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[A Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II Read online] Pdf By Sonia Purnell

Rance in 1940 she became determined to return France to the French That she was a woman that she had only one fully functional leg didn t matter On one occasion escaping from France she crossed the Pyrenees in winter a difficult feat for a healthy person We learn in great detail of all her missions working first with the SOE and then later the OSS Working closely with French partisans she organized guerrilla units and missions Nuns prostitutes and a wide array of individuals from different social classes were those she had contact with She saw that her compatriots were freed from prisons Safe houses needed to be established Radio messages had to be transmitted All aspects of each mission were planned in detail by her Bridges were to be blown up rail lines destroyed and telephone lines cut All communications were to be severed German convoys were targeted Delivery of ammunition supplies and food to the Germans was to be stopped and the Germans subseuent retreat made impossible German intelligence was sabotaged Escape of prisoners had to be meticulously organized All involved were risking their lives There is suspense in the telling and gruesome details are related Each mission is detailed with exactitudeThe missions give the reader a very clear picture of Virginia s personality Determined intelligent independent self controlled courageous illusive frank outspoken caring but not cuddlyPosthumously it has been acknowledged that Virginia was discriminated against That de Gaulle sought to downplay the importance of Allied Forces and of women in general has played in too That Virginia s achievements and valor have now been brought to public attention is just and properI usually avoid books of espionage I worry that I will not understand For the most part I did understand There are numerous people involved but the reader is brought back time and time again to central figures In this way events are tied as a wholeWhile the book s prime focus is Virginia events are together as a wholeWhile the book s prime focus is Virginia actions during the war her life after the war is summarized too The book follows her life through to her deathJuliet Stevenson narrates the audiobook She uses different accents juggling a fake French accent a British and an American accent This made listening a disjointed experience and not to my taste I have generously given the narration performance three stars Higher than that I cannot goFirst Lady 4 starsA Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II 4 stars This is the biography of one of the first women to become a front line secret agent who left America during the Great Depression suffered her leg being partially amputated and ended up helping to found what became nown as the French resistance What a bloody woman Excellent story disappointing deliveryHow do you take a spy story of a strong female heroine with a prosthetic leg and wild adventures and make it mundane You suck all the fun out and make it a dry repetitive slog aka this bookIt wasn t that horrible it is truly an amazing part of history it was just the way Purnell wrote it that sapped it Should have either had a better editor or been 100 150 pages shorter 35The content is 5 stars This was an absolutely fascinating story and I would love to go back in time and have dinner with Virginia Hall and just pump her for stories because damn She would have some good stories However the reason I took off stars was the writing While I finished the book in just a few days this is a great subway read and it s very engaging while you re reading it feels very surface level I would have appreciated time developing side characters besides two or three who get particular attention Towards the Face covered WANTED posters throughout Europe Virginia refused order after order to evacuate She finally escaped with her life in a grueling hike over the Pyrenees into Spain her cover blown and her associates all imprisoned or executed But adamant that she had lives to save she dove back in as soon as she could organizing forces to sabotage enemy lines and back up Allied forces landing on Normandy beaches Told with Purnell's signature insight and novelistic flare A Woman of No Importance is the breathtaking story of how one woman's fierce persistence helped win the .
A Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War IIHow are we not all aware of this incredible woman This needs to be reuired reading for everyone Courage Bravery Resilience thy name is Virginia Hall I am willing to bet you never heard of this woman as I now with all my time spent in school that I never did Yet this woman was responsible for establishing an enormous amount of spy networks through out France making her a person the Nazis were dying to find capture and eliminate She came from wealth lost her leg in a hunting accident and yet nothing held Virginia back Even after escaping because the Nazis were hot on her trail across a mountain pass where so many others had perished she went back into France into danger into a perilous environment where her life constantly was in dangerYes she was a woman and because of that was oftentimes looked down upon by men denied awards because they weren t given to women and after the war ended she arrived at the newly established CIA and was relegated to a job sitting at a deskVirginia never let anything stand in her way She was resourceful brilliant and a true patriot dedicated to put an end to the evil that pervaded the world especially that present in France Her contributions were monumental truly a major asset to ending the warSonia Purnell did an amazing job of portraying this woman her research was stellar and she was able to give to readers a portrait of a woman who history really had little nowledge of Recommended to those who love learning the little nown but highly important facts that led us to the end of the horrendous Nazi regimeThank you to Sonia Purcell Viking and Edelweiss for a copy of this amazing story I recently read a novel about a couple who had worked with the French Resistance and it made me want to read a nonfiction account A Woman of No IMPORTANCE GAVE ME THAN I HAD gave me than I had for I am almost completely ignorant about the French Resistance but still it s ind of shocking that I had never heard of the accomplishments of Virginia Hall Virginia was an American woman who wanted to be a diplomat rather than marrying well as her mother preferred at a time when that wasn t really done Her hopes were