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Five Children and It [Kindle ePUB] by E. Nesbit

Res cr ticas el mismo d a porue estuve ayudando a mi Jefe con las Actas y no me arrepiento me lo pase como un ni o Este libro me ha gustado mucho mi nota es de 35 siendo Edith Nesbit era de esperar y como dije estuve pensando ponerle 4 estrellas pero ha habido varios factores ue me lo han impedido En primer lugar es ue yo pienso ue a los mejores hay ue exigirles y ciertamente Edith Nesbit tiene talento para mucho m s Esta historia me ha gustado much simo pero no tanto como Buscadores de tesoros o sus cuentos de dragones En primer lugar c This is a perfectly delightful story of the misadventures of five siblings who are granted a daily wish by a prehistoric creature who lives in the sandpit near their home One of the eleven chapters would by modern standards be deemed acist however this fault might be deemed acist However this fault might be when the eader considers the date of publication and could be used as a teachable moment if eading with a child All in all this entertaining tale elicited many chuckles and the occasional loud guffaw The most fun I ve had since eading The Red Blazer Girls Books Earlier This Year Nesbit earlier this year Nesbit the great grandma of pretty nearly all the children s fantasy books we love the first author of pretty nearly all the children s fantasy books we love the first author write eally wittily for kids and without condescending to them and the originator of the basic structure that carries on through CS Lewis and Edward Eager and even in a way Jo Rowling four children usually siblings or cousins but sometimes friends stumble on a magical something that leads them into a series of fantastic adventures and important discoveries gently conveyed about the big issues of life Her books have a lovely period feel not unlike the opening pages of Alice in Wonderland tempered by Nesbit s practical sensibility about the eal world and her sardonic sense of humor which makes the books a very enjoyable ead for adults as well as great ead aloudsIn this story written in 1902 the magical something is a Psammead a grumpy Persian sand fairy that looks something like a large tubby odent with eyes on the end of stalks The Psammead is compelled to grant its finders one wish per day which the children are initially thrilled about but they soon discover that wishes are chancy things and the Psammead perversely literal in granting them with often unlooked for and unideal conseuences There are two seuels THE PHOENIX AND THE CARPET written in 1904 and my personal favorite I always hear John Gielgud s voice coming out of the Phoenix and THE STORY OF THE AMULET 1906 Theatre folks may be interested to know that Nesbit was Noel Coward s favorite writer there was a copy of THE ENCHANTED CASTLE on his bedside table at Firefly when he died Her books he wrote have meant a very great deal to me not only when I was a little boy of nine and onwards but ight up to the present day I have e ead them each at least twenty timesShe had an economy of phrase and an uneualled talent for evoking hot summer days in the English countryside His favorites FIVE CHILDREN AND IT THE PHOENIX AND THE CARPET THE HOUSE OF ARDEN THE ENCHANTED CASTLE THE WONDERFUL GARDEN and the Bastable seriesThe Brits did a film adaptation in 2004 somewhat different to the book in the way the story gets launched with Freddie High leading the juvenile cast and Tara Fitzgerald Alex Jennings Zoe Wanamaker and Kenneth Branagh as the adults In a stroke of total casting genius the voice of the Psammead is provided by Eddie Izzard Although only written a couple of years earlier this was uite a different world to The Railway Children It is a very simple kind of children s story The parents are got id of not by sending the children away to school nor by having them eaten by an escaped hippo from the zoo but by the ather uaint expedient of having them go away on businessLiving in the Kent countryside between a chalk uarry and a gravel pit view spoiler or Rochester and Maidstone as they are otherwise known hide spoiler. Fly defending a besieged castle aiding Red Indians and Diamonds for Mother on her eturn is the last straw. Urcy but I have not managed to find With all the Knight Sir Wulfric de Talbot left me a great mark Now we are going to talk about the crux issue why they have not given him four stars We all know that Psamead or that is a fairy of sand which is leading in the hole since prehistoric times I think to tell the story to his son Nesbit was very strict with the chronology by what we will see many anachronisms I doubt that the primitive men asked him to Psamead Ictiosaurios and other types of lizards Nor does it seem very credible that the Psamead tell the story of the son of the Assyrian king when it was buried in prehistory How did it know if it was buried Another thing is that the Psamead says that wishes only last a day but has the power so the maid Martha does not know and that lasts forever and also manage to make the Psamead to grant them the desire before ordering it How it is possible that you have so much power for one thing and then so little for other Another thing that infuriates me is that children in particular to Anthea Panther You ll want to but the Psamead is somewhat obnoxious and since then I do not know the eader but certainly I do not fell I well It is the sullen and surly with what I found I also wonder if Robert has no part of eason to say if the Psamead is an evil fairy What says you Father Brown Flambeau in Sins of the Saradine Prince when he said that they wrote fairytale know than that you or when he says that he didn t say that it was wrong to enter into the Kingdom of fairies but always had danger in it That s the pay none of the wishes granted to boys goes well This is the difference that I have with Nesbit Why is so generous to the boys of The treasure seekers and instead is hard with these poor guys In my opinion we learn hard lessons of life If the Psamead as they appreciate not want to or not it can grant wishes should have said from the beginning although of course but there would be no novel Yet I suspect that Nesbit was Socialist