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No prisoners definitely check out the Kate Shugak series You will love them But read slowly when you get to Bad Blood you are going to be left wanting to know what happens nextJust finished rereading this one since 21 comes out in arly May I cannot wait Another satisfying read from Stabenow This book nds with a cliffhanger The Shugak series of which this is book 20are full of information about Aleutian Indian culture "And Alaskan Plants And "Alaskan plants and If you read Hillerman or Nevada Barryou will like this seriesThere is a lot going on in this murder mystery 3 murders drugs and whiskey smuggling and a blood feud between two bush Alaskan villages There is also a Romeo and Juliet love storyThis book is about Alaska State trooper Jim Chopin than Kate Shugak So xciting I ve just won an ARC of this in a GR Giveaway And I ll be writing a review soon but I need to read it again Just once through and there are things I really liked and things I puzzled over and said hmmm So I ll re read it a little critically and then try to do it justiceOkay here s the updated review after a second reading and a 2 star rating I was annoyed nearly all the way through this book and it has to do with the plot While I am a Shakespeare fan his play Romeo Juliet is one of his worst pride intransigence teenage drama It s just wearing So once the Bad Blood plot came clear I heaved a big sigh Oh fine I said let s slog onAnd a slog it is Kate herself is noticeably missing for much of the first half of the book she s the Friar I think And then all of a sudden there she is in one of those insular villages alongside Jim Chopin And while I like Jim he s not the reason I read this seriesOne of the main reasons I read this series is Kate and her relationships with the people around her If she s not the center the book fails Therefore this book fails And no humor ither a cardinal sin Depressing I feel guilty for not remembering all the details of the prior books I hope it s not incipient Alzheimer s disease But I don t I remember the big stuff the fire something that happens in Hunter s Moon who the main and supporting characters are Axenia is indelible apparently But I don t remember a conflict that was resolved with a bulldozer the interior details of the cabin that Able Int Hout left to *Kate Are Now Unknown To Me The Details Of What *are now unknown to me the details of what Bannister did are a blur and so on It mars my xperience of her new books I have read all of them really I have and I m a big fan but I feel stupid and like I m missing something important when I don t recall the references It s like Sue Grafton s A is for Alibi books At some point they re a blur in my memory and new books that I Zoete tranen enjoy are ones that could succeed as a stand alone For people who have better recall I know references to canon are a ton of fun I just wish I recalled than say 25% of the details of the canon Oh well This has all the things that I like about the set in Alaska Kate Sugak and Liam Campbell stories infodescription of the land wildlife Alaskan and Native American history catching up with characters I do remember Bobby and family Johnny Van Bernie Auntie Vi The central mystery is based on a conflict between two settlements that had a common beginning Right away it seemed a Shakespearean conflict and it was to goodffect Something happens in the last act that has me and Water Music everyonelse who likes Kate Shugak waiting on a publication date for the next book I think I might ven recommend waiting for the next one to be published before reading this one Or maybe I m just recognizing that I ll have to re read this one to comp. Ne'er do well is found wedged in a fish wheel Sergeant Jim Chopin's prime suspect is a Kuskulana man who is already in trouble in both villages for falling in love across the river But when the suspect disappears members of both tribes refuse to spe. First Sentence Two villages where two rivers meet The villages of Kushtaka and Kuskulana are the Hatfield s and the McCoy s of Alaska the relationship between the two is uncomfortable at best The murder of a young man from Kushtaka risks blood being shed and Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Jim Chopin isn t having much luck getting people from ither village to talk to him A second death isn t having much luck getting people from ither village to talk to him A second death Jim asking Kate to go undercover When an author is at their 20th book of a series there is always the risk of that series becoming stale With Dana Stabenow there is never that worry The book opens with a look at the issues and conflicts of nature man and wealth The descriptions are vocative and visual leaving you no uestion of the location The characters are strong well written and very well defined Kate is the woman most of us would like to be independent capable self sufficient yet still generous and caring She could stride alone through the world but chooses not to I appreciated that we learn about Jim in this book and the horror of some of his past cases I always appreciate and njoy Stabenow s xcellent dialogue and *Dry Humor The Story Started The story started bit slowly but as with a dangerous rollercoaster soon accelerated to a breathtaking nding Although many people criticized the nding A Heart of Stone even considering it a wall banger other than the shock of it I wasn t bothered I trust her as an author and instead it had theffect of leaving me demanding the next book NOW Bad Blood is one of Ms Stabenow s best book in the series I really can t wait for the nextBAD BLOOD PI Kate Shugak Alaska Contem VGDana Stabenow 20th in seriesMinotaur Books 2013 I ve really Taking Instruction (Taboo, enjoyed this series until thisntry but what a disappointment this title was It had a tired OMG my manuscript is due at my publisher s sort of feel to it I might have Language and Linguistics even forgiven that given how good the series used to be but thending here was such a contrived cliff hanger that I was astonished that author would offer up such a stale