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Arabian Nights gEven though I was late in discovering thisreat masterpiece of philosophicalpoeticspiritual inspiration 1962 I immediately was drawn to it and it changed my whole life Since then I ve read everything written by Buber and many of the books and essays written about him I wrote a master s thesis on his work I don t think I can even count the number of times I ve read I and Thou and so I was extremely excited to finally find a version available in eBook format This book is prophetic in immediately etting to the deep cause of all the problems of the 20th century long before Nazi Germany became the embodiment of that the 20th century long before Nazi Germany became the embodiment of that Buber not only anticipated the rise of the Nazis but also suffered their early persecution eventually having his family wealth stolen by them and deported by themBuber and a small number of spiritual iants have recognized the deep cause as a dualism at the base of modern civilization One aspect of this dualism causes a person to develop a worldview based on being separated from everything else and incapable of forming a meaningful relationship with other forms in existence The other aspect of the dualism allows a person

approach all of life as in relationship and all connected I can t comment on the translation In a radical departure from the obscurantism of other existential philosophers Buber states his ideas simply and clearly For people embarking on a career in care work clinical psychology or therapy I would recommend this text to inform some of the basic reasons why empathy is such an important characteristic to develop and row Absolute mind boggling truth Not easy to follow but very easy to keep reading A book I will read again Buber s I "AND THOU is one of the major examples of the modernist attempt to re define "THOU is one of the major examples of the modernist attempt to re define re imagine the spiritual dimensions of reality Walter Kaufmann s is the standard translation of a work that he himself admits is difficult to read or to translate Despite these difficulties this book is central for anyone interested in modern philosophy or spirituality Kaufmann s introduction is thoughtful and. Martin Buber’s I and Thou has long been acclaimed as a classic Many prominent writers have acknowledged its influence on their work; students of intellectual history consider it a landmark; and the eneration born after World War II considers Buber one of its prophets Buber’s main proposition is that we may address existence in two ways 1 that of the “I” toward an “It” toward an object that is separate in itself which we either use or experience; 2 that of the “I” toward “Thou” in which we move into existence in a relationship without bounds One of the major themes of the book is that human life finds its meaningfulne.

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I and ThouLliant YOUNG MAN IT ELUCIDATES THE SUBJECTIVEOBJECTIVE man It elucidates the subjectiveobjective in human experience better than anyone before or since As Kaufman notes Buber has impressive antecedents including Jesus Hillel and Kant but this work elaborates upon the aphorisms of those earlier thinkers making their insights fresh and complete Beware that Buber tends to drift off into romantic idiosyncratic Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, gibberish at times especially in Part 2 So don t expect to be able torasp everything that he says Still there are many profound truths in this small volume Respecting the subjective view of each human being does not mean that ethical behavior or truth is subjective There is a place for objectivity But in relating to human beings subjectivity must be acknowledged without It a human being cannot live But whoever lives with only that is not human I love Martin Buber s language in describing relationships as either I Thou or I It I find this very helpful when working with Always You groups to help them understand how subtle differences can uickly change the relationship and damage communications While the concept is simple the nuances and subtle issues in practice are certainly not and like allood human relations reuires a Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, great deal of study practice and practice With that in mind this translation of the poetic original I Thou by Buber needed for me to understand and embrace it fully To that end I found Kenneth Paul Kramer s Martin Buber s I and Thou Practicing Living Dialogue to be a veryood companion resource Martin Buber s I and Thou Practicing Living Dialogue to be a very ood companion resource Buber has managed to introduce the essence of Mysticism a world of illusory delights open for your translationI see I and Thou as a Philosophical Religious PoemIt has a direct appeal to those interested in living religious experience rather than in theological debates and the rise and fall of phiolosophical schoolsIt shows how the content and relation between the two worlds of I and ThouI can t say it is my favourite book but I enjoyed it and found it incredibly interestingSTEVE HAINES COUNSELLOR MINDFULNESS COACH AND EFT PRACTITIONER The friend that I bought it for is deighted. That opened up new perspectives on the book and on Buber’s thought This volume provided a new basis for all subseuent discussions of Buber Martin Buber 1878–1965 was a Jewish philosopher theologian Bible translator and editor of Hasidic tradition He was also known as one of the paramount spiritual leaders of the twentieth century and is best known as the author of I and Thou the basic formulation of his philosophy of dialogue and for his appreciation of Hasidism which made a deep impact on Christian as well as Jewish thinkers Fleeing Nazi Germany in 1938 he immigrated to Israel where he taught social philosophy at the Hebrew Universi. ,
Helpful This is probably one of the most simple "yet elusive theologicalphilosophical writings I ve encountered My eneral complaint is that the writing is not necessarily systematic and "elusive theologicalphilosophical writings I ve encountered My eneral complaint is that the writing is not necessarily systematic and does not clearly define its terms very well Also Buber never seems to explain what exactly the I is and why it is always related to either It or Thou Despite some of the problems I had with Buber I enjoyed reading this the problems I had with Buber I enjoyed reading this I never really sueezed the whole juice out of it When I started reading other summaries and writings about Buber that s When I Realize That I realize that Buber was trying to say all along is the that experience of the Eternal Thou is found through the authentic interaction with others Whereas Heidegger had a very individualistic approach towards authentic living Buber had a interpersonal approach towards authentic living which is to have authentic personal relationships with people instead of treating them as commodities and objects Basically we are initially stuck in the world of it since we always analyze and reduce all things conceptually but when we approach any object or it in a very personal manner in which we conceive of it as a whole rather than in parts we see the thou Ironically it is through the instant interaction with each individual thou that you are really interacting with the eternal Thou This may not be an adeuate summarization Buber s book but I have to say that I enjoyed it fairly much since it seems to be connect the existential authenticity interpersonal relationship with the relationship with the Eternal Thou God which I find some what refreshing because it seems some what common to find among some Christians to approach the world with very ascetic and hermit like attitude I should spend time with God than with my friends kind of attitude Useful and thought provoking range of ideasHelpful for thinking about personhood person centred professional practice Interesting to reflect on institutional and systemic systems of abuse from slavery to post colonialism to environmental exploitation This book is a beautiful inspired work of art by a bri. Ss in relationships All of our relationships Buber contends bring us ultimately into relationship with God who is the Eternal Thou The need for a new English translation had been felt for many years The old version was marred by many inaccuracies and misunderstandings and its recurrent use of the archaic “thou” was seriously misleading Professor Walter Kaufmann a distinguished writer and philosopher in his own right who was close to Buber retranslated the work at the reuest of Buber’s family He added a wealth of informative footnotes to clarify obscurities and bring the reader closer to the original and wrote an extensive prologue. ,

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