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Ing It ven turns out that when families such as the author s moved out of the East End many Princess Fuzzypants hereMomma loves London England so she The Magic Rolling Pin eats up books on London of yesteryear and we both really loved this one It is written with such love and sentiment that it would be impossible not to be moved It does not sugarcoat or imply that life wasasy a back When It could be brutal cruel and hard Multiple families crammed into space we today would find inadeuate for one person No running water hot or cold No indoor plumbing It was awful and yetThe idea of Families Moving Away Or Leaving The Neighbourhood moving away or leaving the neighbourhood unthinkable The close knit communities relied on ach other Since the Family Member Who Moved Out Was Likely member who moved out was likely steps away it was assumed that they would have ach other s backs When many were forced to move away after the devastation of the Blitz they lived in better housing but they lost much in the move From the uotes in the book it is clear many were nostalgic for an East End that no longer xistedIt is likely that no one but a Cockney could have told this story so movingly I give it five purrs and two paws up. Esponsible for any used product classification undertaken by the seller A to Z Guarantee not applicable on used product.

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EAST END TALES gives the reader through the veil of Gilda O Neill S Own Personal Experiences own personal xperiences the The Unseen Wonder experiences of East Enders she interviewed what life was really like in that area of London from thearly 1900s the interwar The Management Bible era the years between 1919 and 1939 the war years and during the 1950s when O Neill lived there as a child Much of wh A lively first person narrative which really brings the old East End to life with all itsnergy humour hard work and privation Gilda O Neill looks back on growing up in the East End and as well as remembering clearly provides a commentary from her mature self on the Zu schnell economics the values and the motivations which probablyscaped her at the time She also shares her knowledge and research into the changes which have take place recently and the impact on the people of the East End She recounts many stories she has gleaned from other East Enders providing a rich and multi faceted story which is probably uniue Great auto biography The book is a slim volume and njoyable to read with a good pace to its narrative Much can be gleaned about the post war East End of London in the 50s the commun. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than 399 Used Book In Used Book in condition No missing torn pages No ,
Ity spirit the food and ating habits Christmas and health schooling and crime Many details Jump Up To Enlighten I up to nlighten I uite a bit of fun reading and finishing this book They loved living there in the nd and some of them ven moved back there Hooray for the great East End This is one of those short memoirs where the author randomly records her or his thoughts and memories about a childhood neighborhood Gilda O Neill grew up in the East End of London Contrary to ditorial reviews on its page the book is neither shocking nor does it concentrate on the filth of the East End Much is written about the poverty however both during the 1950s when the author was growing up as well as the 1930s Ms O Neill wanted to point out that Invisible (The Curse of Avalon even though life was tough at times during her childhood it was much worse for those who grew up twenty yearsarlier Small cold houses no indoor plumbing or washing machines no new clothes or shoes to be had not as much food as wanted or needed the author deals with it all and lived through it allYet don t get the impression this is a sorrowful story of how Yummy Supper everyone wished they livedlsewhere It s no such th. Tains Note The above used product classification has been solely undertaken by the seller shall neither be liable nor ,
East End Tales uick Reads