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Beaches author Iris Rainer DartHaving seen the movie Beaches times than I can count I was looking forward to the book I am therefore sorry to say that I didn t like it that was looking forward to the book I am therefore sorry to say that I didn t like it that The basic story stays the same Cee Cee Bloom and Bertie White Hillary in the movie form an unlikely friendship when they are 10 and 7 years old respectively Through many years and ersonal hardships they remain friends until a tragic illness brings them togetherWhat didn t I like about this book Cee Cee Bloom is not a very nice like about this book Cee Cee Bloom is not a very nice in this book and I found it hard to really care for her In the movie Bette Midler gives her a clear vulnerability that wasn t apparent in the book It also seemed to me that the author had Bette specifically in mind while writing the story as if it were already a screenplay in her head The character of Bertie was whiny and sad I wanted than once to say Come on woman get on with your life but it never seemed to happen The clich d fate of one of the male characters was kind of been there done that and I expected from the authorNevertheless because of fond movie memories the book scored extra Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, points that s why it gets a high 3 This is one of my favorite books Ever For those who have not read or watched the movie the book is set between 1951 and 1983 It follows a relationship between two very different girls Cee Cee Bloom a loud mouthpotty mouthed red head who meets the acuaintance of a girl who is different in every way Bertie She comes from a rich family speaksroperly with wonderful manners and very smartThey met under a boardwalk on a beach in Atlantic City after Bertie lost her mother and Aunt Cee Cee adapts her for a short while and brings her along To An Audition For A Play As an audition for a Alfie Outdoors play As Cee starts to sing Bernie is wowed as she never has heard anyone sing that good After that they swap information andromise to write to one another They then start to send letters which leads into their adulthoodAs maybe guessed they do meet each other again later in life in a bar in New York where Cee Cee adopts her againThe book follows their life during relationships marriagebreakups sex love death and carers but mostly friendship and the importance of friendshipsI think both characters balance each other out in the best way they feed off each other so Bertie throughout the book especially towards the end I would recommend this book to everyone I think there is something real to this book which everyone can relate a The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition part of their life to no matter what ageAlso a lot ofeople seem to hate Cee Cee s character for being nasty and Her Mothers Daughter potty mouthed However I kinda love that I think the selfishness which sherocesses is very real and it is just who she is but she is also hard working loving and very broken this is where they both balance each other out For now this continues to be my favorite book and if you have not watch the movie I would Howard Stern Comes Again personally say watch the movie first as itrovided an even better vision when readi. Loudmouthed redheaded Cee Cee Bloom has her sights set on Hollywood Bertie White uiet and conservative dreams of getting married and having children In 1951 their childhood worlds collide in Atlant. ,

Ng I enjoyed reading this book Beaches is one of my favorite movies of all time and while the book did not have as much of an emotional unch as I remember the movie having I m glad I read it Excellent novel of friendship filled with nostalgia and vibrant imagery Both main characters were complex and original and it was a really intriguing little novel to read Contains adult language and contentbook I read from actually has a different bookcover image but I couldn t find it original 85 hardcover edition and honestly I like this Writing Myths paperback cover better 1951 They meet as children under the boardwalk in Atlantic City Cee Cee Bloom with a Brilload of red hair a knock out voice and a sparkle that demands attention is erforming in a kiddie show Bertie White is from a conventional family with traditional values but she finds herself captivated by the glitter of Cee Cee s world And Cee Cee in turn depends on Bertie s enthusiastic support and open hearted affection From that first special day on the beach they enliven each other s existence As en Paying Daddys Debt pals they confide to each other the growing excitement and frustration they experience in their awakening womanhood And as they meet through the years they strengthen the friendship that will last them the rest of their lives Cee Cee soars to stardom in Hollywood and on Broadway while Bertie settles into marriage to a successful attorney who finds Bertie s relationship with the outrageous Cee Cee unsuitable But neither of these women can relinuish her special tie a bond forged in their youth and destined to endure the hidden jealousies the glare of celebrity the explosive misunderstandings the tolls exacted by drugs and tragedy the shock of divorce and death the unsparing demands when a loved one is in need And the tears and laughter of two friends who finally make theireace through a little girl s love original book s synopsisAt the library a few days ago this title Beaches came to me thinking of the movie I figured maybe it was inspired from a book so I checked the catalog and sure enough there s a book I was excited because I love love love the movie Bette Midler was great in it and her Wind Beneath My Wings song is just beautiful I figured it would be a fun read I was giddy At First Totally Picturing The Scene When first totally icturing the scene when Cee And Bertie First Cee and Bertie first I had forgotten the bold language Cee Cee had even at a young age It called for it in her character though but it rogressively got too crass for my taste Bette Midler s take on it was Cheerleader For Hire perfect though and often throughout the book I dicture her sassy attitude and get a smile Anyway Bertie s character is a bit different in the book as well Barbara Hershey who Time Slips played her in the movieortrayed a demure and steady Bertie In the book Bertie was too The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook passive and easily shaken except in the end Overall I had high expectation coming into this book with having enjoyed the movie version under my belt. Ic City Keeping in touch asen als they reunite over the years always near the oceanPowerful and moving this novel follows Cee Cee and Bertie's extraordinary friendship over the course of thirty.
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I wasn t completely disappointed because the book did have the crust of the storyline I enjoyed in the film version I just happen to like the film s take on it much better much heartwarmingBest friends are awesome Through thick and thin Bertie and Cee Cee were there for each other It took me back to days with a couple of my BFFs In our case we the Three Musketeers met in 7th grade We also had a falling out but fortunately we were able to resolve it and continue to Be BFFs To This to this Such in friendship was what I enjoyed most in this story Every girl needs a homegirls by her side There s nothing like having friends who will stand by you Thankful that we don t have the same ending as Bertie and Cee Cee Love you forever Peb and GloBook version rating 3Movie version rating 5 but I suppose I m bias because again I love love love the movie Find this review and at Jinky is Reading Beaches is robably my all time favorite friendship movie I was so looking forward to reading this book to learn about the characters but it was not good I did not like the Bertie character at all Way too week and the Cee Cee character was too filthy mouth This book was about sex and such strong language so than the friendship that was the basis of the movie Beaches was one of my all time favorite movies as a teenager so when I saw this book I felt certain that it would be a great read Boy was I wrong This is one of those rare books that it not only not as good as the movie but it was much much worse I am Actually Not Even Sure How not even sure how made such a great film from such a Passage of the Republic pathetic read The characters were not very likable at the beginning and by the end I was glad to see one of them die just so it would end The main character Cee Cee is justlain trashy but she somehow becomes the hero of the story Her best friend Bertie is whiney and A Patriots History of the United States pathetic and I found myself often wanting to slap her The best thing you can do with this book is take it to a beach and leave it there loved it as much as i love the film beautiful story about a beautiful friendship and what you d do for the friend you love most that has become your family I really enjoyed this book The relationship between the two women was real it wasn tretty simple or common It was deep complicated and that made the book even better There were The Vow parts which I felt extreme disappointment but not because the book was bad or so so but because I wanted for both women This book really kept going and made me feel a lot for the characters which I haven t had in awhile A true testimony of friendship between two women who met as children They were faced with much adversity some of which was brought on by themselves Their love for each other is stronger than any curve balls life has to throw at them I read this before the movie was released I have always found books to be better than movies but I loved both If youlan to read this book get a box of kleen. Years as they transform from adolescents into adults A bestselling novel that became a hugely successful film Beaches is funny heartbreaking and a tale that should be a Curse of Freemasonry part of every woman's librar.

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