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This is Violetta Rand s debut book and although I did have some issues with the story the interesting characters the passionate omance and the intriguing plot make this a very enjoyable ead I like how Ms Rand develops the omance between Randvior and Noelle From their first meeting it is obvious sparks will fly between the powerful strong stubborn Viking Jarl and the intelligent strong willed and eually stubborn Saxon lady There is just the ight amount of sexual tension and passion between them and the love scenes
Are Deliciously Sensual Their Journey 
deliciously sensual Their journey no smooth ide though They have to overcome their own innate prejudices and the machinations of those who conspire against them I enjoyed the fast paced plot with all its twists and turns and the fascinating insight it provided into the Viking world Ms Rand s obvious esearch and attention to detail brought their complex world to life The secondary characters also played an important ole in the story particularly Noelle s cowardly despicable brother Brian Randvior s antagonistic scheming mother Lauga and his witty Scottish friend Brandon who provides some much needed humour to the story I m hoping he gets his own bookWhat stopped me from ating the book 4 stars was that some of the language was too modern sounding provocateur wrap his head around the situation caught with his pants down infrastructure I am aware that it was Ms Rand s choice to use modern language and I know this is not a problem for many eaders but the choice of language is important to me It is what helps create the ight mood and atmospherewhat draws me into the story and transports me to another time and place So at times I found myself pulled out of the story Overall despite this criticism I did enjoy BLIND ALLEGIANCE I loved the characters the omance and the adventure and definitely want to ead Book 2 BLIND MERCYREVIEW RATING 355 Stars SENSUALITY RATING HOT I would like to thank Violetta Rand for kindly providing me with a copy of this book in eturn for an honest eview This eview is also posted on my blog Violetta Rand s debut novel Blind Allegiance will keep you guessing as she weaves you smoothly through the twists and turns of her Viking story The feisty Lady Noelle is a perfect match for Viking war lord Randvior and they battle betrayal and differing cultures to find their happily ever after When I find a book with Viking s I have this desire to kidnap the author and have them write me hundreds of books with Viking heroes A hero that is tall barbarian willing to take what he wants and to hell with the est Sometimes I come across a book that is just blah would not be put back on my TBR shelf and then I come across a book that Oh Wow Where has this author been hidingWell I came across an author ecently that wrote such book that I could kidnap Sadly the author is about 5000 miles not eal sure just guessing from me so the kidnapping is out Wonder if she will get snowed in and be able to just write Viking books for meOkay enough you eader are here for a eview and not my jabberI admit this book #starts out a little slow for me but it slams my brain around the I did and din t #out a little slow for me but it slams my brain around the I did and din t this bookThe main complaint is that the heroine Noelle changes her mind in a matter of seconds One moment she s swooning at the hero s Rand attentions and the next she s furious with him I understand that she s forced that she s almost a prisoner and therefore she ebels but her actions and eaction were too abrupt and almost without easonOn the other side I di. She’ll always fight for what she believes inBetrayed by a brother she hardly trusted before the bloodthirsty Viking Jarl Randvior Sigurdsson attacks her home Noelle Sinclair is conveniently barte. D like the overall feel of the novel I could immagine the situations and the countryAlso I couldn t understand Rand s easons for loving Noelle To me it seemed that his only eason was her beauty And for me that s not eason enoughSo I have mixed feelings Very good story and characters I would have given this a 5 star ating but the Norwegian language that kept coming into it was annoying and kept getting in the way of the story flow I wouldn t think many people could ead it so couldn t understand why it was put in throughout the book However because it was very good otherwise I will carry on with this series This is bodice ipper than historical with the protagonists practically taking about three fourths of the book to ualify their lust love for one another I can only hope book 2 isn t a letdown 4 and 12 stars Absorbing Viking TaleBook 1 in the Blind series this is also the author s debut novel and it s a great first bookSet in the early 11th Century near the end of the Viking era this is the story of Randvior Sigurdsson a jarl from Norway who has a dream when he is in the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland of a honey haired woman Months later he and his men attack the castle of Noelle Sinclair s father in Durham northeast England today and he claims the tawny haired beauty as his no matter she s EnglishThe story of a Viking capturing an English maiden works for me every time and Rand did it well #She is obviously a superb storyteller and I ll ead of hers The chemistry between the two and the sexy way #is obviously a superb storyteller and I ll ead of hers The chemistry between the two and the sexy way feels about Noelle was very well done The beginning was a bit of a scramble as I tried to picture all that was going on the castle being attacked and Nicole s brother betraying her but once I got past that the story flowed smoothly and kept me turning pages It s a tale of conuest treachery and betrayal as Randvior tries to do what