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It s no walk on the beach to ive Hugh his due now that there s the movie Dunkirk to compare him toHe ives us not just Dunkirk He ives us the entire 1940 campaign From archives on both sides of the Meuse The Mechelen Affair taking of the impregnabl

I M Not Really A 
m not really a of military history all the details about different army units which I never can keep straight batallions regimentsdivisions etc and "their movements and the thicknesses of tank armor of the latter "movements and the thicknesses of tank armor of the latter there seems to be a ood deal in this book have always left me pretty much cold so the first 200 pages were pretty hard slogging Around there however the individual stories and narratives German as well as British and French with a handful of other nationalities as well start to et The Horse in Celtic Culture gripping and the pace of my reading started to pick up Many many soldiers died in this period however and the numbers take their toll I had to put the book down a couple of times toet some distanceThe author takes the long view to his story because this is really a story of the British Expeditionary Force s invasion and retreat not just Dunkirk itself title notwithstanding And he is definitely patriotic He kept referring the spirit of the true British soldier and the British Armed Forces My one area of disagreement however is that he was rather forgiving of British war crimes than German though at least as he tells it the German incidents were larger Still he deals with Germans well This is all the admirable iven that the author is a British Jew who lost two cousins in the war A poignant read of the shambolic defence offered during the German invasion of France in WWII leading to the need to evacuate French and BEF troops via a hodge podge armada of ships What was sad is the breakdown of Anglo French relations as the war rapidly deteriorated leading to miscomm between commanders and dooming men to be surrounded by the enemy Eually sad was that pride and ego prevented earlier withdrawals which could have saved troops to fight another day I uess it is true the real nature of any relationship only surfaces when subject to real pressure and sad to say the anglo french relationship nearly broke There was a story of how the capt. The rescue in May 1940 of British soldiers fleeing capture and defeat by the Nazis at Dunkirk was not just about what happened at sea and on the beaches The evacuation would never have succeeded had it not been for the tenacity of the British soldiers who stayed behind to ensure they ot away Men like Sergean.
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Dunkirk Fight to the Last Man

Hugh Sebag-Montefiore í 5 Read & Download

the alliance The only thing about the book I didn so much like was that I times I felt I lost or didn t understand the big picture instead learning so much about minor details Like when the Germans broke through at Sedan I wondered why didn t the French just send in their armoured divisions or of their army which was huge Instead it seemed just a few rag tag soldiers and that seems to have cost them the whole war It didn t make a lot of sense to me I found this read incredible The research knowledge and craftsmanship in the way the events have been brought together are outstanding The sense of foreboding is palpable and you really et a sense of what it must have been like to be on the receiving end of the advancing menace of the WehrmachtSSHowever futile all war is it never ceases to amaze me the bravery people shown in the most horrific and hopeless situations Well deserving of 5 stars Continuing with my uest to read specific books about WWII I decided to take on the story of Dunkirk As a student of the American school system Dunkirk is one of those things that I could prior to reading Dunkirk Fight to the Last Mantell all I knew about it in one sentence A large segment of the British army was cornered early in the war and had the Germans not hesitated would have been captured or killed and the outcome of WWII might very well have been different So not wanting to wade into a shallow pool I jumped right into the deep end and selected a monumental highly acclaimed history of the whole Dunkirk saga told in a whopping 720 pages Fortunately than 100 pages are notes maps and the index In any event I am definitely lad I read this book Told in a compelling style this book was relatively easy to read Although there is an enormous amount of detail it never seems to et bogged down which cannot be said for France s and England s tanks that were trying to defend against the German onslaught Peppered with anecdotes from soldiers diaries and notes from the front you really et a sense of what it was like for better or worse to have been on the battle lines during this scary time for the Allies The. O the last man these brave few battalions fought in whatever manner they could to buy precious time for the evacuation Outnumbered and outgunned they launched spectacular and heroic attacks time and again despite ferocious fighting and the knowledge that for many only capture or death would end their struggle. Ain allowed a boy to board the Lancastria with his dog but the ship was bombed later and sank with 23 of her passengers I wonder if the boy and dog made it out This book took me all summer to readA detailed account of the events leading up to and including the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers from Dunkirk in 1940I was disappointed that throughout the book the reader is informed that detailed info could be found in the notes at the back of the book but the notes weren t included in this edition Really annoyingI really enjoyed the personal accounts in the appendixWorth the long summer read Don t be fooled by the title not a lot of the book HAPPENS AT DUNKIRK MOST OF THE at Dunkirk Most of the is the story of fighting the Germans through Belgium and France slowing their progress so that the BEF and French troops can be evacuated from Dunkirk The book is a balanced blend of detailed military history interspersed with individual soldier s stories A meticulously researched history of the retreat evacuation of British French troops from France in 1940 almost an hour by hour narrative Extensive use of official documents unit war diaries British French German and personal narratives Does not neglect the political story for the dramatic military events Highly recommended While rooted in the British tradition for celebrating defeats loose the battles win the war this elegantly constructed thoroughly researched and well written volume manages to provide both a crisp overview of the defeat of the British and French armies in May June and a series of lucid portraits of primarily British combatants Having read the book you will have both a sense of the lasting controversies at the politicalstrategic and operational level and a enduring and no way lorified impression of the bloody and painful carnage that hides between the "Anti Arrows And Lines "septic arrows and lines the by the way excellent mapsHighly recommended A brilliant bookI felt totally immersed the many battles and rearguard actions of the BEF desperate fighting often against overwhelming odds So many human stories and acts of incredible courage I felt so proud of these British menAlso it was very interesting to experience the T Major Gus Jennings who died smothering a German stick bomb in the church at Esuelbec in an effort to save his comrades and Captain Marcus Ervine Andrews VC who single handedly held back a German attack on the Dunkirk perimeter thereby allowing the British line to form up behind him Told to stand and fight