thwarted when she accidentally shot her leg while hunting in Turkey and lost her leg However her intelligence and drive led her to join the British Special Operations Unit and her persistence made them send her to France She went undercover as an American journalist and she managed to go everywhere and meet everyone and recruit people to the Resistance as she went HER PROSTHETIC LEG MADE HER STAND OUT BUT EVEN prosthetic leg made her stand out but even she was capable of assuming multiple identities in a single day She was given a license to After the Rubicon kill by her British handlers and she became extremely adept at organizing and carrying out clandestine operations and training participants When her cover was blown she escaped over snow covered mountains The British refused to send her back to France so she switched to America s Office of Strategic Services the OSS and precursor to the CIA who sent her back to France before D Day to lead a guerrilla campaign against the Nazis After the war she worked for the CIA which failed to utilize her uniue skills What can you expect from an institution that made its female employees wear white gloves to work even if they had spent time disguised as a French peasant while they fought Nazis She was awarded the Croix de Guerre There weren t any dull parts to this book and parts of it were uite cinematic It really should be made into a movie and everyone shouldnow about Virginia Hall I love the fact that in recent Years And Formidable Women and formidable women being brought out of shadows of obscurity by wonderful authors That their rightful place in history is bein. The never before told story of one woman's heroism that changed the course of the Second World War In 1942 the Gestapo sent out an urgent transmission She is the most dangerous of all Allied spies We must find and destroy herThis spy was Virginia Hall a young American woman rejected from the foreign service because of her gender and her prosthetic leg who talked her way into the spy organization deemed Churchill's ministry of ungentlemanly warfare and before the United States had even entered the war became the first woman to deploy to occupied FranceVirginia Hall was. ,
G applauded and restored at last recognized for their talents and braveryVirginia Hall is one such woman an American who was the first woman sent by the allies to set up cells and send back information as part of the French Resistance She worked with a major handicap one prosthetic leg which gave her a very recognizable walk She ended the war being one of the most wanted women by the Germans but this did not stop her She changed her walk her looks and set up operations that were integral to the allied forces in retaking France At one time she has 400 Resistance volunteers running missions which she herself plannedAt wars end she was not treated fairly her talents not used to their full capacity her work little recognized She would be confined to a desk in the newly formed CIA She is however now recognized new agents are taught about her her methods in France in recruiting are ones we used in the middle East and a hall at Langley bears her name It s a shame this wasn t done in her lifetime Purnell has penned another spectacular history of another outstanding woman I was enad with the first history of Clementine Churchill I loved that one And this tale of the exploits of Virginia Hall just blew me out of the water This woman was unstoppable unflappable and fearless in her desire to serve in WWII She was the primary developer of the French Resistance and worked for the British Secret Service as well the American OSS She struggled for 6 years in France working to defeat the Germans and to say she was marvelous is an understatement She displayed such leadership that French citizens were easily enlisted to help her and willing to suffer to save their country Purnell has done exuisite research to bring to life the Work Of Virginia In Great of Virginia in great I can t say enough about this book It will be my history pick for the year Loved it I had never heard of Virginia Hall before the release of Sonia Purnell s biography A Woman of No Importance The Untold Story of the American Spy Who Helped Win World War II Virginia Hall would be okay with her anonymity since she never sought fame or recompense In spite of her heroics and brilliant tactics as a spy for the British SOE and later for the American OSS Virginia Hall was pigeonholed as a disabled woman of no importance She was often under utilized and always under estimated simply because she was a woman in a man s war Yet she had a fierce drive to exceed in helping the Allies build up the French Resistance and overcome Nazism In this compelling biography Sonia Purnell shows the reader why Virginia Hall s life exemplifies How adversity and rejection and suffering can sometimes turn in the end into resolve and ultimately triumph even agai Virginia Hall April 6 1906 July 8 1982 was an American spy working first with the British Special Operations Executive SOE and then later with the American Office of Strategic Services OSS during World War II primarily in France After the war she was honored with awards in the US France and Britain receiving the American Distinguished Service Cross DSC the French Croix de Guerre and made Distinguished Service Cross DSC the French Croix de Guerre and made honorary Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE The DSC was the only one awarded to a civilian woman in World War Two After the war Virginia worked at the Special Activities Division of the newly established CIA The book covers in great detail her involvement in war efforts in France The book starts with Virginia s youth telling of how she came to study in Paris and in so doing fell in love with France Hunting in Turkey she accidentally shot her own leg and in so doing was thus forced to wear a prosthesis This never stopped her from fulfilling her goals After the German invasion of One of the greatest spies in American history yet her story remains untold Just as she did in Clementine Sonia Purnell uncovers the captivating story of a powerful influential yet shockingly overlooked heroine of the Second World War At a time when sending female secret agents into enemy territory was still strictly forbidden Virginia Hall came to be A Prescription for Murder known as the Madonna of the Resistance coordinating a network of spies to blow up bridges report on German troop movements arrange euipment drops for Resistance agents and recruit and train guerilla fighters Even as her.

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