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The best so far in this enjoyable series This is my favorite of the whole Ranger s Apprentice Series I M Not series I m not why Maybe because I love the horse race part Just awesome Well well well that went too well It was fantastic in fact One of my favorites in the whole Ranger s Apprentice series 3 Erak s Ransom is Cute Halt s wedding sweet remarks between Halt and Lady Pauline Horace and Gilan Will s graduationAdventurous I ust love how the adventures take place in diff Excuse me as I wipe the tears from my eyes This has become my number one favorite so far of the Ranger s Apprentice series and I doubt it will ever be overtaken It showed immeasurable strength and advancement in its form and I appreciated all aspects of John Flanagan s workmanship He s is certainly no beginner in the craft of tale weaving It s marvellous and it s homey I am struggling emotionally with the book because my ships aren t working out but I refuse to demote it to 4 stars simply because of my disappointment This adventure had me running and suealing around the room at the end of every ending #chapters Its worthy of 5 stars Oh and The Characters Please I characters Please I get to worked up talking about them All #Its worthy of 5 stars Oh and the characters Please I will get to worked up talking about them All need to know is each character is crafted uniue to himher self and they come across crystal clear in their own ways It s wonderful seeing them function together and fight and tease one another I have a great deal of respect for John Flanagan his characters do not make me cringe scream in agony or tap my fingers thinking how stupid or annoying that particular trait is They all deserve perfect respect in the group and I admire love them all the same What s the content you ask It s a war In the desert With little water And merciless killers Get the picture Good Now you can be happy I don t have anything else to say I m grinning my face off It s a good book This was the first book in the series that I was disappointed in If it had been placed in it s proper seuence according to the timeline of the other books it would be read before book 5 Flanagan goes back in time to Der Waffenstillstand Araluens mit den Skandianern ist noch frisch als König Duncan die Nachricht erreicht dass Erak der Anführer Skandias vom W?.

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Ell a story before Will becomes a full fledged Ranger If it had been placed before book 5 I wouldn t have had been placed before book 5 I wouldn t have disappointed However I felt that there were certain elements that would #Have Been Referred To In Book 5 And 6 That #been referred to in book 5 and 6 that t because this book hadn t been written yet I ended up feeling that books 5 and 6 couldn t be true to the same style of writing Flanagan usually uses to connect his stories because it wasn t possible For example this book starts off with slight Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) jealousy from a female protaganist However this was not an interesting plot point because at the end of book 6 you know which female protaganist Will falls in love with Flanagan says that he wanted to tell of the separation anxieties between teacher and student as Will approaches graduation I agree that I wanted that to be part of the series I was disappointed when book 4umped several years and skipped the rest of his apprentice days However because Will already proved his capabalities in book 5 and 6 there is less buy in when Will is wondering if he can survive in his own right as a full Ranger You already know how he handles his first assignment before it has been given to him I will still intend to finish the last of the series because I like the characters but my enthusiasm has waned 25 stars rounded upReview to come It would have worked great as a fifth book As a seventh however loses major points First you have to get over the fact that you won t get to know what happens after the end of book six for a while longerThen once you start warming up to this story you realize that there s no sense of urgency to it It s not because any fault with the writing but because you already know how things are going to turn up for the charactersFor example at Tug s disappearance nobody could have any doubts that the little horse would be all right since we already know he s with Will in books 5 and 6 Now Tug is a secondary character and his death could add a lot of drama and character development to the story so imagine reading this as a fifth book The uncertainty the possibilit. ?stenvolk der Arridi gefangen genommen wurde Kurz entschlossen brechen der Waldläufer Will und seine Freunde Walt Gilan Evanlyn und Horace auf um. ,
Erak's RansomIes the would Flanagan really kill Tug kind of uestions would have made for an amazing tension As it is knowing how things turn up it felt a little flatSo on its own not a bad a read certainly not the worst of the series by any means But as a part of the whole its misplacement in the timeline works against making it truly enjoyable One of the best in the series set in Arabian lands called Arridin and reminiscent at times of the movie Hidalgo It s uite heartwarming yet also heartbreaking Lots of action some battle scenes with clever tactics etc This book features some poignant horse scenes Tug Arrow etc Main characters are Will Halt Gilan Horace Princess Cassandra Erak and Svengal the Skandians Setheren the Arridin leader the Wakir and Umar ib n Talud Aseikh of the Khoresh Bedullin tribeI loved this one even though Flanagan repeats things we already know having read the six preuels eg that Cassandra is aka Evanlyn that a ranger s horse cannot be stolen etcPs This book actually fits into the series chronologically after book 4 before Will becomes a fully *fledged master ranger This book can better be read before book 5 because now I already knew how * master ranger This book can better be read before book 5 because now I already knew how book Ended Nevertheless This Book Nevertheless this book a lot of fun and I loved that they went on a A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, journey with all my favorite characters in a new place Okay first this book is non chronological with the rest of the series so far it doesn t offer any spoilers or anything really of value where it is in seuence out of chronology so I d suggest reading the books in this order so far1 2 3 4 7 5 6I ll edit my book 5 review to reflect that as wellanyway I really liked this book as well As I ve said on all the other ones in this series it s candy fiction It s not deep but it sure is fun This one takes place in a north africa type setting All the civilizations in this series are based on real historical ones I ve mentioned elsewhere that the merits of such a setting are debatable but whateverAnyways it was a page turner I found myself making excuses to return to the book throughout the dayust to get another dose. Den Skandianer zu befreien Doch Sandstürme unbarmherzige Hitze und feindselige Nachbarvölker machen die Mission zu einem Wettlauf gegen die Zei.