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Death at Daisy's FollyAs indeed Prince Albert s mistress I also read that she was the inspiration for the song Daisy Daisy Those familiar with the song will remember it being sung by HAL in the Kubrick film 2001 A Space Odyssey All the bits and pieces of historical information that went into this story brought the novel alive in this story brought the novel alive in way that a straight mystery could never doMy highest praise for this book and what I have read of the series thus far is how the characters are written so well They are believable and interesting two hallmarks of ood characterization The writing is neither academic nor pop oriented Again the style of writing fits in with the time period yet is written with a verve that fits into today s audience s tastes uite well Good characterization however is nothing without a psychological dynamic supporting the thoughts and actions of the characters In Death at Daisy s Folly there are several moments Where The Main Characters Share Their Private Thoughts In Explanation the main characters share their private thoughts in explanation their motives Truly this is exceptional writing in the field of Septiņi genreThe whole Victorian Mystery series by Robin Paige is worth looking into The writing and the story lines are much above even that found in serious literature Extreme recommendations for this book as well as for this series I continue to enjoy this series however this one is a bit problematic I continue to enjoy the major pairing however when this one introduced the obstacle to their relationship Ienuinely tho Daisy Warwick is having a house party including Prince Bertieher known lover A stable boy and then a royal member of the party are murdered Fortunately Charles Sheridan soon to become a baron and the writer Kate Ardleigh are on hand to help solve the case The book Nightbane World Book One goes uite a bit into the lives of servants during the later years of ueen Victoria s reign and the anarchist movement Some of the chaptersoing into this seemed shoved into the book and didn t have much to do with the main plot There were also a lot of potential suspects and I couldn t keep them all straight I do liek the two main characters so I plan on continuing the series Interesting story about the Prince of Wales and a house party This is a well written cozy Victorian mystery that has real life historical figures seamlessly woven in with the compelling fictional characters The author also doesn t bow to my Pet Peeve in the romance portion the Great Misunderstanding which keeps a couple apart thru a long and drawn out rift to ad nauseum It s only the 3rd in the series and Sir Charles Sheridan proposes to Kate Ardleigh and she accepts they actually talk out their problems and work thru them At the beginning of each chapter is a short excerpt from the writings of famous authors by which the reader can The All New Jonah Twist glean something that will happen in the chapterSir Charles is interested in Kate because she is not the typical Victorian lady but independent and free thinking a non traditional American redhead She also has a secret talent for writing herenre happens to be penny dreadfuls under the pseudonym of Beryl Bardwell Her interest in detection provides material for her stories Most of the upper crust Victorian ladies Thor Robin Paige This is the best favori. Ead them but have no clue who the author really is Sir Charles has an interest in science forensics photography and detection In this book he is interested in ballistics Sir Charles has an interest in science forensics photography and detection In this book he is interested in ballistics fingerprinting He may soon be forced to accept the title of Lord Sheridan which will change his lifestyle and family obligationsSir Charles and Kate have both been invited to Easton Lodge owned by Lady Frances Daisy Brooke the Countess of Warwick Daisy has invited about 20 uests for the weekend including HRH the Prince of Wales who happens to be her lover Daisy has a passion for philanthropies and has arranged an excursion to the Chelmsford workhouse for the Prince and needs Sir Charles to photograph the event Some people are disturbed at the influence that Daisy has over the Prince Sir Charles and Kate are excited to see each other but each has a secret snag which they think will kill their romance The book opens with the murder of Prince Albert s Bertie room a young man who just acuired the job As A Reward It a reward It like an accident but Sir Charles thinks it might be murder The Prince asks him to investigate the matter and report back to him Since they have investigated two previous cases together Sir Charles asks Kate to help him uestion everyone because their observational skills and problem solving techniues compliment each otherUpon returning from the excursion to the workhouse it is discovered that Kate has found the dead body of Lord Reginald Wallace outside Daisy s Folly a well known trysting spot on the Legon Ascension (Legon Series grounds of the lodge estate A lot of the clues seem to point to Daisy as the