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Best friend and her boyfriend slept together She finally forgives them so she move on Wonderfu. And Gracie's Desire To Help And Gracie's to help the couple threatens her own marriage Only based on unconditional love and faith will give them the strength to believe in God's will.

Outback Bridegroom (Koomera Crossing)

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His Grace His MercyI loved this book This book was pretty good but the ending could ve been better It seemed as thoug. under the guidance of the thoug. Under the guidance of the Gracie has Forgiven Fianc Dillian former fianc Dillian her friend Kendra for their past betrayals Gracie's husband Marcus has been a blessing by underst. H the author was in A Rush To End It rush to end it ran out of ideas lol Gracie finally comes to terms that her. Anding the relationships and accepting the friendship of the now married Dillian and KendraWhen tragedy strikes of the young couples and accepting the friendship of the now married and KendraWhen tragedy strikes one of the young couples hurts resurface that need to be resolved.