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Bone Mountain

Eliot Pattison ¸ 6 Read

Uidebook a guide to wisdom and that intrigues me Here are some of the otations I copied out of the book as intrigues me Here are some of the A Natural Father uotations I copied out of the book as read it Sift the sand to find the seeds of theniverse Let them reach the original ground then plant them You must stop being a seeker of fact and become a seeker of truth When I begin a long journey my mind is often plagued with doubt over where it will lead about what comes after the one thousandth step or the ten thousandth So I try to make myself concerned only with the next step then The Next After That So next after that so eventually the ten thousandth becomes just another next step We are made of nothing but light The essence of life is luminosity meaning awareness We must learn how to stay the same by practicing change Sometimes deities are created in the seeking And the seeking itself may create the path Too long too depressing The first book was amazing the second book had the added interesting element of the Uighur struggle but here was just have the same tropes the Tibetans have had a miserable past are miserable now and have nothing to look forward to in the future If anything they re delusional holding mantra sessions against tanks and oil rigs coming to destroy the remnants of their cultureIn this book it s one bad thing after another Sadly Shan who sually holds #the book together does very little actual detecting and spends most of the book in a state of despair #book together does very little actual detecting and spends most of the book in a state of despair depression When he finally does his job other events he has almost nothing to do with are important to the resolution which is positive but not entirely believable Not helping was the amount of characters to keep track of in a long book I m still not entirely sure who killed Drakte and wasn t the stone eye supposed to go in some statue it had been torn from What happened to thatI want to keep reading the series which is incredible but I hope Pattison kinda pulls it together in future books I think this is the best novel I ve ever read If you enter a camp you never come out inside China s war on Islam In Hotan documents show officials are expanding detention camps and increasing surveillanceBettie s Books If I had to name the one thing I love most about these books it s Lokesh He is one of the most likable and inspiring char. From the Chinese army But why is the army so desperate to find the artefact entrusted to Shan Why is an aged medicine lama being stalked by government agents Why has an American woman a geologist for an oil company abandoned the project and fled into the mountains Shan discovers not answers but only new mysteries as he is drawn to such nexpected places as the raucous headuarters base of the Western oil venture and a monast. .
When disgraced former inspector Shan Tao Yun joins a group of reverent Tibetans returning a sacred artefact to its home it seems he has at last found the peace he has struggled for since leaving prison But when one of the group is murdered Shan discovers that the artefact has been stolen from the Chinese army Another stunner by Pattison in his Inspector Shan series A long book 626 pages in the pb version I read and a slow pace could be the recipe for boring but Shan and Pattison s other characters are so engaging and the obvious feelings that the author has for Tibet and Tibetans in their struggle against China means that interest does not wane As with all the Shan books so "FAR IT IS THIS STRUGGLE BOTH " it is this struggle both Shan as he continues to discover his inner deity and of the Tibetans to retain everything that they are against the oppressive forces of the Chinese regime that is as much the crux of the story as is the actual mystery itself Pattinson writes beautiful and haunting books set in a cruel but vivid Tibet His hero former detective now ex prisoner Shan is a Chinese observer in a Tibetan world He is impelled and sometimes compelled to solve mysteries But since in the current situation it is hard to have a completely happy ending the reader the current situation it is hard to have a completely happy ending the reader be content with small triumphs Here he and his friends try to help villagers being displaced by an oil project He stumbles into rivalries between different
"chinese agencies religious "
agencies religious and military And he meets a girl prophetess and an American cowboy This is the third novel in a series about Shan a Chinese Han former Beijing Inspector sent to a forced labor camp in Tibet a camp from which he was Jonathan Swift ultimatelynofficially released Subseuently he worked with Tibetans struggling to preserve their culture from destruction by the Chinese government Pattison an international lawyer and freuent visitor to China has obvious affection for the Tibetan people and ses his novels to portray their plight to the world This particular volume is as exciting and intricately crafted as the previous two filled with danger and intrigue as well as the beliefs and tenacity of the people of Tibet When I read these books I always feel as if in a way I am reading a spiritual When disgraced former inspector Shan Tao Yun joins a group of reverent Tibetans returning a sacred artefact to its home it seems he has at last found the peace he has struggled for since leaving prison What starts as a spiritual pilgrimage however ickly turns into a desperate flight through the Tibetan wilderness as the outlawed monk who guides them is murdered and Sham discovers that the artefact has recently been stolen.
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Acters I have ever met in a book It s good I don t have to limit myself to just one thing however because that way I can also talk about Pattison s ncanny ability to describe a country and its traditions and people so well it truly feels like you are there and you can feel the wind and sense the beauty And I can talk about how powerful his descriptions of the crimes against the Tibetans are And how beautiful his language is and how he manages to combine the depressing truth with hope even if it is fictional But there are good people as well as BAD AND IT S GOOD TO BE TO and it s good to be able to that in what a great main character Inspector Shan is and how wonderfully different these crime novels are because apart from trying to find out the truth there s not much that s comparable to mainstream crime fiction Since Shan is officially listed as an escapee from a labor camp he can t go around and demand proof or do background check or call a crime lab or do any of the things detectives in other novels do His ests for truth are a lot less straightforward but still told in such a compelling way that it s impossible to put the book down even though there are no cheap thrills I don t think these books are everybody s cup of tea but then again which book ever is But I love them a lot and I cannot wait to read the restOh and one thing The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, usually I prefer to read books in English if that s the original language But for the first time in a while Inderstand people when they say they re The Greek Tycoons Revenge used to the translation and when the translation is as good as this it snderstandable So I m going to stick to the German version Absolutely the best book yet by Eliot Pattison I had a little trouble getting into it but I think that was because of other things in my life not the book I couldn t put it down the last 100 pages and it was just wonderful Not technically a mystery but it s story starts with a murder and the guilty party is identified in the end In between so many things happen I love reading about Tibet about the mountains the animals the traditions and the people with which Pattison fills his world a very long book about chinese corruption and atrocities in Tibet good for a person like me with a bad coldneeded a long boo. Ery that seems attuned to the teachings of the party than those of Buddha And the further he travels into the mountains the Shan realises that what is at stake is not only justice but the spiritual survival of those who have joined his strange est At the heart of Pattison's powerful tale is a story of a brave oppressed people who have learned to endure by drawing strength from their land and their rich spiritual traditions.