characters are well developed and very likable Kyle and Alison are meant for each Other If They Would Only Admit It if they would only admit it themselves Lex is a stellar best friend everyone needs someone like her in their lifeThe twists in the story are well plotted and the ending will leave the reader wanting The only thing that threw me was the use of British terms in a story set in the US As a debut novel this book is a great read perfect for

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on the and relaxing with I liked the plot Ali and Kyle were best friends and as time went by their feelings for each other changed but both of them were afraid to tell and show how they really feel When Ali turned from ugly ducking to a lovely swan Kyle decided to pursue her and fight for his feelings Soon Ali was noticed by a lot of people but not all were pleased Something happened Halloween night where everything changed Will they finally get their happy every afterStory wise it was good It has lot of potential but my concern was the poor editing and grammar issues Honestly I am uite fussy with the use of the words you re and your which weren t properly Used In The Book Among Other Things in the book among other things punctuation marks I can t help but pout whenever I encountered these errors multiple times But I m still holding my breath for book 2 I think it s going to be a lot betterI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review 45 starsI was given an ARC of this book for my honest review When I started reading this book I felt it was choppy Not sure how else to explain it but it s the only word that comes to my mind It starts British like but says they re an all American family We don This book has been re edited on 18062015My name is Alison I am a goody goody I follow the rules I work hard and study while everyone else parties and hooks up I'm ok with that I'm use to it My life isn't simple though I have a secret I'm in love with my next door neig. .

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A Simple Change The Change #1Friends the good girlthe adventerous and the boy typical boy next door that everyone loves I think you ll really enjoy this book I reccomend for 17 Great story This was an awesome book about bullying and young love How far can bullying go in high school Unless you have been there you can only imagine This is a very well written book told through the eyes of a 17 almost 18 year old girl who is being bullied Ali is in love with her best friend Kyle They Ali is in love with her best friend Kyle They up together He is popular and she is on the outside looking in except for her other best friend Lexi JL Ostle does a wonderful ob with all aspects of this book It is a must read Starting this book I had a few issues but as the story progressed I grew interested in the story I felt like Ali s character made some great changes throughout the book Watching her grow from the shy unpopular girl to the strong woman who took up for herself was really refreshing Lexi was an amazing best friend to Ali Always having her back I felt like she "Played A Major Roll In "a major roll in this book what it is Kyle was awesome throughout the book He didn t pretend to be someone he was not He was popular but didn t let that affect his relationship with Ali It s a story with ust the right amount of drama and angst With a beautiful love story in the mix I am giving this book 4 stars because I did have some issues with it but all in all it was a pretty great debut novel and I wish this author the best of luck with her writing in the future This book ends with a major cliffhanger There will be a book 2 so please give this book a chance I am looking forward to the next installment Young love crazy things kids do and a mystery all in one Alison has always been the girl next door With a little help from her friend and unknowingly her mom too She comes out of her she ll Kyle has been her friend forever and by his word will still be no matter what happens Why would anyone want to hurt her Will they find out who is threatening her
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it s late I received an ARC for an honest reviewA Simple Change by JL Ostle was a good book and i enjoyed it very much it is the first of 2 parts It ends in a cliffhanger but the second book is out so you will not have to wait to see what happens The main cha. Ing to act differently around meSomebody though doesn't like this new change doesn't like how Kyle and I are blurring the lines from friendship to something New adult contemporary romance with mature content Recommended for 17 due to mature language and adult situatio. Say mum and make tea well we do but usually our go to is coffee Past the 1st chapter or so the book started to run smoothly and I started to get into it As a matter of fact I didn t want to put it down The author seemed to be getting better and better I really enjoyed the friendship of Ali Alisha and Kyle and Lexi Great characters Ali the goody goody girl Lexi is the out going friend and Kyle The boy next door the protector Loved the premise of the story Friendships firsts and high school angst I do recommend reading this book but know that it is a 1st in at least a 2 book series that is not clear The author does not say but I can t imagine it stops where it did at least I hope not Alison has been in love with her best friend Kyle for years She does not tell him for fear that it will destroy the close friendship they have There are a lot of factors working against what she wants Kyle is a player Alison is being bullied She dates someone elseKyle is a very protective best friend They have known one another for so long that they know each other better than themselves He takes her to school and home each day He is a popular guy at schoolAlison gets a spa day with her other best friend and makes some changes Next thing she knows guys and girls alike are noticing the new her Where before she was invisible Will the guy she really wants to attract see the the new her Where before she was invisible Will the guy she really wants to attract see the herMeanwhile there is a stalker wanting to harm Alison if she does not get away from Kyle Even with the police and school involved the stalker is making their presence known Can they be caught before tragedy strikesA really engaging book that I could NOT put down The story is very well put together with complex characters who have real feelings for each other I am hoping this is the start of a series I give this story a 45 Kitty s Paws UPThis ARC copy was given for review purposes only This is the first book I have read by this author The beginning I was a bit confused and it was here and there but she pulled it together pulledme into a great start to a new series It brings the dynamic of high school life or how it could be for some I enjoyed it and looking forward to reading the rest of series Comefind out if one change could make a difference between these three. Hbour my best friend Kyle JacobsKyle Jacobs is popular hot wanted by every girl in school I am the exact opposite I'm invisible unnoticed I haven't even kissed a boyOne girly weekend to a spa for a makeover changes everything I start getting noticed even Kyle is start.