murderer but it looks like she is being framed She is also concerned about a missing letter Bertie sent her that could cause a scandal if made public A third murder involves an Easton Lodge footman named Marsh who was secretly leaving to become a violent anarchist This widens the scope of the investigation to everyone on the estate includinguests and servants Are the murders relatedAt the back of the book is a chapter entitled Historical Note that ives a brief history of the darling Daisy affair between the Countess of Warwick and the Prince of Wales which was the most notorious Royal affair of its day The book also provides a look at the social life morals and bluster of the aristocracy as well as life downstairs in the servant s uarters The book was an intriguing mystery and was skillfully unraveled It is one well worth reading Have binge read the first three books today and although the mystery at the centre of this book was very intriguing Prince Albert with his mistress Daisy the pompous Prince and his attending courtiers just put my back up I didn t really like any of the secondary characters and the plot itself while revealed in the end just seemed to be so blown up and out of proportion with the motive that it totally blew my suspension of belief out of the waterOn the plus side we do see a bit of conflict spring up between Sir Charles and Kate and their relationship changes a few times during the book I always enjoy a bit of tension between the eventual love interests However unfortunately Bradford is once again along for the ride I really haven. 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I m hiding this behind a spoiler cut because I do mention very mild spoilers between the two main characters later in my reviewThis is the third book in a very enjoyable series and probably my favorite thus far This series has a habit of inserting real life historical figures into the stories and this book was no exception This time both Prince Albert as well as his mistress Daisy Countess of Warwick play starring roles The bulk of the novel takes place at Daisy s estate Easton Lodge The characters in this series continue to be well written both the fictional characters and the real life ones To that end reat pains seem to have been taken to be respectful to any historical figures used in the novels when writing their fictional counterpointsI m lad that Sir Charles and Kate admitted their love for each other and am thrilled with the fact that the authors chose to have Sir Charles propose to Kate very early on in the series and not make us wait 6 or 7 books inI must say I have to love the way the proposal was made In a somewhat awkward fashion while standing over the body of a #dead man I found it to be uite fitting I m very tempted to ive this one star I haven t #man I found it to be uite fitting I m very tempted to ive this one star I haven t so annoyed by a book since the last two star book If for nothing else I hate it for the love scene that takes place literally feet away from a fresh corpse I hate it for the abrupt culmination of the will they won t they romance I hate the whole story of HRH and Daisy but that s not the author s authors fault I hate that weekend was consistently used when nobility of the period would never use the word I hate the misuote of Dante seriously if you re going to use a uote to make your character look smart you want to et the uote to use a uote to make your character look smart you want to ABCs of Baseball get the uote Basically I hate everything except the writing which unfortunately made it readable listen to able enough toet me to the end I m Ēna glad Scribd doesn t have any of the series available because I have a feeling that however annoyed I am right now I d still listen to the next one I can t without spending money soood Cause I hated this 2020 bk 293 Death at Daisy s Folly is notable because it is the tale that introduces Kate to the British house party and to the Prince of Wales When a stablehand and then a member of their party is murdered Charles and Daisy are called to solve a mystery despite needing the time to work out what their relationship could and will be Throughout the book there are attempts to divert their attention to blaming their relationship could and will be Throughout the book there are attempts to divert their attention to blaming socialists the anarchists the conservatives behind the throne and the Prince s own affair with the Duchess Daisy Thanks to Charles sticking to his Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! guns and scientific method the truth wins out and almost everyone heads home happy with the solution Gently historical cozies are fab for me I love cozies of all types since I tend to learn or yearn from each one I learn something new and I tend to yearn to l This is the third book I have read in this series Each successive book has been better than the one before it In Death at Daisy s Folly the mystery for me at least took a back seat to the social and political intrigues that framed it Daisy Warwick was a real person in history that Amazing Books, Death at Daisy's Folly au.