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[PDF] Digitalhumanities by Anne Burdick – Book or TXT

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Tition and the virtual construction of learning environmentsp 78To fully understand the specificities of our current moment and the prospects for the future we need remember the social life of information in the industrial era when worth tended to be determined by scarcityThough there were notable exceptions to this model of scarcity the establishment of public education from kindergarten through raduate schools the great philanthropic initiatives the building of public library systems much of our philanthropic initiatives the building of public library systems much of our and economic system is still predicated on scarcity and narrow definitions of ownership as a driving force p 49 This is the future of knowledge where culture and social and political practice will emphasize embeddings of the virtual within the real where actual physical landscapes will be curated just as if they were an art allery and where we will be surrounded and enveloped by the collaborative and distributed building of annotations on and overlays of the physical worldThis is a future that is already with us The challenge for scholarship and institutions To build platforms and collections out into these and other domains of intersection between the virtual and the physical in ways that reinforce not only access and outreach but also establish new models of imagination uality and rigor For free here The structure of this book is a little too confusing at points but it s aim is to innovative and I structure of this book is a little too confusing at points but it s aim is to innovative and I the collaborative authorship inspiring I read this in my favorite class this semester so that may be why I liked it I was hoping to read the whole book but I ot frustrated and decided to read only the part assigned for class It was just too dense for me I have too many other things to read this month. R relevance for contemporary culture Written by five leading practitioner theorists whose varied backgrounds embody the intellectual and creative diversity of the field DigitalHumanities is a vision statement for the future an invitation to engage and a critical tool for understanding the shape of new scholarshi. .
DigitalhumanitiesD in the work as a whole This primer is a 4 Its Content Is Novel content is novel well as its form It tries to be what it argues for and it contains much insight towards the future and dots to connect Sometimes it Only a Whisper gets a little wordier than need be ironically the collective authorship is still a part of academia and academics have beenroomed to write for word countchokengtitiktitikchokeng122 137 were utterly useless but the rest of the primer was insightful Particularly interesting case study on curating an Afghan refugee camp My favorite notes which I think sum up the burgeoning fieldImagine being on the streets of a South African township as it explodes in violence after the apartheid era Copper Lake Secrets government switched the language of education from English to Afrikaans This is the experience Hamilton College students have when they play the immersiveame Soweto 76 one that deepens empathy and enlivens class discussions of race power and education At Dartmouth students compete furiously against each other to tag the materials they find in online archives When these students play Metadata Games they are encountering an open source project that uses the affordances of aming to build robust archival data systems King s College London create avatars in Second Life and then reconstruct historical stages from the classical Roman Of Pompey To of Pompey to s Globe Theatre in London At Duke and other participating universities students play Virtual Peace a collaborative simulation ame in which players analyze complex situations posed by international crises in order to learn how to make effec tive decisions Digital Humanities Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide gaming has begun to successfully engage with historical simulation virtuous cycles of compe. Es it provides an in depth examination of an emerging field This collaboratively authored and visually compelling volume explores methodologies and techniues unfamiliar to traditional modes of humanistic inuiry includingeospatial analysis data mining corpus linguistics visualization and simulation to show thei. This is a Plain Jane The Hotshot great short introduction to this fascinating androwing field The best thing about it is its design I read it in pdf but even on the flat dull surface of my laptop screen it was a pleasure to look at The design is an integral part of the book s argument The interconnected ideas are linked by clever motifs in the design and the book s manifesto like character is accentuated by sans serif fonts line end hyphenation and the direct language throughout DigitalHumanities seems to be mainly aimed at those outside the field Its advice to deans and funding bodies is on point It encourages them not simply to embrace DH but tries to inform them how to judge DH projects properly to arrive at a fair assessment of their real valueAs a practising DHer I found less in this book than I d hoped As a model of collaboration and book design and as a strong but approachable defence of my field I enjoyed it If this collective ever produced another manifesto though I would hope for them to shake up the field of DH a little Terrificante This was the textbook for an Intro to DH course I Helped Out With This Spring out with this spring we ve been using it as a discussion starter for a weekly DH brown bag lunch If you re not familiar with Digital Humanities there are ood short sections that act as a primer However the authors don t use real world examples to avoid creating a canon fair enough so sometimes the hypothetical projects are a little too hypothetical They Made A Point made a point say this is what DH is now but maybe it won t be uite this way in the future Wonderful and concise Also I think a reat example of collaborative writing I saw the voices of the numerous authors come through clearly but in a way that was completely integrate. A visionary report on the revitalization of the liberal arts tradition in the electronically inflected design driven multimedia language of the twenty first century DigitalHumanities is a compact ame changing report on the state of contemporary knowledge production Answering the uestion What is digital humaniti. .

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