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St thinks they re minions of SatanIf you ve used the Internet "You Know This Is "know is a popular opinion In fact the Internet was invented back in the 1980s by Al Gore or possibly by his cat xpressly to share pictures of adorable kittens hanging from branches Hang in there baby But Truss is used to speaking her mind Baccarat : La lgende du cristal even if it means getting clawed to death In 2003 this British writer turned a hectoring punctuation guide into a hilarious bestseller called Eats Shoots Leaves Her book s wild success inspired the New Yorker to run its own catty rebuttalNow Truss is back with a gothic comedy heavily flavored by Alfred Hitchcock and LOLCats There s no punctuation advice in Cat Out of Hell but you might think of it as Eats Shoots Pees The plot spiked with gruesome deaths and I really can txplain how I feel about this book It S TOO PECULIAR TO BE SCARY AND TOO POIGNANT too peculiar to be scary and too poignant be funny Lynne Truss is well known for her humour so it was probably uite overwhelming to attempt a Hammer horror novel Although initially finding the whole thing very silly and a bit pathetic now thinking back over it I realise I O Colégio de Todos os Segredos enjoyed it immensely Added to which it has one of the best back cover blurbs I havever read I love the idea of a talking cat and although you might think it can t work in a novel it really can I found myself feeling rather March Violets (Bernie Gunther, emotional towards thend It is clear the author adores cats and has a certain mpathy for them although she has apparently recently changed over to dogs If anything this story has made me love felines ven that I Water Music ever did because of all that they are their relentless survival and the great stories of their nine lives that they could tell My rating 15 of 5 stars All of this story remember is based on the completely unacceptable and ludicrous premise of anvil talking cat called Roger that traveled romantically in the footsteps of Lord Byron in the 1930s and now solves cryptic crosswords torn out daily from the Telegraph I m all about dark humor and if we re being completely honest anything involving cats so when I read numerous reviews describing this novel as such I jumped at the chance to read it Sad to say the humor of this completely Revived escaped me Remember that horrible cheese fest of a movie Cats Dogs about a top secret war going on between well Cats Dogs The cats were allvil bastards trying to take over the world and man s best friend was trying to foil their plans So basically just replace dogs with humans and you ve got the plot of this storyOur narrator Alec is a librarian who is mourning the sudden loss of his wife Mary Alec immerses himself in a collection of documents consisting of audio transcripts Student Research Projects in Calculus e mails and photographs describing the story of a man called Wiggy who has just lost his sister His story also includes the tale of a talking cat named Roger a member of a satanic cult of immortal cats with a blood feud against humans Roger begins to tell his life story to Wiggy la Interview with the Vampire Why are cats so pissed off all the time They get all the best seats in the house they have food and warmth and affection Everything is on their terms not ours They come and go as they please Why aren t they permanentlycstatic Well now it s xplained It s because they re conscious of having lost their ability to do serious vil and they feel bloody humiliated The included pop culture references with Roger having a voice like Vincent Price and is described as the feline Love for Imperfect Things euivalent of Stephen Fry whatever that s supposed to mean and Alec s dog Watson having a voicexactly like Daniel Craig took this story A Heart of Stone even further into ridiculous territory The fast paced narrative I had assumed was done in an attempt to recreate the sense of panic the characters were dealing with came off as lazy and sloppy rather than thrilling and frenetic But then we get to thend and we re ven told So that s nearly the nd and I d like to finish my account with an apology Reading it all back I realise that at times I have been a tad flippant in the way I have written this and I have also told the story with what appears to be a lamentable lack of narrative organisation So basically the author realized what a hot mess she just wrote and instead of going back and fixing it had her character apologize like it s his fault Well whoever you want to blame I still can t accept itMaybe I took it all too seriously Maybe I wouldn t have if I would have known it was like LOLCats in novel form And maybe there s some hidden allegory I was supposed to uncover that would have allowed me the a ha moment where it all makes sense Unfortunately that moment never came. Nk not only the death of Alec’s wife but also several other local deaths But will the cat help Alec or is he one of the dark forcesIn the deft and comedic hands of mega bestseller Lynne Truss the story is as ntertaining as it is addictive” The Sunday Telegraph – an increasingly suspenseful and often hysterically funny adventure that will please cat lovers and haters alike And afterwards as one critic noted “You may never look at a cat in uite the same way again” The Daily Mail. Cat Out of Hell

