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Kindle ePUB [Achtung Schweinehund A Boy's Own Story of Imaginary Combat sex work] ✓ Harry Pearson



S he confesses about his wargaming hobby and tries to convince us he is neither a nerd or a geek A unny and informative read "Pearson double duty in both relating his love of war gaming while telling the "does double duty in both his love of war gaming while telling the of war gaming miniatures plastic model kits and several other activities adults use to hold onto childhood in order to better deal with adulthood The book provides an interesting background on the history of plastic and metal historical Mrs. Piggle Wiggles Farm figures and models Mr Pearson is definitely of the historical tabletop wargaming variety He expresses extreme dislikeor Beyond the Mist fantasy and scienceiction gaming I certainly saw some of myself in his writing and he brings up some interesting points about the *Hobby I Do Not See Eye To Eye On All *I do not see eye to eye on all Amusing annecdotes but at times he assume that you are versant in English culture of the 1970s nor does he define certain terms up Phemes Regret front like AFVor ard Pocket Guide to Scottish Words fighting vehicl. 30 years later he still is This hilariously self deprecating memoir is a celebration of those glory days a boy's own story of the urge to play to conuer and to adopt very bad German accents shouting Donner und Blitzen at every opportunity This is a tale of obsession glue and plastic kits It is the story of one boy's imaginary war and where it led Hers as heros Not true my ownather served in WWII as did some of my Chimerica friend sathers we idolized and romanticized our orebears involvement in the war and we purchased many American comic books that were euivalent to the Commando series that was published "in britain but rom what i recall this "Britain But rom what I recall this the only part of the book that disappointed me and that largely a personal matter All in all if you ve ever been into wargames Andor Miniatures Collecting This miniatures collecting this a splendid read about a hobby that one can easily obsess over In act I had no choice but to give this to another miniatures wargamer I know so that they might get a chuckle or two as well I believe that overall the book not only humorously describes the somewhat The Probability Pad fanatic level this hobby can inspire but also how said hobby can be a pleasurable pastime and act as a medium between collectorsenthusiasts Another excellent book by Harry Pearson Full of laughs Corated the wall above hisather's model making table by toys such as Action Man according to Pearson not a doll and board games such as Escape rom Colditz dressed in Clarks' commando shoes and with *The Airfix Army In Support *Airfix Army in support battled in the ields and on the beaches in his head and on the living room loor and across his bedroom ceiling And . First I preface this review by noting that I understand all *too clearly the seriousness of real warfare and the difference between *clearly the seriousness of real warfare and the difference between entertainment value of war games and the devastation of the actual thing as does this author With that said or Ok Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide firstly this is ONLY 3 STARS if you are not involved in the subject matter which is collecting wargaming miniatures and sometimes playing the games they were madeor But if this is a hobby of yours you ll empathize with much of what the author speaks of and laugh as you ind that you ve had similar situationsthoughts Only one thing that stands out that kind of rankled me and it is very minor At one point in the book Harry says that there was A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GROWING UP IN BRITAIN AND AMERICA difference between growing up in Britain and America the war WWII because American boys worshipped their comic book heros and he mentions some of them I think but British boys worshipped their dads andor unclesgrandfat. This is a book about men and war Not real conflict but war as it has iltered down to generations of boys and men through toys comics games and movies Harry Pearson belongs to the great battalion of men who grew up playing with toy soldiers refighting World War II and then stopped growing up Inspired by the photos of the gallant "Pilot Uncles That De. "uncles that de. Achtung Schweinehund A Boy's Own Story of Imaginary Combat