Fabiana with all the story we must ecognize that makes no apology for socialism or tries to inoculate the eader Only lightly in The ailway children is also a good novel I think it kind of Treasure hunters because they are poor and instead of these not is it mercy because they need to go We talked about my friend Alfonseca and I of this circumstance and said that left wing writers such as Aldous Huxley and Arthur C Clarke always felt preference for Buddhism I believe that Nesbit is something good that I learn to be happy with what we have but although the Psamead says that they are not asking well wishes My impression is that you except the final wishes I think Nesbit is wrong in one thing and it s not bad to want things provided that what is asked is good I think about my favorite series Doraemon The Gadget Cat from the future Inventions are not bad but the way that Nobita Suneo and Giant employ them I told a joke to my friend Alfonseca and said no I wanted you because we ll Do It For You My it for you My told me that one ll do it for you My friend told me that one the stories that delves into the subject of how dangerous that is ask certain desires is the story of the hand of the monkey Not a big fan of the Simpsons I am lately but don t miss out on the fun Halloween that made this story of WW Jacobs I believe that the screenwriter had even worse bad grapes that own Jacobs The same thing happens I think with the desires The last wishes are a both absurd and are not as good as the middle Although there is one very funny that Nesbit get call and call to the Hilary Maur W baby lamb three ways and the uses of comic and hilarious way with much wit In short it is a very good book but a little bit has lacked to overcome that line that separates the good from the great All in all a very entertaining eadingDamas y caballeros voy a intentar algo ue hasta el momento nunca hab a hecho escribir tres cr ticas en un d a Desgraciadamente no pude conseguir escribir Er day But whatever they wish turns wrong They try beautiful as the day wealth beyond avarice angel wings to. Five Children and ItI have chosen this ating because this book was eally good and excitingI eally liked Anthea and the sand fairyI would ecommend this book for ebels and children with a big imagination Ladies and gentlemen 35 I will try something which until now Had Never Done To Write Three Reviews never done to write three eviews one day Unfortunately I could not get to write three eviews on the same day because I was helping my Boss With The Proceedings And Do Not Regret Me Pass with the proceedings and do not egret me pass to me as a child I liked this book being Edith Nesbit was to be expected and as I said I was thinking about putting 4 stars but there have been several factors which have prevented me from it In the first place is that I think the best will be euired and certainly Edith Nesbit has talent for much This story I liked a lot but not as much as treasure hunters fromsearch true or their tales of dragons Firstly I believe that it should explain the eason why I ead this book Months ago in April I ead that book of the history of fantasy fromsearch true written by Silvia Pato and edited by Nowtilus publishing despite his anti Christian bias and feminist is a book that I liked and I ecommend despite their unfairest prejudice In that book spoke of Edith Nesbit I already knew the five guys and that in part because Goodreads ecommended it to me and my conversations with the Professor Manuel Alfonseca I discovered thanks to the brief history of the fantasy to five guys and that was based on a Japanese anime which I saw in the tve1 when small Shamed was the magic Elf which I loved elduendemagico However it Seems To Be That There Were Differences Which We Will to be that there were differences which we will examiningFirst thing I must say this book It is that I eally enjoyed the Edition which has made the editorial El Paseo I must say that I will continue to this editorial with enormous interest It was a success by the editorial El Paseo escue the original drawingsThe beginning perhaps a little weaker than expected but very well are the following chapters which are among the best that has been written in children s literature if Edith Nesbit had maintained that pace during the entire novel no doubt you would have put the five stars to the book Those pages eminded me of the best moments of golden age Kenneth Grahame and the William of Richmal Crompton the William will always be a kid s version of the great PG Wodehouse that sometimes even manages to overcome it but going back to five children and that one of the biggest attractions of the book is without a doubt the moral and ethical tone of the book Aside from that the five children in this case three children one a baby and two girls live incredible adventures We will see how Nesbit encouraged against greed emember that these stories Edith Nesbit wrote them for his son as did Kenneth Grahame James Mathew Barrie for prot g s James AA Milne or the own JRR Tolkien Sometimes we will be touched considerably At least in some chapter I felt deeply moved Also despite being a novel halfway between ealism and fantasy all in one of the stories because except that sometime the wishes are lengthened into two chapters but usually every wish is a chapter With all Nesbit in one of wishes you will use a esource which will be then used in many novels of fantasy science fiction uy I do not say that should the users of Goodreads who ead this book find out for itself One of the positive things about this wonderful book is the number of writers who uote and Nesbit efers to them as to Rudyard Kipling or the own Anstey the author of vice versa a lesson for parents in fact the author herself in the final chapter tells us F Anstey book inspired her to end The brass bottle In this story a genius ask which desires does not perform them well and up to the end just getting his master in the bottle and eplacing him getting id of the problem by someone asked him wish this had not happened Nesbit also speaks a story of medieval adventures of Ralph de Co. Robert Cyril Anthea Jane and Baby brother Lamb find an ancient Psammead sandfairy who grants them one wish