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[Family of Her Dreams [BOOK] Free Reading online Epub By Keli Gwyn

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Aware of the trauma and stages of grief that children go through and hopes to make a difference in the lives of her two young chargesSpencer Abbott has his hands full as a stationmaster and trying to create some semblance of order for his children He hadn t counted on a headstrong nanny that uestions him on what seems like every decision But he can t deny the good Tess has provided eitherIs Tess worth the troubleThis was the second book I ve read by Keli Gwyn and I found it uite enjoyable She Keli Gwyn s Family of Her Dreams is a delightful historical romance with the perfect mix of likeable characters the reader roots for internal and external conflict sweet romantic tension and surprises twisted for internal and external conflict sweet romantic tension and surprises twisted Independent headstrong Tess Grimsby arrives in Shingle Springs to apply for a job as a housekeeper for recently widowed Stationmaster Spencer Abbott Spencer has two young children and soon realizes competent Tess is the perfect fit for his grieving family The story follows Tess and Spencer s business agreement budding friendship and eventual romantic interest over a six or eight month period of time The author did a wonderful job weaving historical detail in the day to #day experiences on the Abbott homestead and showed the tender growth of feelings between the widower and his housekeeper There # experiences on the Abbott homestead and showed the tender growth of feelings between the widower and his housekeeper There fun plot twists thrown in throughout the story including a nice zinger at the end Getting to now Tess Spencer stubborn four year old son Luke and sweet baby Lila was a reading treat The author created realistic characters and poignant situations and conflict that furthers the story at a page turning pace Which means it was hard to put this book down But my favorite part of reading A Family of Her Dreams was the gentle way the author weaves spiritual truth and real life reminders into the story While Tess has her set of foibles and faults I was inspired personally to be like her to be encouraging toward my husband and his dreams Tess believed in Spencer even before they were romantically interested and told him so through her words and actions I read and Loved Keli Gwyn S Keli Gwyn s novel A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado and I loved this one just as much I highly recommend A Family of Her Dreams and look forward to this author s next book Ms Gwyn utterly delighted me with this sweet moving story about a soft hearted forthright heroine whose genuine faith The Unseen Wonder keeps her longing after what God has set before her Her painful past has prepared her to uniuely care for the widowed hero and his mourning children It s a joy to see God use her to bring comfort and to see her in turn come to recognize her worth in a special way as wellChristianity is simply a part of the fabric of their lives It isn t in your face as a reader nor does it feel tacked on simply to make mention of it The story is well paced with lovely characterizations and I look forward to reading from Ms Gwyn. Town and trying to put his family back together Spencer has his hands full He soon finds his new hire'sind personality warming his frosty exterior But could he ever admit to seeing her as than just an employe. A family of Her Own is so enduring to ones heart I so enjoyed Tess Grimsby s Story Of Overcoming Life S Struggles Growing of overcoming life s struggles Growing in an orphanage after being turned over by her father Tess carves out God s plan for her by hard work and determination Spencer Abbott needs a nanny yesterday for his two small children after the recent loss of his wife Spencer is hoping Tess will work out as their new nanny even though he s taken aback by her unusual techniues and her most unus I absolutely loved this book Usually suspense books are to my liking but this story grabbed me and wouldn t let goWhat I liked The characters came alive in every way possible I loved everything about Tess Everything from her floppy flamboyant hat her six foot frame that stood taller than a lot of men and her loving generous personality She was a true Christian in every sense of the word The plot was similar to others I ve read but had its own distinct twists and turns A touch of suspense was even added here and there to spice up the storyWhat I didn t like I wondered if the situation where Tess was living in Spencer s house to care for his children Tess Grimsby has arrived in Shingle Springs to be housekeeper to Spencer Abbott a young widower with two children Tess was raised in an orphanage and dreams of one day having her own familySpencer s wife recently passed away and left behind two children Little Luke is full of rambunctious energy and into all The Management