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Love steam punk and the erotica in this anthology is dead on I received a free copy of Carnal Machines while at the Book Expo America No promise of a review was made let alone a positive oneAs many of you now I m hard on erotica hehe I said hard I expect it to have some literary value in addition to titillation and I m thrilled to say that Carnal Machines didn t let me down It is of consistently high uality which is rare in most anthologies and follows the standard of the steampunk genre perfectlyIf you aren t familiar with steampunk I d recommend reading something mainstream before delving into this collection of perversion Not because this isn t a good sampling but because these short tales jump right in to the world assuming a certain familiarity with steampunk s particular take on the Victorian EraFrom a Russian dominatrix with a penchant for domination and Tesla to devices designed to probe and exploit the baser desires of both men and women Carnal Machines really has it all A surprising amount of characterization and world building went into this collection and while each piece is by a different author the through line of style and uality connected the pieces enough that I enjoyed reading straight throughCarnal Machines is a must have for connoisseurs of erotica both because of its uality but also because of the innovation within the pages The idea of an entire book about sex toysdevices let alone ones powered via Victorian technology is as thrilling for the mind as it is the loins What is it about the Victorian era that we modern readerswriters find so compelling For me some of its allure is that it wasn t so long ago that it seems inaccessible Victorians lived essentially as we do with restrictive social customs and a less evolved understanding of technological possibilities They had some nowledge of electricity but homes were still lit with gaslights They rode in horse drawn carriages "wore crinolines and waistcoats and had to hold perfectly still for long stretches to be photographed Still " crinolines and waistcoats and had to hold perfectly still for long stretches to be photographed Still inkling that there were brave new worlds to be explored using technology inspired the great early speculative fiction writers from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to HG Wells and that newly uncovered mindset of being on the cusp of innovation seems to drive the steampunk writers of today The writers In This Collection Are Also this collection are also by Victorian society s collective sexual repression a great reserve of innocence shame and untapped energies that had yet to produce Sigmund Freud to explain it The juxtaposition of innocence and experience of caution and desire of social s versus human needs create most of the tension in these tales Honestly this isn t my favorite Cleis Press anthology In any anthology there are bound to be some short stories the reader responds to better than others In the other 5 6 Cleis titles I ve read I ve been delighted by almost everything I actually thought a few of these stories were ho hum You wouldn t think a story about a steam powered vibrator could be uninteresting but once you read a few of them you realize there are ways to write acceptable steampunk erotica and then there are ways to write exceptional steampunk erotica The opener Teresa Noelle Roberts Human Powered is a rousing start with a sympathetic heroine and sex that arises organically from the story Mutiny on the Danika Blue by Poe Von Page the only sto. The Victorians wrote some of the best and most enduring erotica For such a tightly laced age people spent a lot of time thinking about things carnal Jules Verne Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Mary Shelley HG Wells et al enthralled us with their visions of new possibilities The rich and slightly decadent visuals of the steam age lend themselves perfectly to the new carnality of post punk era And of course what is repressed will be even exciting once the corset is unlaced Steampunk even without sex is erotic; with sex it’s over the top hot A widowed lady engine. Carnal MachinesTorment are lovingly depicted The story which contains a very hot bondage scene features a chair which renders the seated person completely immobile and then proceeds to anally and orally violate with vigor This story alone would a cause a reader to melt into a puddle of goo There are thirteen stories just as sizzling eroticEven the locales in the stories are different One in particular is located in the Far East The scorching sexy reveal in the Orient is a lovely surprise Every story is different There is no repeat The only tying motif is the steampunk theme This is one of the best anthologies with every story a sultry winner The anthology ends on a passionate note with an incredible room of perverted pleasure and gratification It s a den of iniuity which the reader will yearn to exist for a wicked visit While the story indicates guests only visit once this reader believes repeated appointments will be reuired to fully explore every deviant tool This burning hot book is recommended for inky readers who enjoy every facet of BDSM This is a wry delightfully naughty collection that blends the exotic technology and pseudo Victorian manners of steam punk with red hot erotic fantasy In Teresa Noelle Roberts Human Powered a female professor of arcane engineering from Wellesley College designs a mechanism to capture sexual energy in order to replace dirty polluting coal then tests it with the help of an old friend and colleague from MIT The Servant then tests it with the help of an old friend and colleague from MIT The Servant by Janine Ashbless gives us domestic robots Victorian style hand crafted and subject to a wide range of useful um customizations Elizabeth Schechter s dark exuisite tale The Succubus presents an artifact with the intelligence and insight to not only satisfy a man s perverse desires but to intuit what they might be And I guess I should mention my own story Her Own Devices a battle of wits between the Chinese slave of a Hong Kong whoremaster and a renowned adventurer inventor and