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With patients with this problem and I was shocked at how easily the author dispensed with it I don t want to give spoilers about what it covers And then there was the largely reliable narrator trying to show how unreliable he thought he was It was twee in the most banal way with a dearth of organic materialLamb took no risks and the exposition sections were stilted with what read like borrowed enactments and read like a Wikipedia research reconstruction I even felt insulted on occasion that the author was so lazy about drawing us in with stale buzzwords and overused truisms sketching cut out characters and boilerplate scenes Felix s dialogue with his daughter added nothing to the story and there didn t seem to be any family problems under the surface As a outh we saw the drama unfold with his parents and sisters but in a hackneyed way As an adult we know he is divorced with an adult daughter who is too facilely healthy and balanced The scenes with his ex were trite as their issues were too shallow The problems they DID have such as Felix not appreciating feminism really dwindled out to bromidesIt s a short book and if topics like the history of The Miss Rheingold competition appeal to Pisco significa pajaro. you he made it appealing on a fact by fact basis but not as a novel insertion thenou may enjoy it It had its moments But the feminist angle was just too antiuated He is in version 10 ie he is bringing up basics that have been covered for the past 40 Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften years but he added nothing new to the tableBy the end I saw what Lamb set out to do to reveal how the past presses on the present and how it affects our future Too he attempted to bring up the age old Venus and Mars arguments between men and women Felix the film professor was able to enter the past by seeing scenes from his life on film brought to him by former feminists that were in the film industry before women s employment and professional rights were part of the mainstream They were powerful women in media nevertheless before being uashed one way or another But it didn t resonate as poignant to this story of Felix s relationshipsThere was just nothing fresh or invigorating to this novel I kept thinking of the movie with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep Defending Your Life but without the droll humor It was a corny book and perhaps it was partially autobiographical It seems possible because the author was trying too hard to make a statement via platitudes It is difficult I have heard for some fiction writers to stand back from a uasi fictional memoir about their own histories It appeared that he wrestled with how to advance truth in fact vs truth in fictionI think that Lamb could have continued to draft this book and go deeper into the characters and story rather than the surface narrative that he wrote and the juvenile dialogue Perhaps if this had been written and published in the early 60s he would have been ahead of the curve But as it stands I think it could have merit forounger readers in the YA sector but for those of us who are seasoned readers and mortals it just didn t take me anywhere Not one of Wally Lamb s best booksin fact when considering the greatness that is Wally Lamb who set the bare extremely high with works like she s come

"undone and i "
and I this much is true this might have actually been his worst so far that s not to say it was a bad book but I was expecting I was really looking forward to this book when I heard it was out because Wally Lamb has been one of my favorite authors since I read she s come undone when I was 15 ears old and have since read and loved every single book he s come out with since including loved every single book he s come out with since including composition of short stories written by inmates at a women s prison where Lamb taught a writing class I think he s an amazing often under appreciated talent and one of the best writers of our time This new book just didn t do him justice although it was very well written it seemed like a novella than an actual novel and I would have liked it to have been at least twice the length with a developed plot The characters were well thought out relatable and complex but I didn t feel as connected or invested in them as I usually become when reading Lamb Overall I was glad to have read I ll take ou there and it was certainly worth the short time it took to get from cover to cover and I would recommend to fellow fans of Lamb but to those who haven t read his other works I would highly recommend reading those first because he can do so much better be so much powerful of a writer than one could ever tell from reading this particular novel This had an interesting premise but it never really went anywhere for me I could never really relate to the characters or care why this story was being told Before I give Hai nhà you my opinion of Wally Lamb s newest book I have to admit that I have read and loved everything he has written and he is one of my favorite authors This wasn t my favorite book by him but it s still a fantastic book The character of Felix Funicello who we knew as a child in Wishin and Hopin is now 60ears old and this book is a reflection on his life helped along by a few ghosts who provide him with movies of critical points in his childhood He could not only view the films but he could also become part of it with the feelings that he had at the age he was viewing Just as important as his reviewing his life is his look at feminism in the past compared to feminism today I loved seeing how Felix s character evolved from his earlier book and seeing how the events in our past are what makes us the adult we are today To sum it up this is a book about aging family and feminism told in a way that only Wally Lamb could tell Ion a beauty contest sponsored by a Brooklyn based beer manufacturer that became a marketing phenomenon for two decades At first unnerved by these ethereal apparitions Felix comes to look forward to his encounters with Lois who is later joined by the spirits of other celluloid musesAgainst the backdrop of a kaleidoscopic convergence of politics and pop culture family secrets and Hollywood iconography Felix gains an enlightened understanding of the pressures and trials of the women closest to him and of the feminine ideals and feminist realities that all women of every era must fac.
