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Akenfield dThat in both of these books his idea of sexoes not seem to include foreplay is a turn off and makes him look like a selfish Gym and Slimline dud in bed even when he knew her husband was alive Heeclared he loved her and she eclared she loved himAt the beginning of this second book in the series which begins immediately after the events in the first book Karen s aughter has just started college at Tufts and her son is in a private residential prep high school Karen herself had to go to Atlanta to help her mother with her Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements dad who is in the end stages of Parkinson sisease and is The Clock Without a Face dying She left her westie with Ty and keeps in touch with him When she heard about what happened at the convenience store she calls to see if he is okay All in all she is a good womanOn the other hand though Ty knows hisaughter will not be coming for Thanksgiving when Karen asks him to come to Atlanta to spend Thanksgiving with her her kids and her parents he lies and says he will have Jess with him He asks himself if Karen is trying to Captives of the Private House distance From Him Despite This himespite this and her calling to keep up with him There is NO indication that she is The woman s Teaspoon and an Open Mind dad is DYING What idiot can t understand that she is needed with her parents and have a little patience Ty heads off to a casino on the reservation in his investigation and has sex all night long with a 21 year old coed he just met who works there with no thought of how he had told Karen he loved her and wanted a future with her During this all night tryst the bad guys take a LOT of secret photos Ty then begins a relationship with Annie a single mom of a Down syndrome son who runs a restaurant Annie had been witness to theisposal of a murder weapon and threatened with violence for turning in the information and the gun Again he tells Annie that he had been involved with Karen but that it is long over Long over That would be news to Karen At no point in this book A Celtic Miscellany does Ty actuallyiscuss any of this with Karen He s just in the panties of other women while she sits in Atlanta with a ying father loving him and thinking he was loving herThe fact that Ty goes for a job because of high pay and benefits and a car is no surprise He s a shallow fool and I feel sorry for Annie and her son Another fast paced thriller with Ty Hauck number 2 in the series and I most efinitely pick up number 3 Read 2010 Since Andrew Gross has a solid fan base especially since he co authored books with James Patterson I feel less guilty commenting on his work Simply put Don t Look Twice Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, doesn t even ualify as a good beach read The plot is wellescribed by the publisher Detective Ty Hauck and his teenage The Culture Code daughter are grabbing an ice cream cone when a barrage of bullets takes out the store s window missing them but killing the the guy standing behind Hauck in line Was Hauck the target The owner of the store Or as he finds out at the end of a chapter the victim wasn t just any bystander Gross writes They were staring at a Department of Justice ID Chapters later he ends with this sentence She was staring at an automatic gun Then later She froze There was 427000 in it This style of writing was great in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books But there s aifference between simplicity and thinking your readers are simple minded His overuse of italics to reaaally emphasize a character s Banish Clutter Forever dialogue is trulyistracting as are his too often used exclamation points It Stolen Magic (Stardust, doesn t help that the plot isn t that compelling the characters aren t memorable When you find yourself trying to count how many pageson t use italics well I want to be rawn into a plot

Not Mesmerized By The Misuse 
mesmerized by the misuse punctuation If you re a fan of Gross good for you At least you re reading But I on t think I ll be adding his work to my library The title works for me though Don t Look Twice I won t Promis. Ealthy and powerful citizens And punishing enough to consume Hauck's own family and tear brothers apart forever if it Pistols for Two doesn't kill them first Don't Look Twice is a gripping story of profiteering on an international scale and an emotionally resonantomestic thriller from one of the hottest new talents in suspense fictio. .
Don't Look TwiceBest book I ve read in uite some time I think I may have read one of this author s books when he wrote under James Patterson s name If I Stronger did Ion t recall being that impressed Maybe it s because I Loss (Gus Dury, don t like how a group of authors use Patterson s name to sell their novels Perhaps I wouldn t be soisgruntled if Patterson took me under his wing Enough ranting Andrew Gross hit a home run with Don t Look Twice I ve heard the line I couldn t put the book The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, down a million times and in this case it was true for me The story moved well with believable characters and good policerama and actionI was impressed with the author s protagonist in that he Alacrity (Illumine, didn t have all kinds of super powers and mixed martial arts Having been a policeetective I found the cops and criminals alike to be true to life For anyone who enjoys a who one it crime rama with some action put this book on your to read list Good Story but Nothing Groundbreaking Brief SynopsisLieutenant Ty Hauck was with his Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, daughter at a gas station when arive by shooting occurred What first appears to be revenge by a local gang is slowly uncovered as a eeper conspiracy Lt Hauck is told to back off and let it be but Lt Hauck cannot accept that and told to back off and let it be but Lt Hauck cannot accept that and eeper and eeper as the book unfolds Overall ImpressionsDON T LOOK TWICE is a fairly standard murder mystery thriller At times the plot is all over the *Place With Details Coming * with etails coming that further implicate others The characters are somewhat memorable and interesting but their interactions are somewhat forced and unnatural at times The plot is convoluted in a mess of a conspiracy that unfolds back and forth however it makes for an interesting story and is enjoyable to read I was Love Is Blind disappointed at the ending as it was somewhat anti climaticOverall I enjoyed reading DON T LOOK TWICE but it was pretty standard murder thriller material theseays and offered nothing groundbreaking There are certainly better stories out there and there