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Above the East China Sea

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Above The East China Sea is an outstanding ambitious tour de force historical novel You could say it s taken me 4 years to finish this bookwhich is when I first met Sarah Bird while in Austin and heard her talk about her then new book OhI bought her book was intrigued by this Caucasian woman and her own background she grew up in a her book was intrigued by this Caucasian woman and her own background she grew up in a family earned the name military brat constantly moving from country to country but I started and stopped my eading many times Strong memories of Okinawa stayed with Sarah Bird enough to write about itbut Okinawa was still a foreign name and place to me I ve done homework since 4 years agoOnce I had a better experience about Okinawa myself I felt better about finishing the interweaving stories of the two young women who are the focus of this novel while in the context looking at how war shapes heroes villains families the young and old I ve taken away new thinking about duty honor loyalty legacy I have tried to compare life today looking at what s similar to that in 1945 One thought that ings true for me and tragically sad is that it s always the younger generation that pays the highest price for our mistakes A little informationsome basic facts history for those interested as I knew next to nothing about Okinawa before this book I ll always associate this book with my expanded education of Okinawa the war people culture values traditions beliefs spirits of the dead from now on Okinawa is part of the Ryukyu Islands chain which is in Japan They have their own uniue culture It s a little like Hawaii to Americans They live in Okinawa and they are Japanese Often when talking to foreigners they simply say they are Japanese it s just easier But many of the Okinawans feel they have gotten the short shrift for a few centuries They don t appreciate many of the decisions made on the mainland half Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, reachingamifications on their little island In this storywe learn about the Battle of Okinawa from the perspective of the Okinawan people themselves The battle was 82 days long setting this story during the 3 day Obon Festival which is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one s ancestor s Kami are spiritsthey are both positive negative having good and evil characteristics During the war itself the Okinawan civilians believed the Japanese leaders would definitely be on their side and save them from when the Americans came in and attacked But after the battle they were left wondering who there enemy eally was Part 1UNKEK The first DayWelcoming the Dead HomePage 1 starts smack in the middle of dangerThe first sentence begins with A Seattle Times Best Book of the YearIn her most ambitious moving and provocative novel to date Sarah Bird A Seattle Times Best Book of the YearIn her most ambitious moving and provocative novel to date Sarah Bird a stunning departure Above the East China Sea tells the entwined stories of two teenaged girls an American and an Okinawan whose lives are connected across seventy years by the shared experience of profound loss the enduring strength of an ancient culture and the edeeming power of family love Luz James a contemporary US Air Force brat lives with her strictly by the ules sergeant mother at Kadena Air Base in Okianawa Luz’s older sister her best friend and emotional center has just been killed in the Afghan war Unmoored by her sister’s death and a lifetime of constant moving from base to base Luz turns for the comfort her servic. He choking black smoke from the fires aging ises up trying to claim me and my child Further down on fires aging ises up trying to claim me and my child Further down on 1 The soldiers either Japanese or American will kill us as soon as the sunrises We cannot die such a violent death If we do we will be condemned to haunt this place for ever and never be eunited with our clan I won t permit my child to endure such a cruel fate Further down next few pages Jump or don t jump Luz James is contemplating suicide She is a contemporary US Air Force brat living with her single mother a sergeant at the air base Luz is grieving having
recently lost her 
lost her to death and best friend who was killed in the Afghan war Tamiko Kokuba a native Okinawan about the same age as Luz was attending an elite high school when she was picked to train and work in the Imperial Army s cave hospitals The conditions are horrific she thinks she has lost her familyand wants to enter the afterworld join her ancestors also contemplating suicide As you might guess Luz and Tamiko cross paths Their voices are completely distinct This book eally is a little like the Okinawan Wonderful Wizard of Ozwith entertaining storytelling and educational history If the characters and history don t move you and or open your eyes the setting and descriptions just might That every one of the 2046 ancestors of our munchu for ten generations into the past would meet there of the 2046 ancestors of our munchu for ten generations into the past would meet there death to feast on pigs ears in vinegar sweet potato in green tea sauce Stirfried bitter melon and pork stewed in suids ink all washed down with cool wheat tea sweetened with black sugar for the children and