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Ship of the Airbus team against the engineering of the Boeing The size of Airbus vs the speed of Boeing are all played out through this struggle The book umps around uite a bit but it does provide a good start for the time it was published I do recommend this book but ust be warned the beginning is slow "And The Analysis Could "the analysis could a little focused Whilst this book was very technical too technical for me really and despite reading it using synthetic speech I thoroughly enjoyed it Reading about the A380 and the competition with Boeing for advantage in the modern world of air travel was extremely interesting It s an interesting book about the et age history of Boeing and Airbus but the book is horrifyingly biased Boeing s military sales R an aircraft whose emphasis is on fuel economy and reduced emissionsThe "future of commercial air travel is in the "of commercial air travel is in the and the outcome is difficult to predict. ,

Is a British writer MAKES AN EFFORT TO UNDERSTAND THE BATTLE BETWEEN an to understand the battle between and Airbus He did plenty interviews with top people in both organizations and was one of the first to publish a book on the subject There have been many since than and each one gets better Two flaws with the Kemp book are his bias towards Airbus and his narrow look at business strategy He comes close to showing that Airbus and Boeing were hedging against the others strengths by developing several models of planes In the end though he umps back to his analysis of the dreamliner vs the A380 and does not look at the wider market of the companies As the book progresses forward the analysis does get better and the real competition becomes apparent The salesman. Es This gigantic double decker is the first real competitor to Boeing's iconic 747 Jumbo JetMeanwhile Boeing has thrown its weight behind the smaller 787 Deamline. I found first half of this book uite heavy going and struggled to get into it as it plodded through potted histories of Boeing and Airbus Once it became up to date it was much interesting and the battle for passenger dominance between the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 is well documented although the winner is yet to be decided The book is for flying buffs only however and I felt that while this industry must be populated with countless colourful people and incidents there are few I can recall in the book It is often a bit of a dry and flat "READ AND I THINK A MUCH SWASHBUCKLING ACCOUNT COULD "and I think a much swashbuckling account could been written but I have that complaint about a lot of airplane books they feel like they ve been written by engineers who relate to the te Kemp. The gripping story of the biggest trade war in aviation historyIn October 2007 the colossal Airbus A380 the largest commercial et in history will take to the ski.

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Flight of the Titans Boeing Airbus and the Battle for the Future of Air Travel