are certainly worse stories tooGood readingPlants and BooksMore Reviews I m happy to say I finally found an Andrew Gross book I really liked Don t Look Twice is the second Ty Hauck series book from Gross I thought the first book in this series was somewhat flat as well as one of his stand alone thrillers I ve read However Hauck saves the ay starring in this crafty suspense thriller With Hauck s relationship with Karen now over he s spending time with his aughter Jessica 13 While stopping to gas up at a service station and picking up some odd and ends in the station s store Hauck is waiting in line to pay Out of nowhere bullets come smashing into the store flying everywhere While everyone is The World in the Curl ducking for cover David Sanger 41 isn t so lucky Sanger who is a US State s Attorney has been murdered in the shooting When the police arrive no one seems to know who intended victim was Hauck gets thrown into the gang war of the DR 17 against the El Diablos With a really solid plot that has Hauck chasing after some pretty nasty gangsters this one has fewead spots hurting the tale Hauck is stunned when his older brother Warren shows up Hauck knows something is going on with Warren and is likely mixed up in his case It s Annie Fletcher owner of Annie s Backstreets shop who observes the shooters the weapon from the Connexity drive by shooting into her store sumpster Yes Ty and Annie A Personal Influence do make a connection as well Annie s special needs son Jared also bonds with Hauck With a cast of some nasty supporting characters Don t Look Twice was a very enjoyable read However coming in at over 500 pages this one is a haul The plot flows pretty well but there is so much story to read I was enjoying an Andrew Gross book for the first time so Iidn t care it topped 500 pages Some tales need 500 pages and most Americas First City don t This one is 50 50 it could have been editedown some So Don In this Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, dramatic new novel following the bestselling The Dark Tide arive by shooting rocks the posh suburb of Greenwich Connecticut and an innocent bystander is left eadDetective Ty Hauck plunges into what seems like a vicious case of retribution and follows the trail to a sinister gambling scheme at an upstate casin. Look Twice gets four stars out of a possible five stars This Ty Hauck series from author Andrew may work out well after all I m ACTUALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO READING THE forward to reading the book in this series Imagine that Check it out Just idn t hold my interest An appropriate title for this book would be YOUR STANDARD THRILLER NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS Gross knows how to assemble a Charity Girl decent story but his authorial apprenticeship under James Patterson has left him with all sorts of atrocious writing habits we can only hope he ll someday outgrow Like Patterson Gross employs ultra short chapters oneimensional characters and Harleuin style romance Perhaps worse whenever his characters converse they refer to each other by name in almost every line It s enough to make us wonder whether Mr Gross has ever heard real people talk before Surely he s aware that people Alipio don t constantly use each other s namesuring conversations rightThe plot is serviceable but relies entirely too much on extreme coincidence in order to keep moving forward It s the sort of book you read while riding the bus or waiting for your wife to finish up at the supermarket In other words it s Seducing Ingrid Bergman disposable entertainment something you re unlikely to have any strong feelings about one way or the other Like Muzak Much like his mentor Gross provides a readable entertaining readMuch like his mentor James Patterson Andrew Gross has written a readable crime novel with plenty of twists and turns lots of personal stuff thrown in and written in a pleasant accessible style Don t Look Twice A Novel is the second in a series about Ty Hauck but youo not have to have read the first to follow what s going on in this installment The story is chock full of short chapters and the trail is complicated but not impossibly so My one pet peeve is the Spanish in the book It only appears on two pages in my Advance Reader s Edition but it is awful Victor no es aui is not proper or even remotely adeuate Spanish This is Spanish One material It sounds like Something From A Translator Website C Mon Now Mr Gross from a translator website C mon now Mr Gross are millions of native speakers throughout the country Find one and have him or her vet your Spanish in the future It should have been Victor no est au See all of my reviews of Andrew Gross novels here I have to say that I The Guardship (Thomas Marlowe, didn t like the second Ty Hauck book in this series as much as I enjoyed the first one In this book policeetective Ty Hauck is in a convenience store with his 13 year old A Secret Place daughter Jess when a truck comes howling up and opens fire on the store A federal lawyer is leftead in this town where these things just Scandalous (Playing with Fire don t happen Ty saughter isn t hurt but is taken to the local hospital to be Brute Force (Nick Stone, drugged for having seen the incident and her mother Ty s exwife comes to pick her up Jess was to have come to spend Thanksgiving with Ty and visit with Ty s brother and his kids but Jessoesn t want to and the ex had already been trying to find a way out so Ty will not have his Beautiful Breasts Pictures daughter This book is far fetched and the story involving gambling on Native American reservations politicians and corporate types trying to skim a huge profit off the rebuilding of Ira at taxpayer expense and the gang sidelines justidn t To Risks Unknown do it for me Even the involvement and issues from childhood of Ty s brotheridn t help much Ty seemed When You Look Up different hereOne thing that really ticked me off about Ty in this book and turned me off with the character was his treatment of Karen In the first book of the series Karen s husband pretended to beead after an explosion on a city train leaving her to care for their two teenagers alone He turned out to have been trying to protect them from the unsavory types he had gotten involved with who would kill anyone to get their way In that book Ty started an affair with her including a sexual part though the fact. O Until Annie Fletcher a young restaurateur in the midst of rebuilding her life witnesses something she shouldn't have and immediately runs to him with what she knows Suddenly Hauck is pulled into a rising storm far greater than it first appeared a storm wide enough to encompass corruption inside Greenwich's circle of