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And rescue missions you should definitely give This Book A Try Contagion Will Be book a try Contagion will be next book after Retribution Rails and it couldn t be different This tends to be a trend of mine I write in one genre and then ollow it up with something polar opposite I m currently in the middle of a major revision but let me get a Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) fewreuently asked uestions out of the wayThe current description is really vague Who are these two teensThea a Whoops! fewreuently asked uestions out of the wayThe current description is really vague Who are these two teensThea an ambitious seventeen year old with a love Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. for science and Nova Singh a high school dropout with piloting experience who s looking to snag permanent work While temporarily employed by drilling conglomerate He CONTAGION perfectly toes the line between scienceiction thriller and horror I couldn t stop reading I was insane with excitement when I read this synopsis as it has everything I love mass infection and possible zombies Sadly I was disappointed My main complaint about this book is the multiple POVs There are several than what is necessary in my opinion and because of that I didn t get to know any of the characters Everyone The Sheep Book felt shallow The minor details we did get wasn t enough to make me rootor anyone Plot wise it was okay The Laduma first 40% or so of the story is dry and boring It wasn t until people started dying off that I was interested and even then it was sort of a struggle Eventually the action happens and there s aew interesting reveals but I was never captivated Overall it was a set up I loved however it lacked the tension a story like this needs I just The Gangs Birthday Surprise found out it s a series and I m not sure if I ll be reading the next one Huge thanks to Harper Teenor providing the arc Earth free of charge. Iece together who or what could have decimated an entire operation they discover that some things are best left buried and some monsters are only too ready to awak. Nd stale this is completely myault hide spoiler 45 starsOHHHH BABY Erin Bowman I see youThat was a wild ride Zombies in space Y all know everything is better youThat was a wild ride Zombies in space Y all know everything is better spaceWhen an SOS gets Sent From A Mining Crew On A from a mining crew on a planet a uickly assembled team heads off to investigate The number one selling point of this ragtag team they were the closest individuals to said planetThey aren t prepared with manpower experience euipment you name it but off they go anyway Once arriving at their destination they discover an abandoned site and "a bunch of dead bodies but not much else Or so they think "bunch of dead bodies but not much else Or so they think Then the dead seem to come back to life and they re hella angry The rest of the book is a high octane race to escape the planet before they too are turned by the dangerous contagion lurking amidst the abandoned mining zone Zombie chases and Get Up fight scenes Brutal slayings Bodies dropping A dark cold landscapes and abandoned space ships All pretty stellar stuff if you ask meThis doesollow multiple POVs which at times seemed perhaps a little unnecessary but in a way I do understand the author s choice Due to the multiple POVs jumping back and Out to Lunch forth it did gain some intensityrom that I know that is a personal choice as a reader whether or not you enjoy that Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? format I can honestly say I didn t mind it at allI would definitely say this is of an action based story to a character based story For me the action was pretty high throughout The ending was the perfect leave in anticipation of the seuel which I have already purchased and am hoping to get to soonIn short if you like Horror or Science Fiction involving remote planets zombies mass infections. Are deadBut when the crew arrives theyind an abandoned site littered with rotten Beetle in the Anthill food discarded weaponsand dead bodies Don't setoot here againAs they try to I am uite sure this will work perfectly Mr. Drackle And His Dragons for a certain kind of reader Contagion is a very veryast paced sci i horror novel about #A PLAGUE AND SEVERAL DEATHS AS #plague and several deaths As this might be good or Song of the Aura fans ofast paced scifi like Heart of Iron or maybe suspenseful scifi like The Loneliest Girl in the Universe But it didn t give me the same punch I wanted and that cliffhanger ending on what is essentially a thriller just does not work Hands Tied, A Hammer Story for me I m tired and behind on reviews so here s a uick rundown of stuff I liked and didn t like the writing is really uite good the world is generic as all shit because of course it is ya scifi just really be like that granted it is scary asuck none of the plot twists were really wild and i guess i tend to like those in MY SCARY BOOKS THE PLOT STRUCTURE IS A LITTLE scary books the plot structure is a little and it just The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, feels sort of random strong creepactor again but why are they all so goddamn dumb plot reasons that s why OVERALL the plot just isn t substantial enough to hold up a series opener the two leads are Thea a Korean Turkish intern and Nova an Indian sapphic pilot with visual impairment they re both airly developed i guess I also totally would ve orgotten their names if I had not written them down the point of view switches come way too Confer fuckingast forgotten their names if I had not written them down the point of view switches come way too ucking ast do NOT need to switch every two pagesview spoiler the only possible love interest or Nova although never confirmed as being ueer dies because of course she does to be clear though basically everyone dies this bugged me as well I don t like everyone dies books they lack any type of compelling relationship building and this was no exception i also ind them very narratively boring It got in usAfter receiving an urgent SOS rom a work detail on a distant planet a skeleton crew is dispatched to perform a standard search and rescue mission Most. .