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Akata Witch (The Nsibidi Scripts)Mpared to their peers How did their differ Were Sunny and the gang having a harder or easier time earning Were any of prodigies14 having a harder or easier time earning Were any of them prodigies14 Chichi didn t want to reveal her age I was Heartlands like well this is a pretty boring thing to make a mystery in this book And then she and Sasha start dating and it sike okay Funs over How freaking old are State your age or step away from the minor15 I didn t feel Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj like the author did a good job describing Nigerian culture I feltike I was getting the Wikipedia version of what the country is Literature Circle Role Sheets like It readike the author had never Maines Visible Black History lived there forong and didn t really emerse herself in the cultures there I especially felt that she did a poor job depicting African Americans Either get into the racial complexity of American culture or don t but having one of the few African American characters shout you have no idea what it s Jane Does Return like to be a black man in America and then talk about how he wishes the buffet had fried chicken and collard greens made me feelike she watched Friday and was ike yeah I get black people now I know none of that was a uestion but it had to be said16 Last thing at one point the author calls the actions of the Black Hat debauchery Throwing eggs at a house is debauchery Switching the salt and the sugar is debauchery Skipping class is debauchery Murdering andor mutilating children is not debaucheryAnyway overall bad book Poorly written full of holes unbelievable and unlikable characters and no cohesion The story read to me ike the author put a whole bunch if cool ideas into a hat put them randomly into an empty journal and then tried to connect them with oose dialogue and transitions Just because it seems cool doesn t mean it works Sometimes you have to et go of an idea you really Beyond the Mist like for the sake of the general readability of the novel There was nothing that I did notike about Akata Witch The one thing that might bother some readers a Phemes Regret little is that aittle puzzling that Pocket Guide to Scottish Words little insight was given into the protagonist s father and why he seemed so irritated and unfriendly towards his own daughter His worry about her being albino might explain it to some extent as would maybe an unconscious fear that she would follow in the footsteps of her maternal grandmother Despite this tinyack of clarity I believe that this book is a masterpiece of Chimerica literature for young people As with all great books it is splendid reading for children of all ages even those with children or grandchildren of their own The book is unforgettable so intelligently conceived and so beautifully executed It is inspired and inspiring This was an absolutely riveting read I feltike I grew right along with the main character in her journey to discover who she truly is because we all are doing the same The Great book prepare to become consumed in this new world created by the author Big fanThe book arrived on time and in great condition You don t realize how overwhelmingly western the fantasy genre is until you read a non western fantasy story There is magic and mentors secret histories and prophecies and kids coming of age as they discover their power But all of this is in Nigeria with uniue magic and uniue cultures It s not for children but it s not overly dark either The characters are well written and the plot has a satisfying conclusion However the conclusion is clearly set up for a follow up book I will check that book out fo Until this book I d never really appreciated the push for representation in fiction As an albino I m used to the world not Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story lookingike me fr white to be the norm but too white to be coded as evilweird even so when the person is albino such as the Da Vinci CodeBut in this book I see myself and I dearly wish this had been around when I was growing up I Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 love Sunny I recognise the bullying and the insults and how she feels about them Iove the way she enters this world and starts The Probability Pad learning about it and the relationships with Sasha Chichi and OrluI do wish her sun sensitivity hadn t been removed but I didike the realistic references to the struggle with sun sensitivity for her eyesI Calendula loved the way the plot developed with the mundane concerns mixed with theife This series has blown me away So enchanting and beautiful and real and raw Sunny is an incredible young woman and you can t help but fall in Markham Hall Series Bundle (Markham Hall, love with her Great pace amazing world building and a really good read. Ula K Le Guin award winning author of A Wizard of Earthsea The most imaginative gripping enchanting fantasy novels I have ever readLaurie Halse Anderson National Book Award finalist and New York Timesbestselling author of Speak I alwaysoved science fiction but I didnt feel I was part of ituntil I read first Octavia Butler and now Nnedi OkoraforWhoopi Goldberg Highly original stuff episode after amazing episode full of color ife and death Nnedi Okorafor's work is wonderfulDiana Wynne Jones award winning author ofThe Chronicles of Chrestomanci Jam packed with mythological wondersRick Riordan#1 New York Timesbestselling author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Okorafor's imagination is stunning The New York TimesBook Revie. ,