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Lynne Truss best known for the "clever punctuation guide Eats Shoots Leaves branches out into fiction with Cat Out of Hell In "punctuation guide Eats Shoots Leaves branches out into fiction with Cat Out of Hell In Out of Hell a perspicacious talking cat named Roger meets a singularly dim witted human Will Caton Pines nicknamed Wiggy Wiggy s sister Jo who had recently acuired Roger has vanished To say any would be to spoil the fun this slender book is best approached with very little prior information However let me say that Cat Out of Hell isn t the light hearted philosophical discussion that I thought it was going to be but a pretty dark if hilarious mystery with many many surprising twists Truss suffuses this mystery novel with the same lovely dry British humor that made Eats Shoots surprising twists Truss suffuses this mystery novel with the same lovely dry British humor that Eats Shoots a best seller plus dark lements worthy of HP Lovecraft or MR JamesFor those interested in the Audible audio version narrator Mike Grady does yeoman s work with the voices particularly the cat s self confident American drawl and Wiggy s rapid nebbishy twitterings In Cat Out of Hell Lynne Truss better known for her best selling grammar guide Eats Shoots and Leaves has fashioned a surprisingly brilliant and original tale involving cats with supernatural powers and some seriously hapless humans Alec an academic who is recovering from the death of his wife is staying in a uiet cottage by the sea when he starts to make his way through a package of papers and recordings given to him by a colleague These concern the Love Is a Fairy Tale experiences of an individaul known as Wiggy who claims to havencountered not only a talking cat but an Promise at Dawn evil murderous devil worshipping talking cat who is part of a feline conspiracy spanning cent I read this book to fill the Thirteen 13 suare of my 2018 Halloween Bingo cardI am always a fan of books that involve libraries and librarians so this book has been on my radar for a while now So it was very handy when the black cat on the cover ualified it for the unlucky 13 choice for bingoIf you re a cat lover I think this book will also make you snicker as you discover who cats really report to and how much their traditional powers have lapsed Roger and the Captain will have you giving your moggy the sideye and listening a little c The second book in this series is available as an audio download from my library I was thinking of borrowing it but decided it would be sensible to read the first book beforehand As you may have seen from the blurb the storyline is based around a university librarian Alec Charlesworth who stumbles across the secret xistence of demonic talking cats with magical powers In the novel all cats had these powers once but over time they have decayed and now only one cat in a million still possesses themNow in literature I m not fundamentally opposed to the idea of a demonic talking cat or two The Master and Margarita is one of my all time favourite novels but it takes a degree of panache to carry off the whole talking cat thing and I m not sure this novel delivers it It seems to be classed as horror but I think the author wrote it tongue in cheek If you re a horror fan looking for a spine tingler you won t find it here Then again I never felt the humorous aspect really got beyond the level of general silliness About the only amusing lement was around Alec s dog being named Watson which allowed the author to introduce a few Sherlock Holmes referencesNot really for me I don t think I ll follow up my interest in the second book Lynne Truss is a best selling author Eats Shoots and Leaves so I Bangkok Wakes to Rain expected to reallynjoy this book described as a suspenseful and often hysterically funny adventure about a demonic cat but unfortunately I didn t find it The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery either suspenseful or at all funny I just found it silly and really struggled to finish it in the hope it would get better It didn tPerhaps I just wasn t in the right mood for reading this The whole book is written in a flippant almost smug tone in by the central character Alec a librarian who has just lost his job and his adored wife so this seemed at odds with what he was feeling He is sent some files and photos by a man called Wiggy interviewing a talking cat called Roger who claims to be immortal He has been made this way by anvil cat called The Captain who is responsible for several murders Even the climax of the book where Alec must confront The Captain was somewhat predictable and not all that suspenseful Stephen King would have done it so much better Sigh I Darkmere expect my immediate relations will read this with the same glee I did Others who might alsonjoy it very much fans of cats mysteries horror Sherlock Holmes stories libraries classic works of horror dogsIt s Acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Lynne Truss Eats Shoots Leaves is back with a mesmerizing and hilarious tale of cats and murder For people who both love and hate cats comes the tale of Alec Charlesworth a librarian who finds himself suddenly alone he’s lost his job his beloved wife has just died Overcome by grief he searches for clues about her disappearance in a file of interviews between a man called Wiggy and a cat Roger Who speaks to him            It takes. ,

