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Coco Caramel (Pdf epub) by Cathy Cassidy

Find someone to fall in love with It became a bit trying not everyone finds someone especially when they re that young Still it was an interesting read and I still enjoyed it Cathy Cassidy has a style that is perfect for children s literature and it deals with some pretty heavy topics in a way that is relevant and easy to follow Even though I ve enjoyed all of the chocolate box girls books I felt a little hesitant at first about what this one had in store Coco was always little id like in the others but after a chapter it two i saw that she was just simply on the verge of becoming a teen I thought that the personal side of her book the whole thing with the horse dragged on at the start but I really enjoyed the story with lawrie and the family side of her story Definitely takes a while to flow but turns out great I d even put it up there with cherry crush my favourite Coco Caramel is the fourth Chocolate Box Girls book which is a series I love I ve been anticipating this book for just under a year so I was really happy to get my hands on it Because Coco is twelve and a tomboy I thought that out of the five sisters I would be able to relae to her most out of the five sisters In some ways I was right but in others I wasn tFresh and light are two words that describe the book It has action lots of emotion and a touch of romance The emotion is well described thoughtful and really shows what it s like to be twelve some girls are maturing some girls aren t or they are maturing in different ways like Coco Coco s level of maturity wasn t about whether "or not she wore make up or flirted with boys it was about nowing about "not she wore make up or flirted with boys it was about nowing about world and dealing with problems that she encountered like her sister s eating disorder and the difficulties with HoneyNaturally no book has no faults and one of the few Coco Caramel has is how some things were explained This was few and far between of course but in places I think some things could have clearer explanations but I wouldn t take my word for it I think that a lot about books I readCoco has a very uniue character she dreams big she doesn t give up and she will do anything for her animals Bake cakes make banners or even steal a horse from a bully I love the fact that Cathy made her determination come through her character so well because if it hadn t been shown properly I wouldn t have realised just how good this uality of Coco s isAnother thing I love about the Chocolate Box Girls in general is the loyalty between the sisters Even though they Rikers High knew something bad was going on with Honey theyept their sister s don t tell rule But perhaps in other ways this wasn t so good as it got Honey in trouble Even if this wasn t so good the loyalty is still beautiful to me they still ept their promise even when i would have helped their family Good or bad that is a beautiful sisterly thing to haveOverall I loved the book a light read for whenever Avaliable for 500 on link above I would definitely say it s worth it Cathy Cassidy is definitely one of my favourite authors and has once again lived up and rised above my expectations I can t wait for the next and probably final installment to The Chocolate Box GirlsRating 45You can read this book and many others at charliotherworldblogspotcom. Er Coco can't rely on family help Can Coco save Caramel alone or will a new friend help her A perfect next step for fans of Jacueline Wilson by the bestselling author of Scarlett Dizzy Angel Cake and Ginger Snaps For all the latest Cathy news visit wwwcathycassidyc.

