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California Living dI admit I never knew much about Ram Dass back in the 60 s when he returned from India and was teaching Americans what he learned But recently I watched an interview heid with Oprah and was fascinated by his philosophy and history I wanted to know Be Love Now Be Here Now The Path of the Heart was very *WORTHWHILE READING FOR ME DASS DESCRIBES HIS INDIA *reading for me Ram Dass his India and what he learned there I gained understanding of the Hindu philosophy and obtained some fresh aspects of understanding to help me in my own uest to grow my relationship with God I see this book as about living in the present moment living each moment in a state of love always seeking to expand your understanding relationship and one ness with God So glad I read this book Ram Dass is an excellent teacher and gets his message across in a very easy to understand way Interesting book Very far out but then it was the age of the hippy when Ram Dass made his pilgrimage I was really interested to find out what I it might be like to spend time in the presence of an eastern guru and this book opened my eyes and changed my view on what a eastern guru really is like They re not as simple or as stereo typical as I had thought they would be if you are just beginning to get interested in the spiritual si When I feel myself becoming paranoid or lost in material stuff Ram Dass always puts me back on the right path He has been oing this for over 30 years And This Time Was this time was ifferent Since Ram Dass is no longer traveling to teach I was afraid that was the end of the road so I was very happy to have one book And this book Wild Embers: Poems of Rebellion, Fire, and Beauty does notisappoint If you ve read the classic Be Here Now you have to read Be Love NowAlthough I ve seen Ram Dass many times I have never seen Maharaj ji and knew very little about him In Be Love Now Ram Dass shares many collected stories about his beloved guru The photo of Maharaj ji on page 161 was phenomenal His penetrating gaze kept pulling me in and I can only imagine the force of seeing those eyes in person Ram Dass warns that Maharaji ji s eyes had the power to take you into full samadhi and so he kept his eyes half closed because people could not bear the forceThe last part of this book escribes the lives of other great saints and realized beings many of whom I had never heard. Ram Dass’s long awaited Be Love Now is the transformational teaching of a forty year journey to the heart The author of the two million copy classic Remember Be Here Now and its influential seuel Still Here Dass is join. ,

Term within Hinduism for this sort of path is Bhakti Yoga *which contrasts with other forms of Hindu evotion that focus on wisdom or power or what have youPrimarily Ram Dass is *contrasts with other forms of Hindu A Study in Scandal (Scandalous devotion that focus on wisdom or power or what have youPrimarily Ram Dass is to give an account of his personal guru and what it means to have a guru He attempts toescribe the mystic way in which a guru isn t exactly a personhood like you or I but something much Letting it Go deeper and intrinsic to everybody the guru is universal the guru is within all beings the guru isn t attached to ego games like we are or at least the ideal proper guru isn t there still remain many impostors and cult leaders of course This partially serves to alleviate the concerns of a Western reader who would balk at suchevotion service and blind commitment to just another person who claims to have all the answers if we are to believe Ram Dass s account the reality is nothing like thatNaturally the guru is a human like you or I but someone much further up the path human like you or I but someone much further up the path gives us an active The One Who Stays (Summer Island, demonstration of theeeper mysteries They act as a beacon but in order to get where they are their ego and attachments have been shed to the point where they reside at the level of universal cosmic consciousness they are that still uiet voice inside you inside me inside everyone apparently I really enjoyed reading this book because it was soothing Ram Dass really goes out there and escribes some incredible things and is completely about his Hinduism but his conviction is catching and his calm and his peace of mind are palpable This book restored my faith in the essential nature of love A hardened cynical reader might just find it cloying The first few pages of the book were really powerful for me They got me really excited to experience the gifts that Ram Dass had to offer i started off getting some very wonderful pearls started off getting some very wonderful pearls knowledge from it But that waned after I got maybe a third of the way into the book My experience began to become one of meandering and repetition I think the core ideas of this book are marvelous But I think they could ve been expressed in about a third as many pages Also the book has a lot of illustrations in it but none of them have footnotes uite often I found myself looking at photo and wondering who these people were and what o they have to o with the section that I am readin. Piness and Jon Kabat Zinn’s Coming to Our Senses Ram Dass’s Be Love Now will serve as a lodestar for anyone seeking to enhance their spiritual awareness and improve their capacity to serve and love the world around th. .

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Of I evoured this book very fast but like all my beloved guru s books I will read Be Love Now again and again I so wish Ram Das was as good of a writer as he is a storyteller So uring the first half of the book Be writer as he is a storyteller So uring the first half of the book Be now really conveyed some powerful messages in a way that I feel is pretty rare once you ve read many self help books This was also intertwined with some uite uninteresting and uite irrelevant at least when it comes to your personal Ultralearning development stories about Ram Dass formative years making me think of this book as an unpolished gemBut the second half of it was pure nonsense stories about what miracles some gurus hadone *IE ONE GURU ASKED THE LOCAL *one guru asked the local about oil for his lamp and when he The Ring Of The Dove didn t get any he poured water into the lamp and was able to light the lamp So my recommendation for anyone wanting to read this book would be to try to sift through the irrelevant stories of the first half and try to cherry pick the really nice pieces which it really has Once you haverunk from the water of unconditional love no other well can satisfy your thirst The pangs of separation may become so intense that seeking the affection of the Beloved becomes an obsession Ram Dass Be Love Now The Path of the HeartI love Ram Dass I love BE LOVE NOW I feel closer to my own Guru Babaji than I have felt in years A in The Lost Literature of Medieval England depth review will follow but for now this willo Getting here from there as a 27 year old I set out on an intensely personal uest for self realization finding myself on the same path so many others have traveled before Ram Dass was very transparent about his own A Curse of Kings desire system and need for approval This reflection works well for elevati More Ram Dass He writes about his experiences within Hinduism offering the uniue perspective of a one time Harvard professor whoropped out of Western society to become the evotee of a guru in India As such he has a sympathy for and connection with Western audiences that is rarely found in the writing of other Eastern spiritual authors His writing is completely heartfelt humble and compassionateHis most famous book Be Here Now is much less approachable than this Here his theme is the transformative power of love how it is central to his faith and indeed central to the operation of the cosmos The technical. Ed once by Rameshwar Das a collaborator from the Love Serve Remember audio recordings to offer this intimate and inspiring exploration of the human soul Like Deepak Chopra’s Book of Secrets the Dalai Lama’s Art of Hap. ,
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