Book shouldn t she have on a health conscious Fine she does it and I guess doesn t get HIV Now she has to cross a bridge using a power she just earned or she l get eaten by a river monster Fine she makes it now go through this dangerous forest where people get killed all the time She barely survives sure Now she s spending afternoons with older men that she doesn t know and her parents don t know where she is Sunny Wake up girl These are not smart choices You are going to get snatched or killed Not at one point in the book is she thrust into unavoidable danger They give her a choice and despite the fact that she doesn t know ANYTHING she does it anyway Why4 The money So they keep saying that the only way to get it is by gaining knowledge but then you can spend it Then can t you also get it by providing goods and services Soy Sisters like every other monetary society So when you give merchants the money does it just disintegrate And if so what incentive is there to have a shop The idea sounds nice money for knowledge But without envisioning a new system in which that makes sense it don t work Also in the end they killed people and got money Are sunny and the gang now professional assassins Guess it s good for kids to know all their career options5 What is the age range supposed to be for this book One minute I m reading about two men fighting to the death for sport the next I m reading 10 pages about a soccer game One minute I m reading about an adorableittle bug that turns rubbish into art and the next I m reading about kids getting their eyes gouged out by a serial killer The book has no cohesion in that sense or any sense6 What was the point of Sunny having a foot in both worlds as the author put it She never uses this skill the whole book She doesn t even try to use it They bring it up multiple times but it has no bearing on the plot at all And they said there were Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems leopard people all over the world so I assume some of them are white They have white skin does that make them ghostike and thus connected to the spirit world7 Why was it specifically mentioned that the Black Hat was going to mix the poison he was giving to the sacrifices with Fanta Why8 Why was nothing adeuately described Most of this book was dialogue and boring dialogue at that This is a fantasy novel Many of it s pages should have been dedicated to describing this new world Saying someone had black black black skin is Sybil laaaaaazyyyyyy9 Why is every single character sassy and hot tempered Thay are all so uick to fight either verbally or physically It was exhausting to read I wanted them to grow upearn to work together trust each other In the end they all just did "THEIR OWN THING AGAINST THE BAD GUY UNTIL THEY "own thing against the bad guy until they incapacitated and then Sunny INEXPLICABLY does some juju that saves everyone10 Why were all the adults absolutely worthless Sunny s parents only response to her breaking the rules is beating her She didn t appear to be a disobedient kid before Why didn t either if them ask her if something was wrong All the teachers basically tell them to do A Womans Guide to Fasting life threatening tasks to see if they re worth anything and if they die whatevesife be Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy like that and you don t matter Wow Except for when we ve run out of covens to send to their slaughter against Black Hat Thanks And even when they weren t sending them to their deaths the teachers really didn t have much to offer them except constantly reminding them thatife would go on without them11 How is it acceptable to just brush off the fact that they NEVER RECEIVED AN EXPLANATION FOR WHY THEY INSTEAD OF THE EXPERTS HAD TO FIGHT BLACK HAT The freaking kids even asked How many kids did they send to their deaths Why couldn t they have done it12 Why weren t their examples of how magic is used I felt I Know Who You Are like I didn t get a strong idea of how magic is a part ofeopard culture How have they used it over the centuries to shape their society Why aren t there any formal magical schools for new Spring Girl learners I assume there areaymen than masters why is there this weird mentorship program How is magic used in daily Menerjang Batas life for people that don t want to be masters I also wanted information about how one could move in and out ofeopard and Chosen Vessels lamb society It seemed rather fluid but I wanted information13 Why didn t we meet any other magical students I feltike I couldn t get a good grasp on how these kids were developing as co. G up to do Soon she's part of a uartet of magic students studying the visible and invisible No Apology Necessary learning to change reality But as shes finding her footing Sunny and her friends are asked by the magical authorities to help track down a career criminal who knows magic too Will their training be enough to help them combat a threat whose powers greatly outnumber theirs World Fantasy Award winning author Nnedi Okorafor blends magic and adventure to create aush world Her writing has been called stunning by The New York Times and her fans include Neil Gaiman Rick Riordan John Green Ursula K Le Guin and many Raves for Nnedi Okorafor's writing Theres imagination on a page of Nnedi Okorafors work than in whole volumes of ordinary fantasy epicsUrs. ,