Bible kinds of trouble Tess immediately sets out to win his hurting soul Tess feels for the childrennowing that Luke is acting out in pain from losing his motherSpencer is still mourning his wife but Zu schnell knows that he needs help with his children He is put off a bit by Tess s outspokenness but soon realizes that she is uite capable of taking care of him and his childrenAs Tess takes care of this grieving family she soon begins to fall in love with them and the dreams of one day having a family of her own begin to resemble the faces of Spencer and his children Meanwhile Spencer is torn between his attraction to Tess and a woman he onlynows through a set of letters that someone lost at the railroad station he runs Will he miss out on the love in front of him in order to pursue a woman he has never met but haunts him through her lettersI think this is the first Love Inspired Historical that I have read I really enjoyed it I loved Tess and Spencer Tess has spunk and isn t afraid to speak her mind even though she also has some insecurities Spencer loves his children even though he is grieving the loss of their mother I like how he was able to change his mind when Tess presented him all of the facts of a change she wanted to implement He wasn t an unreasonable parent nor an unreasonable boss One issue I have with these type of books is that they are shorter than the average novel and therefore can t develop the characters as well as I would hav. A Family to Cherish Headstrong Tess Grimsby loves her new job caring for the children of a recently widowed man But she never imagined that she'd fall for her handsome employer Yet Spencer Abbott is as caring .

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E liked I thought that the story was progressing along nicely but then Sleepless (Bird of Stone, kind of galloped to the end a little too uickly Still I enjoyed these characters very much I also liked the setting It is fun to read a story about places that I have been I look forward to the next book that author Keli Gwyn writes This is definitely a case where you can judge a book by its cover I love the motion depicted in the illustration and the scene perfectly fits the mood of the story It s a wonderful celebration of dreams both theind you yearn for and the ind that unfortunately need to be relinuished to bittersweet memories Poor Spencer is a grappling with grief in true manly fashion that is eep his head down and ignore it Not an advisable way of coping especially for his young children He hires a housekeeper in the hopes of regaining some order in his life Cue the gregarious outspoken Tess Not uite the gentle docile woman he was envisioning would bring harmony ba I HAD to read this book after falling in love with the delightful cover And it s story was just as good as the sw Family of Her Dreams by Keli GwynThis author writes a great story she made Tess and the way she felt about her life and her dreams so real that I felt like I new this young woman I was sad for her to be abandoned at an orphanage at a young age and then to feel the head of it did not like her and bullied her made me want to ick him in the shinsHe gave Faith the name of Tess which she was unhappy with her whole life until the day she found out why he did ThisTess Lived Her Life In lived her life in orphanage and helped with the younger children and then upon leaving found that she loved caring for children and made this her job to make a living for herselfSpencer Abbott lost his wife soon after birthing their daughter to an infection so he needed a housekeeper and he hired Tess soon after birthing their daughter to an infection so he needed a housekeeper and he hired Tess help himShe started on a trial basis but he soon Invisible (The Curse of Avalon knew she was a caring loving person and a hard worker too He has a son who is four and a determined little one who wants nothing to do with a woman living and caring for them he wants his mama He is inuisitive and Tess has her hands full watching over himSpencer works for the rail line but wants to be a ranchercome read this story and get tonow this family and how Tess fits right inI had company and lost some reading time but when I picked the book up tonight to finish it I felt like I had never been away it all just fell right into place and Spencer and Tess were getting along so much better as she was with Luke too Thanks for a wonderful story Keli A moving story of family second chances and trusting in God s timing Gwyn s Love Inspired Historical debut is a perfect fit for the series RT Book Reviews 4 stars Tess Grimsby longs for a family of her own Instead she must be content with being a caretaker to a recently widowed man s children Raised in an orphanage Tess is well. S he is attractive and Tess can't help but feel for him and his family Though for the sake of her job she'll eep any emotions about her boss to herselfBetween his stationmaster responsibilities in a Gold Rush. Family of Her Dreams