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Books I feel sort of bad adding a book to my reading list that doesn t ven have any words in it lol But this was beautiful and xpressive and a little scary kind of like the metro and I used it as a notebook to write poetry in and the result was beautiful and I would like to get recommendations on similar books Although the Hammersmith City Line was officially named in 1990 the origins of this line go back to 1864 the year after subway service #Began In London In #in London In year the Metropolitan Railway xtended the Paddington to Farringdon service westward to hammersmith in later years the westward to Hammersmith In later years the was Taking Instruction (Taboo, extendedastward reaching its current terminus at Barking in 1902 The line shares stations with District Circle and Metropolitan Line trains which run just under the street surface throughout much of its route unlike the deeper tube lines such as the Bakerloo Piccadilly and Victoria Lines The Hammersmith City Line formed part of the Metropolitan Line until 1990 when it acuired its current nameHere s a photo of the new Hammersmith station built in 1868 to replace the original 1864 stationThe Hammersmith City and the Metropolitan Lines are now served by the newest London Underground trains the S stock which are the first fully air co. Tied to the twelve lines of the London Underground'This is my rather steam punk proposal A time machine While you read this book you will go back in time It takes an hour to read the book and it takes an hour to reach Barking station from Hammersmith station This is. Would be lying if I uite understand the concept behind his idea the drawings are nice but there is something strange I like the sketches but I don t really understand it I ve nearly finished my journey through the Penguin Lines series which has had some hits and misses Unfortunately Drift is a miss for me While a good idea the lack of words just didn t work for meSo what does Drift contain It s 100% pictures with Parreno describing it as an attempt to produce a psycho geographical map of a subway line I m not familiar with the Hammersmith City line but I don t think there are any dinosaurs or aeroplanes in it unless they are toys I read this book a few times to see if I could get it but #I Just Didn T It Doesn T #just didn t It doesn t work as a flip book nor as trying to imagine the pictures fitting in with a Tube journey xcept in that some bit are very dark The drawings are well done Ultimately it was a disappointment I appreciate the risks taken in this series but this didn t really pay off for me I do like the picture of the book with mushrooms growing in it thoughhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom A load of pencil drawings that I just don t get Maybe it s only mebut a definite I did not like it Only bought to complete the set of tube. class="2a415d70b86b1cb6bb861b5f1b523c51" style="color: #003366; font-size: 24px;"> Artist and filmmaker Philippe Parreno who created the documentary Zidane A Century Portrait takes us in Artist and filmmaker Philippe Parreno who created the documentary Zidane A 21st Century Portrait takes us in on a uniue voyage through London a journey without the typical purposes of a journey an artistic psychogeographical path part of a series of twelve books. .

Review Drift The Hammersmith and City Line

Nditioned lines to operate in the system French artist and filmmaker Philippe Parreno was given the task of writing a book about the Hammersmith City Line for Penguin s Underground series which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the London Underground in 2013 His contribution is a collection of crudely drawn images such as the one that appears on the cover of this book which consists of animals insects people and buildings but no trains or stations which seem to have no connection to one another and nothing to do with the Underground in general or this line in particular The only text is found on the cover and on one interior image at the beginning of the book I have absolutely no idea what Parreno was trying to do here and importantly I don t understand why Penguin to do here and importantly I don t understand why Penguin have published this piece of rubbish as a book or paid Parreno to create #it A six year old child of average talent could have created a #A six year old child of average talent could "have created a work than this one and would have been far "created a work than this one and would have been far to mploy than Monsieur Parreno and why was a Frenchman hired to write a book about the London Underground I feel sorry for anyone who bought this book without looking through it first and those who paid than five pence for it should be given an immediate refun. An hour in 21 years' So begins Philippe Parreno running in film clips from Marilyn to Gremlins Philip K Dick to Jurassic Park Divertimento exploring as he goes the meaning of time of consciousness of art and creation The result is an argument anssay a psychogeography a manifesto. Drift The Hammersmith and City Line
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