This young adult fantasy set in the present time centers on Sunny Nwazue a teen born to Nigerian parents in the United States A a teen born to Nigerian parents in the United States A years before the story begins her family moved back to Nigeria where she now ives with them just outside a small town Sunny confuses people she explains not only because of this dual background but because she is an albinoIn the course of the story Sunny discovers that her background and nature are far confusing than she could have ever dreamed She and Orlu Chichi and Sasha three other teens who become her close friends all find that they are Leopard People possessed of magical powers a fact that they must hide from the Lambs or as Harry Potter would have said the Mundanes The other three are the children of Leopard parents but Sunny is a free agent born to Lamb parents although she eventually Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) learns that there is Leopard magic further back in her family tree Much of the story focuses on the four with the help of Leopard elders who act as their mentorsearning to identify their powers and use them appropriately The elders also task them with finding and destroying Black Hat a mysterious serial killer who preys on young children for magical purposesThe book s main strength is its Nigerian setting which includes a variety of things from foods to forms of magic that will be unfamiliar and probably intriguing to most American readers Sunny and her friends are all Whoops! likeable in a mischievous sort of way inevitably they get into trouble annoying their mentors as they overreach in using their newfound powers but their story at root is a very well trodden one I had heard a great deal about Okorafor as an author and was expecting something a bit unusual but maybe she held back aittle because this was a young adult book or because she wrote it early in her career I will be interested to compare this book with its seuel Akata Warrior which just came out in 2017 six years after Akata Witch appeared Ok I iked this book but it has a major major flaw Like too many current sci fifantasy books 98% of the book is the set up to this Earth Shattering suspenseful battle Then you get to the pinnacle and it just hurries through things sloppily and ignoring issues the book has set up wraps things up in a too pat manner Oh the prophecy says the Nimm princess will be in great danger in this battle Nah Nevermind Oh you are untutored and raw but gonna just waltz up to this epic ancient badness iterally say Boo and that s IT Lazy writing that is designed to The Sheep Book lead to the next bookRead Zahra the Windseeker instead Love thisove this Laduma love this The characters are so well written and I cared about all of them in different ways The plot is exciting and interesting and fun and the whole thing is really well written Highly recommended THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSThis book had me waiting around for Ashton Kutcher to show up and tell me I was being punked The plot itself is as old as time someone with uniue abilities is destined to save the world But the execution was so incredibly haphazard that waseft with millions of uestions that the editor should have asked before saying it was good to goI ve The Gangs Birthday Surprise listed some of them here if you can answer them please do1 What was the point of having a spirit face if it was such an embarrassment to have someone see it The book said it makes you stronger and connected to your special abilities so why would that make someone feel ashamed Wouldn t you feel naked without it Like an archer without his bow Also if it s so embarrassing isn t itike an extreme form of exploitation to have the wrestlers show their spirit faces for entertainment None if that made sense to me2 What was the point of masuerades They seemed to be a somewhat restricted form of magic where you were able to summon a great being from beyond Were the ones we encountered in the book just the worst ones or were there good ones too Like masuerades that would come out of a termite mound and help you study for your math test Were the summoners supposed to be able to control them This was never explained in the book3 Why doesn t Sunny have any basic survival instincts In order to become privy to something that she doesn t know anything about she has to swap blood with one classmate and one stranger She even mentions the fear of AIDS but does it anyway Why Even if she was beyond curious and it didn t really read ike that in the. Nnedi Okorafor writes glorious futures and fabulous fantasies Her characters take your heart and sueeze it; her worlds open your mind to new things Neil Gaiman author of The Graveyard Bookand American GodsAffectionately dubbed the Nigerian Harry Potter Akata Witch weaves together a heart pounding tale of magic mystery and finding one's place in the world Perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone Sunny Nwazue ives in Nigeria but she was born in New York City Her features are West African but she's albino She's a terrific athlete but can't go out into the sun to play soccer There seems to be no place where she fits in And then she discovers something amazingshe is a free agent with Get Up latent magical power And she has aot of catchin. ,