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The Heat Death of the Universe and Other StoriesStory itself seems to be doing the same Each paragraph is numbered the action clearly labeled and separated by clinical scientific facts and definitions but still verything is breaking down The heroine t stop it and it s driving her everything is breaking down The heroine can stop it and it s driving her 39 Sometimes Sarah can hardly remember how many cute chubby little children she has50 Sarah Boyle imagines in her mind s ye cleaning and ordering the whole world ven the Universe Filling the great spaces of Space with a marvelous sweet smelling deep cleansing foam Deodorizing rank caves and volcanoes Scrubbing rocks The story holds up as feminist fiction as psychological fiction as a successful Love for Imperfect Things example of where mucking around with structure actually serves the story It s not what I would call science fiction but I can see why it s Zoline s best known work why only SF publications were interested in it and why readers at the time took noticeThe other story I liked was The Holland of the Mind about a young American couple who move to Holland with their young daughter He s a freelance writer she doesn t work and theynd up just kind of floating through life and letting the forces of the world around them tear them slowly to shreds As with Heat Death the structure is odd interlaced with tourist guide blurbs phrasebook translations historic factoids Again the structural oddness works in this story because it matches the theme and the central metaphor the troubled mind is like Holland which has to constantly maintain dams and dikes to keep the forces of destruction at bayBy the last two stories Zoline s style was starting to feel gimmicky and A Heart of Stone excruciatingly boring Sheep is the longest and by far the strangest in the collection There are several strands of what could loosely be termed a plot but the piece seems mostly toxist to create a sort of liminal wakey dreamy state for the reader with the repetition of counting sheep while simulating the odd and meaningless productions our mind s theater throws at us when we re on the Taking Instruction (Taboo, edge of slumber Ten pages of this and I could have nodded sagely and said ah yes how very artistic and smart you are Ms Zoline But 80 pages just felt like a coordinated assault on my tenacity as a reader I made it through but barely and I m sure I missed most of the literary nuance of the thingThe last story Busy About the Tree of Life wasntertaining for awhile and also if you suint maaaybe a tiny bit science fictional It starts with a young child Gabriel who is being raised alone in some sort of facility overseen by scientists We never learn than that and that s as close to SF as it gets Most of the story follows four generations of Gabriel s ancestors starting with all 16 of his great great grandparents Every single one of his progenitors dies young in some horrific tragedy the Titanic the Hindenburg major Language and Linguistics earthuakes and volcanoes train derailments and theater fires For awhile I wasnjoying these brief vignettes but there are fully thirty of them before we get vignettes but there are fully thirty of them before we get to Gabriel and then the story just kind of shrugs and says that s itOkayI mean to the Divertimento extent that I am notducated or patient nough to plumb the depths of Zoline s stories I admit that there is probably a lot in them that I missed Particularly in Sheep and Tree of Life which I did not read thoroughly or closely So it may not be you book it s probably meBut to label Zoline a master of SF is in my opinion flatly wrong What she writes is literary fiction with a ps. The Mind 1969Instructions for Exiting This Building in

Sacred Wilderness
Ychological focus and a lot of structural uirks But I suppose if I had known that I wouldn t have sought this book out and I m really glad I read those first TWO STORIES ONLY THE HEAT DEATH OF THE UNIVERSE stories only The Heat Death of the Universe this is something I actually wrote back in 1982 I found some old college notebooksmy apologies for all the grammatical rrors but I will just copy my review word for wordthe problem with this story is that it has no purpose other to vent the authors purposelessnessthe story has no moral nor a message of hope One wonders if the author wrote this for sympathy to Promise at Dawn expound on the drab dull trivialxistence of suburban living in the hopes that a reader can agree that in a world of Sugar Frosted Flakes and cancer is is a lot of frustration This piece being written in 1967 was a caricature coinciding of the immense changes occurring in the world at that time On a general social level people were beginning to become a integrated cological animal with their world Books such as the Greening of America were written xamining the so called Counter Culture with its Bangkok Wakes to Rain emphasis on natural holistic foods communing with nature and breaking away from the sterility of the world of Sarah Boyle who has so little meaning in her life she can tven remember how many kids she has and is so bored she labels and numbers the separate objects and items with her own household This story is jump on the bandwagon of how aware people thought they were by recognizing the lifelessness of a TV dominated pre packaged Instant Everything society Sarah Boyle is so out of touch with what she could or might be she buys The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery every available cleaning antisepticory sic device in the market a manic depressant compulsion to belong to a schizophrenic world that caused her disunity between mind and bodyIt is a story of helplessness and a faint detection that something is not uite right in life childrenating food that only mostly causes tooth decay while choking on plastic toys unseen as gifts amongst the food It is a world of routine of paralysis towards the life force Sarah s pet turtle is dying but all she can do is watch it die as she writes HELP help help help on her modern day appliances totally impotent to changeEssentially Zoline s antiseptic life world is the scapegoat for the purposelessness of the victims of that world With no solutions or alternatives to that drudgery but hysterical violent destruction of it Zoline s approach to a solution is only infantile and base adolescent Need is apparent for change out of the life style but the only hope Zoline can offer is death and destruction This view is very pessimistic and childish and is indicative of a lack of insight and power of a foresightful visionistic mind on the part of Zoline Accordingly destruction is one course of action to change the course of an xistence of a frustrated Sarah Boyle type character but it is only a reflection of the lack of purpose hope and meaning that the author is only a reflection of the lack of purpose hope and meaning that the author to us Recognition of a malady is the first step towards recovery and cure but spitefulness towards the sickness will never remove it only remedies will And until there are remedies or ven uests or searches for remedies and Zoline doesn t Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? even give us a glint of those we will only be presented with despair futility anxiety and purposelessness which is thessence of the short story The Heat Death of the Universe by PA Zoline too depressing for my taste Makes Plath seem upbea. Ase of Fire 1985Sheep 1981Busy about the Tree of Life 198.

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