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[Empires Ally read online] epub By Jerome Klassen

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Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue lArguments are based on a selected record of actual events It was true that American foreign policies and military strategy was driven by the neocons in powerike Donald Rumsfeld Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz But I can t Believe That This Carried Canadian Policies To that this carried Canadian policies to extreme that the editors take it such as when they declare that the Afghan war was an opening for the Canadian state to develop a set of military and security doctrines that would match and support the internationalization of Canadian corporate investment Or that Canadian foreign policy is embedded in the economic and political agenda of a domestic capitalist class that advances a particular set of interests through an alliance with US imperialism These are just too extreme points of view for me to acceptThe trouble is after digesting the book I can see a thread of truth that runs through their arguments The current government of Stephen Harper seems all too ready to take on new military missions than previous governments would have rejected and the foreign policies of the US government have rejected and the foreign policies of the US government in recent years caused problems than they have solved The Harper government seems to have an increasingly harsh right wing conservative driven view of the world which does not sit comfortably with many Canadians Maybe the dissent voice. An to provide context for Canadian foreign policy to offer critical perspectives on the war itself and to ink the conflict to broader issues of political economy international relations and Canada's role itself and to ink the conflict to broader issues of political economy international relations and Canada's role the world stage Spanning academic and public debates Empire's Ally opens a new ine of argument on why the mission has entered a stage of cris. ,

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Empires Ally

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Well researched and ogical arguments that I couldn t agree with because of the over arching socialist rhetoric There are a numerous points that I fully agreed with and the initial chapters on the background of the Afghanistan campaign are pretty good but in the end the conclusion I am Riding Class (Saddle Club, left with is what a disservice we have have done to the soldiers on the ground and theegacy of the mission through a Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, lack of transparency and clear direction from the highestevels of government down through the military and foreign affairs hierarchies For some time I have been interested in reading Everything Possible About Canada possible about Canada experience in Afghanistan And so when I found a reference to Empire s Ally Canada and the War in Afghanistan by Jerome Klassen and Greg Albo I was keen to get a copy When I finally did read it however I had to stand back and take some time to digest it I had hoped this book would give further insight into the military operations which are still unclear from the Different Class limited memoirs and journalist reports available Empire s Ally however does not do this Instead it is a collection of essays by various contributors presenting an analysis at a policyevel of why Canada sent military forces to Afghanistan as told from a political science What is difficult for me is that ma. The war in Afghanistan has been major policy commitment and central undertaking of the The war in Afghanistan has been a major policy commitment and central undertaking of the state since 2001 Canada has been a Short Stories by Roald Dahl leading force in the war and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on aid and reconstruction After a decade of conflict however there is considerable debate about the efficacy of the mission as well as calls to re. Ny of these contributors present an extremeeft wing socialist viewpoint which I was unprepared forHow to rate this book I have to admit I was put off by the critical arguments made BY THE CONTRIBUTORS WHO ARE NO the contributors who are no respected academics in their fields of expertise I had forgotten that Canada s missions in Afghanistan had been opposed by many Canadians and these contributors make good points of why they were among this opposition I found it distressing however that their arguments are so critical that they seemed skewed towards a one side polemic of the issue I would have ike to have seen a balanced perspective if such were possible The arguments made are entirely negative Surely there was some positive value to the missions and surely some Of The Senior Politicians Government Officials And the senior politicians government officials and officers simply wanted to bring a better ife to Afghans I would have hoped this was the case given the fact that Canadians in general want to make the world a better place when they can In this regard Greg Albo s criticism of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team is a harsh one sided view when he states that military objectives dominate the PRT that development is subordinated to military strategy and that both are designed to stabilize capitalist development in Afghanistan The authors. Assess Canada's role in the conflict An authoritative and strongly analytical work Empire's Ally provides a much needed critical investigation into one An authoritative and strongly analytical work Empire's Ally provides a much needed critical investigation into one the most polarizing events of our timeThis collection draws on new primary evidence including government documents think tank and NGO reports international media files and interviews in Afghanist.