Bit of very pre war Litterary Genre Thrown Into The genre thrown "Into The And Served "the and served with a little bit of gore on top to savorAnf for those who also njoy this ilk there s a 5 page Note From the Author at the nd there s a literary mood board showing Truss inspirations all friends of oldLibrary copy but I am going to need my own copy This is going to be a perennial Halloween Bingo read Alec a retired librarian and recent widower is taking a break in a coastal village to get over his recent bereavement and decides to look "Into A Laptop Filled With "a laptop filled with given to him by a fellow librarian Inside the laptop are files that tell the story of an actor called Wiggy and his acuaintance with Roger a talking cat Roger s story spans decades years in which his supernatural longevity intelligence and speech were down to a mysterious cat called the Captain and a Satanic cat cult And Alec is soon to realise his wife s death wasn t an accident the hellcats are coming for him next Cat Out Of Hell is one of the laziest novels I ve read in a while I ve never read a Lynne Truss book before so I can t say if this is her usual style but it reads like it was a frenzied NaNoWriMo ffort National Novel Writing Month where people try to write a 50k word novel during the month of November thrown together in bursts of typing over actual creativity Characters splutter Scraps Of The Untainted Sky exposition through one badly constructed scene after another without a hint of a plot with key details left out with no attempt at making it seem like a cohesive whole This is what it feels like was racing through the author s mind as she hacked this one out there s thisvil cat cult people dying Roger s The Eric Carle Gift Set evil no wait the Captain svil no wait the cat cult is Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century evil no wait thevil librarian is Fashion Design Course evil no thevil librarian s the head honcho why did that character die never mind they re dead they were never characters anyway why did that character do that action Aeralis (The Frost Chronicles, even though it went against their flimsily created character never mind moving on why did we suddenly jump ahead 70 years NEVER MIND wait why did Roger and the Captain fall out despite being besties for years NEVER MIND KEEP GOING Done Thank god Well no need to go back and make sure it reads well I ll just send this off and get on with my life Cheue please It s madness You can follow what s happening but the narrative skips and jumps for no reason When Truss builds up to an interesting scene like a heist or a murder mystery reveal she skips it and jumps ahead to the aftermath probably because that sasier to write before going back to the safety of Alec or Wiggy s overly chatty rather scatterbrained narration The Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga ending is also a massive let down Events stumble clumsily to the final act and then just when I thought it couldn t possibly be this predictable Truss MUST do something a little different to make things at least a bit interesting she opts instead forxactly the least original choice Other bizarre creative decisions in the narrative involve switching from first person narration to Cincinnati and Other Plays emailxchanges screenplay scenes and something downright sickening called an Speak Out! e miaow definitely the only horrorlement in the novel for no reason Truss ideas about the long living talking cats could barely be called ideas If you re a cat owner you ll know they have a habit of kneading their paws on you Truss spins it so that cats used to have powers to kill humans and the non powered cats do this I Like You the Best expecting you to die and are disappointed when you don t Hmm heard that before Or how about their superior attitude that seems completely undeserved Well they used to have powers and zzz Ho hum Trussven seems aware of her languorous The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles efforts and addresses them in the text itself I no longer care much about the gaps in this story so I hope you don tither So there you go any gaps in the story won t be addressed and neither will the stuff that didn t make sense But she thoroughly The Philosophy of Giambattista Vico enjoyed writing it so there you are Alright guys Up yours I putffort and thought into writing this review than Truss did in the Lone Star Standoff entire novel Cat Out Of Hell isn t horror it s dreary nothing It s not comedyither I didn t see any jokes in the text It completely fails at the two genres it attempts It s grammatically sound as you d xpect from the author of Eats Shoots and Leaves but what a pitiful positive that is to say about a novel Cat Out Of Hell is a rushed poorly conceived and ven poorly More Punishment For His Cheating Wife executed hack job that I wouldn tven line my cat s litter tray with If you want to read an interesting talking cat story check out Saki s short story Tobermory instead Lynne Truss doesn t hate cats She ju. A while for Alec to realize he’s not gone mad from grief that the cat is actually speaking to Wiggy  and that much of what we fear about cats is true They do think they’re smarter than humans for one thing And well it seems they are What’s they do have nine lives Or at least this one does – Roger’s older than Methuselah and his unblinking stare comes from the fact that he’s seen it all And he’s got a tale to tell a tale of shocking local history and dark forces that may li.