Cathy Cassidy å 9 Summary

Ueline Wilson which I thought I HAD ESCAPED WHEN AGED TWELVE I escaped when aged twelve I from her to Cathy But whateverMy only other criticism was that Cathy left the twist and the big reveal a bit too late and so the ending felt a bit rushed Aside from this Coco s was a great adventure which definitely embodied the spirit of the liveliest craziest Tanberry sister I am someone who usually sticks to adult or young adult fiction and never really dip into books below that age range As a child and younger ages teen I did read a lot of Cathy Cassidy books as I grew up and by that I mean all She still does classify as YA though although so the younger ind Either way her books still have a mature feel to them that I have always been able to enjoy I read the previous three books in this series before I started blogging which is why I am suddenly reviewing the fourth book Each of these books do link up are all so individual that I think they can be read as standalones as wellThis book follows the youngest sister of the family called Coco She is into looking after animals and wants to save all the endangered creatures She finds it hard to struggle with the fact that most people find her too young to do anything by herself or think she won t be committed As well as that all her friends have suddenly become interested in make up and boys none of them are interested in saving animals like her As well as having some family problems going on at school there is a mean boy called Lawrie in her class He makes sure to be particularly cruel to Coco even though she tries her best to be nice to her Can Coco get along with Lawrie or has she bitten off than she can chew this timeI love Coco s character so much because even though she is uite young she is heart strong and just begging to be an independent person She gets looked down on too much And even though she is supposed to be ten or eleven in the book I am sure so many other older teenagers like me can relate to this Don t we all want a bit of independence and what to feel like we are taken seriously As well as this Cathy Cassidy also manages to create a lovely romance In Her Stories That Will her stories that will your heart flutteringThis review and "OTHERS CAN BE FOUND ON OLIVIA "can be found on Olivia Catastrophe Once this deals with some pretty heavy topics both animal and domestic abuse Not a lot of time was spent on the latter to the extent that the ending felt rather rushed but it is still important that it is talked about and it dealt with both in a way that was easy to digest and a thought provoking read Of course then there was the undercurrent of Honey screwing everything up again she says she tries but there s not any evidence of any trying There s just her being self destructive over and over again Giving her exactly what she wants in moving to Australia doesn t seem like the best solution but it s something at least I don t now how she can complain that nobody ever trusts her though all she does is lie Why Charlotte and Paddy ept believing her as well was beyond me she had clearly proven herself to be untrustworthyAs much as I thought Coco was okay I couldn t really get invested in her character either I liked her friendship with Laurie but a large part of these books seemed to be that every sister had to. Out animals and loves her riding lessons When her favourite pony at the stables is sold Coco scopes out the new owner and she's not happy about what she discovers With big sister Honey going off at the deep end and Summer only just recovering from her eating disord. Coco
Wasn T My Favourite 
t my favourite at first but now she is Well she tied close with Skye but anyways I absolutely loved the story so much Now I got to understand Coco better Lawrie was my favourite "character He is awesome And I can t wait to see what happens to Honey I d "He is awesome And I can t wait to see what happens to Honey I d to see things from her point of view The 4th installment of The Chocolate Box Girls and really excellent I have to say I really love this series because it shows how disfunctional a family can be and how different things can make and break something I have always thought that Cathy Cassidy s books centered too much on boys and relationships but even though this series does have a new romance for each sister they each face problems that are so relevant in this day and age Coco is raving mad for animals and loves to play the violin but she feels like she is shut out a lot since I really loved this cute book and finished it three days I never thought coco was a very important character in the past books but in coco caramel she explains how she s the youngest and always treated like a baby But my favorite character would have to be lawrie Marshall I love how misunderstood mysterious he is and especially his past The relationship between coco and lawrie really developed over the book and how by the end both of them had changed for the better The only criticism I have is all the horse stuff got a bit boring I wish all the riding horses information was either less dragged out or explained so someone like me could understand Other than that this book is a sweet heart warming lite read Cathy Cassidy books r amazing I would definitely recommend a the chocolate box series start with the first one Cherry s Crush and make ur way through the lineI probably enjoyed Coco car I have read the past three Chocolate Box girls books Cherry Crush Marshmallow Skye and Summers Dream last year but reading Coco Caramel was uite an experience I haven t read a book from an animal loving persons point of view but I must say I did enjoy reading about the adventures Coco makes to save the horses Even though I didn t love it as much as the others especially the first two in the series I did really enjoy Coco s addition to this gorgeous series Coco had a really charming engaging narrative voice and I really loved her gutsy lively attitude to life as it felt really fresh and she had an enjoyably positive mindset I enjoyed the youngest one angle as it gave new perspective to where Coco fitted into the family and it also brought to life Coco s despair at never being taken seriously and being the only one who cares in relation to her passion about environmental issuesAlso I am really into Lawrie Hello Where were all the dark and brooding twelve year olds when I was that age He was the ying to Coco s yang the sensible realistic dark to her crazy determined lightHowever the impulsive aspect to Coco s character I unfortunately found a little annoying It made the whole plot seemed a little Enid Blyton and far fetched which slightly ruined it I don t now if it was just me but Coco s mindset of I ve got an idea It will make everything better We HAVE to do it No we ARE going to do it was a bit irratating She came off to me at least as slightly spoilt It was all a bit Jac. Another delicious book in the Chocolate Box Girls series a seuel to Cherry Crush Marshmallow Skye and Summer's Dream from bestselling girls' favourite Cathy Cassidy Coco is the youngest of the Tanberry sisters but she's as headstrong as any of them Coco is crazy ab. Coco Caramel