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Family Wanted hTim's used to gettingis way with any man e wants but one night at a bar e sticks Secret Africa hisands down the wrong pair of pants Tim pins he sticks Crush (Awkward, hisands down the wrong pair of pants Tim pins against a wall forcing imself on the little man But then Mikey's boyfriend Aaron intervenes seizing control of Tim's body Tim is dumbfounded ow is it possible then Mikey's boyfriend Aaron intervenes seizing control of Tim's body Tim is dumbfounded The Dragon in the Clock Box how is it possible this stranger can controlis motions My Amazing Dinosaur (Tib Tumtum, his mind evenis voice Aaron decides to punish Tim by The Nazi Revolution humiliatingim in front of everyone at the bar and no matter ow tim the bar and no matter ow Tim e can't resist Aaron's verbal commands But that's just the beginning before long Tim and Mikey both find their bodies changed their roles reversed and their bodies exposed This is an erotic gay short story of about 9200 words featuring naked umiliation public orgies physical transformations and swapping of bodies Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, hypnosis like mental control forced obedience sexual domination and submission explicit oral and anal sex bukkake and a little bit of pup play that includes barking obedience and being forced down on all fours Enjoy An Excerpt from the Story Now what will I do with you Aaron smiled at Tim Please nothing Tim begged. Wear and pulled them upis LEGS THE LEG HOLES WERE TIGHT The leg Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet holes were tight painfully aroundis thighs and e tried to yank holes were tight painfully around is thighs and Archies Americana, Vol. 1 he tried to yank up The briefs barely coveredis butt and The Book Thief head to strain to get them around Talk to Me his wideips His ass cheeks peeked out at the top and bottom the Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hairy muscles partially exposed And there was noope of containing Educating for the New World Order his dick and balls they were way too large for the briefs and the underwear jutted out ridiculously in front ofim is junk barely covered and still plainly to everyone who was staring They don't fit Tim whined Still Freaked Out By How Different His Voice Sounded I'm freaked out by ow different The Character Of An Upright Man his voice sounded I'm big for them You're right said Aaron Look at Mikey Tim turned to face Mikey who was still naked The pale little twink was grinning up atim and suddenly Tim felt a tingle race through Mr. Malcolms List his body What wase began then felt a jolt in GURPS Conspiracy X his legs as they suddenly suished down in size Tim foundimself abruptly six inches shorter and much closer to Mikey's Just One Golden Kiss height His legs now looked stumpy and wide compressed Oh no Tim gasped What are you doing to me Aaron said nothing but Mikey pointed and started to laug. Tell you what said Aaron ignoringim I'll let you put some clothes back on But not your own Swap with Mikey Mikey grinned broadly at that Yes e exclaimed A swap clothes back on But not your own Swap with Mikey Mikey grinned broadly at that Yes e exclaimed A swap you Mikey yanked off Phantom Encounters his shirt shovedis shoes off and stepped out of Eat Your Way Through the USA his pants and underwear standing there naked on the patio alongside Tim Mikey's skin was so pale andis body almost completely My Dirty Janitor Book 4 hairless He was thin willowy and short Heeld Stories from Spain / Historias de España his tight little pair of underwear inis Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos hand Pick yours up Aaron told Tim I'm aaze Tim looked around and spotted Broken Bear his underwear plaid boxers in a corner He ambled over and bent down to pick them up and some unknown stranger pokedim in the buttcrack with the end of a beer bottle Tim flinched and let out a Enna Burning humiliating shriek bute Hatter had whate came for Paint the Wind his underwear Heeld it bunched up in Wayne hisand as The Perfect Resume he walked back to where naked Mikey was waiting Good said Aaron Trade with Mikey Confused Timanded is boxers over and took Mikey's tiny Little Green Briefs It Won't green briefs It won't sir Tim said Put them on said Aaron Doubtfully

*tim slipped is *
slipped Antropologia da Criança his legs through theoles of Mikey's tiny under. Body Swap Bar

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