is ight in the face of so much wrong and Nicole attempts to adapt to Viking ways for the man she lovesThere WERE A FEW THINGS THAT DETRACTED FROM AN OTHERWISE a few things that detracted from an otherwise star story To me historical details are important but others might not care Modern phrasing and words live with it just a pretty face zigzag nerve ending bodyguard honeymoon climatic bookshelf etc I understand the author did this on purpose but it stopped me every time The castle most of the castles in England including Durham castle were built by the Normans who came with William I in 1066 and did not exist at this time French kings built castles to keep out the marauding Norse but the first ecorded motte castle in England was in 1051 when French castle builders constructed one for the English king in Hereford The eference to Nicole being Saxon the Saxons were in the south in Wessex and Durham is in the northeast or Northumbria where the Angles lived we now think of them collectively as Anglo Saxon but at the time they were separate The mention of wine in bottles with labels until the 17th century glass was too fragile to use for storing or transporting wines they used wooden casks for the most part and clay jars and other pottery containers for serving The mention of
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bound books as we them today the kind you carry around weren t available in the early 11th century Although the codex had eplaced the scroll and monasteries preserved the scripture on parchment books were large and had to be hand copied the printing press came centuries later The use of surnames ie Nicole Sinclair In Britain surnames weren t adopted until the 13th century I understand the autho. Red as a means to save her cowardly sibling’s skin Forced to leave her homeland and accompany the petulant Viking to the untamed wilderness of central Norway Noelle is ever aware of the burgeonin.
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R did this intentionally but it did throw me when I First Saw It Also If Nicole S Father Was first saw it Also if Nicole s father was Sinclair she would not have his title as her surname assuming they had surnames I did and didn t like this book I liked the idea of this story it was written #uite well but there is just something that #well but there is just something that slightly off about it all And that s the charactersJust to let you know I have forgotten the lead males name Actually every time I saw it I just skipped over it cause it was difficult to pronounceFirst with the male character I didn t feel like he was epresented as a Viking properly He just came off as an English omantic gentleman Not a big tough guy Viking I m not saying Vikings can t fall in love but the way he was carrying on I was embarrassed for him He did act like a proper Viking but it was very are or in places that actually made no sense at allNow the lead female Noelle I didn t like her at all She would act like a cool badass chic then turn into an idiot Same with her interest towards this Viking She was head over heels for him then the next second and I mean literally a second later she would despise him Another book where a guy can do anything he wants just as long as he is good looking Fantastic writing and ead Find this eview and at Lusty Penguin ReviewsFind this eview and at Lusty Penguin ReviewsVioletta Rand debuts with Blind Allegiance The Blind Series Book 1 that will delight lovers of historical omance Rand s vivid imagery captures the era of the Viking aids effectively pulling the eader into this storyJarl Randvior Sigurdsson a Viking travels to Durham England to aid a castle based on a vision from father Odin During the ensuing battle he sees Lady Noelle Sinclair the Lord Sinclair s youngest daughter and is instantly attracted to her After winning the battle Randvior negotiates for Noelle as part of the castle s terms of surrender Betrayed by her family Noelle must leave the only place she has ever known to go to Norway with a complete stranger Randvior doesn t understand the feelings he has for Noelle but he is determined to have her While on the way to Norway Noelle succumbs to Randvior s advances losing her virginity and becoming his mistress in the process Although they have an intimate elationship Noelle flounders in the precarious position Randvior has left her in not a slave but not a betrothed either Without a firm commitment from Randvior Noelle fears that she will never be able to eestablish her honor which is very important to her I couldn t help but empathize with Noelle as she adjusts to life amongst the Vikings Lauga Randvior s mother outright dislikes Noelle and lets everyone know it which complicates Noelle s life even further Lauga is a downright evil person and easily becomes a character who you will love to hate When Randvior ealizes that his feelings for Noelle have deepened and turned into love he finally proposes giving Noelle the peace of mind
She Needs Which Is A 
needs which is a thing to seeI was thoroughly captivated by Randvior and Noelle s struggles to establish their elationship Rand with her strong storytelling voice builds a fast moving plot with plenty of intrigue to keep the pages turning With lively characters and a well constructed plot Blind Allegiance is a marvelous beginning to a new series I am eagerly anticipating Blind Mercy the next story in this seriesI eceived an eBook copy from the author for the purpose of an honest eview I was not compensated for this eview and all conclusions are my own esponsibilit. G dangers around her including her weakening esolve to esist RandviorShould Noelle surrender to his esplendent charms and seduction or fight with every ounce of strength she possesses to get hom.

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