rake These were just the high points Overall the collection offers original artful dare I say steamy tales many with a hearty dose of humor Recommended This is the perfect anthology for anyone curious about the Steampunk genre 14 Very Creative Authors Have Come Together To Titillate Us very creative authors have come together to titillate us delightful language and contraptions geared for carnal pleasures Loved it In this anthology there are two stories that include smart sexy Chinese women and I like it for that reason alone There are 14 stories altogether which is uite a generous number It s surprising then that they are of a consistently high uality I did skip one of the stories I must admit and It was fun but not fabulous The last story was a nice ending to the book and a touch spooky I wish there was far of that one and of about seven others Her Own Devices rocked I enjoyed it even though the last line stank I d love to have seen this one as the first story Lair of The Red Countess was perfect Both of these were worth the price of the book Those stories felt like true Steampunk Erotica I think if Carnal Machines had fewer stories of simple smut with devices thrown in and of the sensual and mysterious ind of erotic story it would have blasted this book to fab level reading for me Yet because of this I m considering finding all of Anne Rice s old erotic works starting with rereading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty to see how they measure up to what I just read. Iscriminating men go to have their fantasies fulfilled Even if a man daren’t put those fantasies into words Elizabeth Schechter’s “Succubus” will give the madam all the information she needs with which to make her clients happy There are brothels flying machines steam powered conveyances manor houses spiritualist societies The following stories afford intelligently written beautifully crafted glimpses into other worlds where the Carnal Machines won’t fail to seduce you get you wet or make you hard so lie back relax; a happy ending is guarantee. Ry in the anthology that takes its characters into space is a wonderful meditation on power play Deviant Devices by Kannan Feng has a rather nice male female dynamic as well Lisabet Sarai s Her Own Devices with its Chinese setting is one of the nicest and most sensually detailed of the bunch The other bookend Elizabeth Schechter s The Succubus closes nicely by flipping the typical point of view on its headMy true favorite is the collection s lone mm piece Infernal Machine by Elias A St James Its begoggled tinkerer is Elijah Saloman the son of a French rabbi The young inventor s lover is Sasha a Russian noble At the exact moment Sasha is called away to perform the duties of his station Elijah is entrapped by one of his machines a helpless prisoner to exuisitely pleasurable mechanical torture Pleasurable mechanical torture is the theme of many of these stories but this one many of these stories but this one a certain stylish romance and charm among the clockwork and steam engines It s like red velvet marred or rather decorated with Elijah s greasy thumbprints If you enjoy this book you will also like the novella Hysteria by Rush Judd which you can find on Smashwords My Husband Thinks The Woman husband thinks the woman the cover looks like Lady Gaga I "won this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Thanks A collection of short stories that "this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Thanks A collection of short stories that all some form of steampunk erotica There were some stories I liked than others but I guess that s to be expected in a collection of anything What I LOVED about this is that it wasn t all about female submission in fact very little of it was A collection of EUALITY Steampunk Erotica D Steam powered sex toys energy sources powered by sex human like steam powered robots what isn t in this book Carnal Machines is an anthology filled with steamy hot stories Each story increases in intensity The cleverly written short stories are all tightly woven to deliver the maximum pleasure in the minimum amount of pages This allows for the reader to experience fourteen wonderful stories from different writers all in one sitting The steampunk technology used in each story clearly shows the author understands the steampunk genre These devices used in sexual ways will blow the minds off of many a readerWhat is nice about this anthology is the mix of maledom and femdom Not all the books were males dominating the proper and meek Victorian female Several of the stories included a strong Domme perpetrating her wicked way on submissive males Some of the stories are mm or ff which further enhances an erotic readers delight For a reader who enjoys it all this book is a winner A few of the devices used in these stories showcased author creativity and ingenuity A couple of the stories used device to harness sexual energy for power It s amusing to see how they diverge One is to harness sexual frustration which is admittedly uite abundant Another device sucks the sexual horny frenzy from young men The added bonus of anal penetration for normally heterosexual men in this particular story heightens the smexy contentThis book can be read in one sitting Each story flows smoothly with vivid imagery There is a greater chance for the book to take several readings because the material is so arousing the reader will need to stop for a little playtime relief before continuing to the next story The BDSM elements are romanticized in each story The creative ways of bondage and sexual. Er invents a small device that can store the energy from sexual frustration and convert it to electricity to help power a home Teresa Noelle Roberts shows us what it can do confronted with sexual fulfillment What volume of steampunk would be complete without a tale of sailing ships and the men who sail them If your taste runs to sexy pirates in space Poe Von Page will delight you with the mutinous crew of the Danika Blue and their new captain Then there’s the very special room on the top floor in the House of the Sable Locks a brothel where sexually ,

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