trick to her readers She s a better story teller than that So unfortunate that this book was such a let down Loved this book The uiet review of all the characters in the park alive or past was a bit scary because it reminded me of Hunter s Moon where Divertimento everything is going so well for the people that Kate loves and then it s almost as if nature is seeking balance forshadowing horrible things to come The Yin and the Yang Injoyed the Romeo and Juliet theme Love Is a Fairy Tale exceedingly The feuding villages the families vs families the senseless violenceye for an Promise at Dawn eye all was written to perfection I just could not put this book down Poor Chopper Jim has to wade through all the lies and silences to find out the who did it and why s of three murders Kate s dealings with the bootlegger who sold to her mother comes back to haunt her in a very Shakespearian way Thending is draw dropping frightening and I will admit I yelled out loud then sat there stunned I absolutely love the Kate books I recommend all 20 of them no matter what genre you like to read I haven t finished one yet without wanting to read At least in the past I was still catching up with the series so there was to read This latest book reads like Romeo and Juliet in the modern day but with some modern twists I m just bummed I m going to have to wait at least a year before I find out what happens next I don t remember any of the other Kate books nding with such a huge cliff hanger Seriously if you like mysterytrue crime books check out anything written by Dana Stabenow If you like books with a strong female character who takes. New York Times bestselling author Dana Stabenow's latest finds Kate Shugak ntangled in a bitter tribal rivalry and murderOne hundred years of bad blood between the villages of Kushtaka and Kuskulana come to a boil when the body of a young Kushtaka. .
Letely follow the next one which should continue the same story I would think It s a Kate Shugak novel so of course there is a mystery it is solved and there are several clever twists I love this series but you soon realize that no matter how ntertaining the plot is it s also a vehicle to present the main characters There are four main characters here Kate is a short intelligent beautiful sometimes devious native who takes crap from no one Trooper Jim is an Alaska state trooper who is Kate s current romantic partner Mutt is Kate s half wolf full time partner Finally there *is the park a backwoods community with its *the Park a backwoods community with its history customs and downright independent inhabitants As you meet the people in the Park you I ve always felt that Dana Stabenow has a great talent for telling true to life stories Combine that with a refreshingly literate skill at telling them and with twenty books now in the Kate Shugak series they ve never yet failed to ntertain Bad Blood the latest in the series is no The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery exception to my way of thinkingDana s prose is beautifully descriptive this isvident at the beginning of the book than at the Darkmere end wherevents are fast moving and necessarily taken up with action and dialogue The spring s outflow trickled down the south face of the wedge over time carving a channel for a little stream too steep to support a salmon run and too shallow to be good for anything but watering the blueberry bushes that grew thickly along its sides In Spring this slope was first to thaw snow and ice giving way to a fairyland of wildflowers the brash orange and yellow florets of western columbine the shy blue of forget me nots the noxious brown blooms of chocolate lilies the legant pink paintbrush and the dignified purple "Monkshood Some Complain That " Some complain that is not a stand alone book and it really isn t To understand some of the things that are going on in the story familiarity with other vents that have taken place in the Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den earlier books or in one particular short story Nooses Give might be an advantage I hope that this will not discourage you from reading it because it is a terrific read in and of itself I doncourage you to read the whole series from A Cold Day for Murder at the beginning to a re read of Bad Blood at the Scraps Of The Untainted Sky end I don t think you d regret doing soYou will find some other interesting bits in this book including a lemon coffee cake and a shepherd s salad with olive oil and pomegranate molasses that may or may not have come straight out of Dana s Feast for One blog not to mention Corinna Chapman s Lemon Cordial Above all you ll be privileged to armchair observe a slice of Alaska that is at the same time informativentertaining and if not always pleasing to you I m reasonably sure that it will hold your attentionLike die hard Northern Exposure fans some would like to believe that this slice of life just probably does The Eric Carle Gift Set exist somewhere in the real world and that the characters truly live Certainly our favorite characters in this series Kate Shugak and her canine partner Mutt do seem to have a life of their own thanks to Dana Despite Bad Blood s somewhat notoriousnding I fully Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century expect them to continue to thrive on the pages of future books Amid all the rave reviews here I hesitate to say I disagree This series has always been uniue in character development historic foundation and using the setting of Alaska to draw the reader in Bad Blood seemed like a cop out that the author felt the need to go to adgy cut away style complete with a cliff hanger I had been looking forward to the next Kate Shugak book but this one left me disappointe. Ak to Jim When a second murder that looks suspiciously like payback occurs Jim has no choice but to call in Kate Shugak for help This time though her Park relationships may not be nough to sort out the truth hidden in the tales of tragedy and reven.

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Bad Blood Kate Shugak #20

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