millet brandy for the adults That we would dance beneath the vast oof of a banyan tree while our legendary great great great grandfather Ryo plucked tunes from his sanshin That that timid dwarf deer the emerald frog the long haired mouse and the orchard leaf butterfly will all emerge from hiding to marvel at the beauty of our movements the liveliness of our steps This highly imaginable historical novel is ineffable too great to be expressed in words5 strong stars A dual story line two teenage girls one Luz on a Okinawa military base in present day and the other Tamiko living in Okinawa during World War II These girl have in common than is known at the books beginning I found both stories fascinating and they are tied together seamlesslyHe present day story takes place during Oban three days where the dead are invited to eturn to their families for days of feasting and goodwill until they are chased away at the end of the third dayLuz has had a tragic occurrence and her searching for answers will bri. E hardened mother cannot offer to the “Smokinawans” the “waste cases” who gather to get high every night in a deserted cove When even pills one hitters Cuervo Gold and a growing crush on Jake Furusato aren’t enough to soften the unbearable edge the desolate girl contemplates taking her own lifeIn 1945 Tamiko Kokuba along with two hundred of her classmates is plucked out of her elite girls’ high school and trained to work in the Imperial Army’s horrific cave hospitals With defeat certain Tamiko finds herself sueezed between the occupying Japanese and the invading Americans She believes she has lost her entire family as well as the island paradise she so loved and like Luz she aches with a desire to be eunited with her beloved sis.
Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, Liar, Liar A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners Essays One Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose
Ng than she ever could have thought possibleTamiko lives IN OKINAWA WITH HER FAMILY THEY ARE VERY LOYAL Okinawa with her family they are very loyal the Japanese emperor and have know doubt that they will win the war Her older sister is a Princess Lily girl one of the highest aspirations a girl from Okinawa could have The war will turn their world upside down and few would surviveI learned so much about their culture their belief in the spirit world where all would be eunited if they are buried together So many bones have turned up harmony of them sit in warehouses waiting to be identified an overwhelming task The invasion later 82 days and 222 Lily girls girls unused to the sight of horror were commandeered from their schools and made to act as nurses for the wounded Japanese soldiers Japan did not think highly of the Okinawans and basically sacrificed Okinawa as a killing field I was astonished to lean that people died here than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki together The survivors would find little left of the place they called homeA powerful book that highlights the conseuences of war past and present A look at a culture I knew little about and a story about two teenagers connected by that past A look at military life and the challenges that presents for family I think this is one of Sarah Bird s best books I was esentful that life got in the way of eading this in one sitting as I wanted to completely lose myself in the lives of the two protagonists I found that I cared very deeply for them I am also a fan of any book that teaches me about something I eally don t know anything about as this one did about Okinawa in two different times 1945 and current time This book simply put has so much heart in both its fictional characters and historical fact I Didn T Even Do Any Status Updates That S didn t even do any status updates that s amazing this story was I felt the author was very clear about the tragedy that Okinawa played in history and it eally takes me back to the course I took in college on Japanese Colonial hetoric After losing my mom this year I m a particular softy for afterlife stories Okinawans have such a deep connection with ancestry that I could feel it through a fictional tale Having won this historical fiction book on Goodreads I couldn t wait to ead it It was a hard book to get into however I m glad I stuck with it Any book that enlightens me on a subject is a winner to me I had no idea of the plight of the people from Okinawa whether from the Japanese or later the Americans The dual story of the two girls was well told I wasn t sure about the spirit part but I now understand what an important part of Okinawan life it is. Ter On an island where the spirits of the dead are part of life and your entire clan waits for you in the afterworld suicide offers Tamiko the promise of peace As Luz tracks down the story of promise of peace As Luz tracks down the story of own Okinawan grandmother she discovers that if she surrenders to the most unbrat impulse and allows herself to connect completely with a place and its people the ancestral spirits will save not only Tamiko but her as well Propelled by a iveting narrative and set at the very epicenter of the headline grabbing clash now emerging between the great powers Above the East China Sea is at once a emarkable chronicle of how war shapes the lives of conuerors as well as the conuered and a deeply moving account of family friendship and love that transcends time.