Unjust Deserts How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America George V. Higgins Wicked City (Wicked City,
Pect that he may be having some sort of health crisis or maybe have been slipped drugs at some point The ghost Lois Weber recognizable to Felix because of his extensive knowledge of Hollywood s silent film era was one of the first female directors of film and her legacy has been buried under the famous male directors of her time Despite being a pioneer of cutting edge techniues and well respected among her peers Lois Weber was never given credit where credit was due because she was a woman in a male dominated industry The ghost of Lois Weber explains these things to Felix who is still unsure of how he s communicating with her but Felix is thoroughly enjoying learning about the celluloid film era from someone who was there They discuss the other famous directors actors and actresses of the time and Lois is even joined by the ghost of silent film star Billie Dove who starred in many of Lois s pictures When Felix asks Lois why she has shown up to talk to him she says that he is educable and then explains to him that she has brought along some films that will be of special interest to Felix She explains that the film in the reels she brought along are the movie of Felix s life With these reels Felix will be able to re live certain points of his life Still unable to process the information being presented to him Felix reluctantly follows the instructions given to him by Lois and begins to watch the films of his lifeFelix is taken back to times in his life when he was just a happy boy and his sisters Frances and Simone took him to see Pinocchio which led to his love of movies and to painful times when his family was dealing with Frances having a life threatening eating disorder Although Felix was just a boy during that time it isn t until he re visits these memories as an adult that he realized the impact of what Frances went through had on him He s also taken back to other times in his life and visited by other ghosts that shed light on some of his family s painful secrets and forces Felix to deal with his emotions regarding themWith each new encounter with Lois and the films of his life he learns about what injustices and prejudices women of all eras have had to deal with in every aspect of their lives which leads him to understand the women in his life in a whole new way and leads him to understand his life and the choices he s made from a whole new perspectiveI loved the way Wally Lamb handled Felix s story and the stories of these women and proves even further that Lamb has an understanding of women and what challenges they face in their every day lives that most men lack Wally Lamb is a brilliant novelist able to explore all types of themes and deliver beautiful stories that will resonate with his readers long after the last page is read As a huge fan of his I am so glad I was able to read and review I ll Take You There and go on another journey with a master story teller who continues to prove that he is one of the great novelists of our timeI absolutely recommend this book to lovers of all genres because it truly appeals to fans of allA new addition to my blog is a rating system to let ou guys know how much I liked the book I reviewed in a simpler way I ll be rating them by stories as in stories in a building 1 story being a modest one floor home to 10 being a skyscraper I may change it but for now I Hope You Guys Agree That It S A Clever Play you guys agree that it s a clever play the story angle and I like it a lotI give this book 910 stories Not uite the Empire State Building but still a high rise condominium with a top floor penthouseI hope ou guys enjoy my review and it inspires Falling Through Clouds you to pick up a copy of I ll Take You There and read it forourself I adore Wally Lamb and am in awe of his writing and knowledge about women Be forewarned this is a bit different from his longer tomes which isn t necessarily a bad thing Also love the title More comprehensive review to come Halfway through I thought this might be headed for 5 stars Then along came the second half and that s too bad 6 of 10 stars I gave up after 80 pages I can get behind a good ghost story but this didn t ualify A uniue reminder of American culture in the 50s 60s brought together with current culture The reading experience would be enhanced by reading Wishin and Hopin but not necessary This is my first dip into Wally Lamb and unfortunately I m staring at his earlier works unread on my shelf hoping that they contain the gems my friends talked about Because this latest book of his did nothing to urge me on further He checked all the PC boxes on feminism family dysfunction loss and other topical issues so blatantly that I almost thought it was going to be satirical but no it was taking itself seriously On the other hand he writes with compassion and the pages flow smoothly even though the content has much to be desired What kept me going was the smooth writing and the tenderness he evokes I wanted to care about the characters too and the events but they were too wafer thin to relate to There are aspects of this domestic drama that have wide appeal and significance dysfunctional family mental health problems grief secrets communication breakdowns and regret But redemption was advertised too transparently and at every turn so any tension that was attempted lost steam before it even got going This is a book that thinks for ou and with a sweeping and reductive grasp of legitimacyThe first half of the book read like a YA novel the way it simplistically raised emotional psychological and family issues like a paint by number set Lamb then engaged in some deeper issues particularly one mental health disease that I know #Uite A Bit About And Have Worked. Silent Film #a bit about and have worked. Silent film Lois invites Felix to revisit and in some cases relive scenes from his past as they are projected onto the cinema’s big screenIn these magical movies the medium of film becomes the lens for Felix to reflect on the women who profoundly impacted his life There’s his daughter Aliza a Gen Y writer for New York Magazine who is trying to align her post modern feminist beliefs with her lofty career ambitions; his sister Frances with whom he once shared a complicated bond of kindness and cruelty; and Verna a fiery would be contender for the 1951 Miss Rheingold competit. .

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A Brief A Between Myself and Myself Why did ou pick up I ll Take You There in the first place NatalieA Well Natalie I had read Wishin and Hopin but had lukewarm feelings about it cute uick Christmas tale but didn t feel as Wally Lamb as other Wally Lamb books so that did not push me to read this one However Wally Lamb is one of my FAVORITE authors Even when I don t L O V E his book I love his writing I also feel a lot of guilt when I don t L O V E his book but that s another conversation that I like to save for the therapist s couch I ve heard there is a whole lotta feminism going on in this book How do ou feel about thatA I have a few thoughtsfeelings on this so I m going to start a listThought 1 I do not consider myself to be a feminist This is not because I disagree with feminism but because I ve never taken the time to see what it s all about I ll admit my ignoranceThought 2 I loved the levels of feminism shown Felix s sister ex wife and daughter all share different ideas on the rights of women with different levelsextremes that are based on their life experiences their ages their environment etc I found this very interesting and identified with a modern approach his daughter than the radical approach his ex wife Thought 3 Felix s awareness of the struggles of women is unlike that of most all men I know which makes it difficult for me to gauge the authenticity Once again Wally Lamb writes like a woman than most women It s not an insult There are ghosts in this book Did ou have to sleep with all our lights onA The ghosts in this book were mostly old movie stars so my electric bill stayed nice and low Although this supernatural angle seemed very unlike Wally Lamb to me I actually liked it I liked that it was not taken too seriously Maybe I should call 911 But what would I tell them That I ve been chatting with a couple of ghosts That I take a size large in straitjackets I kept thinking about what movies stars from the past I would like to visit me and what conversations we d have nerdalert iheartTCM What was our favorite partA I don t know if I can pick one certain part I really enjoyed Felix s relationship with his daughter I really enjoyed Felix being put back into his past because he would NEVER have had the awareness as a oung boy that he had as an adult to see the hardships of women or just his family in general when he was growing up I loved his sisters especially Francis I liked this book a LOT than I suspected Although it has the same characters as Wishin and Hopin it has a completely different vibe It s no She s Come Undone or I Know This Much is True but WHAT IS Are ou hungryA STARVING4 Stars A new Wally Lamb bookI msoexcited Even though I have to admit that Wishin and Hopin was my least favorite Wally Lamb book by far I m all about second chances If ou enjoy this review visit my book blog wwwbooksmusicallthingswrittenwordpr or my blog s Official Facebook Page wwwfacebookcombooksmusicallthingsw or follow me on Twitter etoland16Wally Lamb has been one Of My Favorite Authors my favorite authors I first read She s Come Undone when I was 16 ears old One of my favorite books I ve ever read is his book The Hour I First Believed I ve read all of his books and he never ceases to amaze me with his ability to write female characters that are so brutally honest complex and real Lamb s ability to delve inside the mind of a woman and explore the inner workings of the female psyche is in my opinion what sets him apart from other male authors Lamb always writes his characters in such a way that Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you truly feel likeou know them when Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha you finish the book I ll Take You There is different than some of Lamb s previous works but his exploration into writing with a light hearted tone doesn t take away from the book s powerful message and Lamb delivers another incredible story The novel explore serious themes like parenthood mental illness eating disorders gender ineuality complicated family dynamics reconciling one s past and the impact childhood makes onour adult life I ll Take You There Tackles These Themes In tackles these themes in sincere heartfelt way that Wally Lamb does so well I ll Take You There is about Felix Funicello whose claim to fame is his relationship to his cousin the famed Mouseketeer Annette Funicello Felix is a film scholar whose love for movies stretches back to the early celluloid days of Hollywood His professional love of film extends to an extra curricular Monday night movie club which has a handful of dedicated members that Felix enjoys screening films for and later discussing at the old movie theater in the neighborhood that was once a place for vaudeville entertainment Felix has a cordial relationship with his ex wife Kat the staunch feminist and is very close to his grown daughter Aliza Aliza s take on feminism is modern but is a naturally born writer and having been the product of creative parents has benefited her greatly and she learned about all types of artistic expression which serve her well in the millennial age and her job writing for New York Magazine Her relationship with her dad is very open and despite her tendency to overshare some of the details of her life that a father would usually not want to hear Felix adores his time spent with Aliza and enjoys their freuent phone calls getting to hear about her life in New York and also getting to offer some fatherly advice when the situation calls for itOn what seems like a old regular Monday Felix heads to the theater where he holds his Monday night movie club to set up the projection booth and ready the films he has decided to screen While in the projection booth he suddenly sees a ghostly Apparition Which Leads Him which leads him sus. New York Times bestselling author Wally Lamb weaves an evocative deeply affecting tapestry of one Baby Boomer's life Felix Funicello introduced in Wishin’ and Hopin’ and the trio of unforgettable women who have changed it in this radiant homage to the resiliency strength and power of womenI’ll Take You There centers on Felix a film scholar who runs a Monday night movie club in what was once a vaudeville theater One evening while setting up a film in the projectionist booth he’s confronted by the ghost of Lois Weber a trailblazing motion picture director from Hollywood’s. I'll Take You There