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Coherent fashion so my apologies If you are looking for a fast read with uestions then answers give this one a try Trust me when I say that the ending will surprise you It wasn t what I expected at all Definitely interesting at times frustrating RecommendedBottom Line A uniue a book that left me thinking about it for some time afterDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of a TLC Book Tour Thoughts are my own Originally published at Reading RealityI finished this last night and I m still not uite sure what it is intended to be It takes stabs sometimes literally at a lot of ifferent genres and ideas but never uite settles on one or the other or the otherAt first we have a young man on a tropical island While it sounds like paradise it obviously is not Dan Shedrick is a recently minted architect with a A Dark Sicilian Secret degree from Princeton and no job prospects It s not him it s the Great Recession Jobs for new graduates along with everyone else took a multi year nosediveThis may just be my own background showing but Shedrick reads way too much like Shmendrik which is Yiddish for stupid person The resonance was strong because Dan Shedrick comes off as a shmendrik He is stupid or at least clueless throughout much of the book In The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten a shmendrik isefined as an apprentice shlemiel meaning loser or fool Dan is certainly both of those tooI would say I just Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek digressed but I m not sure Iid Dan embodies both of those Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography dubious ualities through the entire story It was a concept that I could not get out of my headDan gets a job but not in the US He becomes a contractor for the US based Xy Corpesigning oil rigs and other architecturalengineering constructs on the tropical island San I igo The place is At the Italians Command described as lawless andangerous outside of the protected zones and Dan sees the gun emplacements surrounding the airport as solid proof The US is propping up a corrupt government in order to get access to the offshore oil and other natural resources and Xy Corp is their chief contractor Or chief extractorOf course there are rebels who want their island and their country back I say of course because that is the common narrative for these type of stories and it is also the narrative in the news about many such placesDan gets sucked in to the strange otherness of the ex pat community on San I igo He is seduced by the lifestyle of clinging to the protected zones his own former countrymen and living a life of relative luxury at the golf and tennis club while he Oh Baby! drinks his nights away He is also seduced by the young wife of the club owner totally oblivious to the fact that Elaine seduces every man in the club for ends that are only vaguely realized or understoodEven when Dan is recruited by the local US CIA Station Chief to operate a listening post for the US Government and its interests in San Inigo Dan remains oblivious to the sheer number of people who are using and manipulating both him and the San Inigo officialsUntil Elaine literally throws him to the wolves and he finds himself kidnapped by the local rebels by mistake He sinks into his own heart ofarkness as he battles the jungle with his captors and then battles against them and that same jungle in order to escapeOnce he is out he Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, discovers that he is not really free and that he never has been Just as he was used by everyone on all sides prior to his kidnapping he emerges only to realize that everyone has plans to use him and his story for their own ends once he has escapedAnd thereoesn t seem to be anything he can o to stop themEscape Rating C For this reader the problem was that the story started out with multiple possible plot lines and ended up absolutely nowhere Dan Shedrick was a shmendrikBecause the story Is Told Entirely From Dan S Point told entirely from Dan s point view we only know what he knows and only see what he sees And Dan never oes seem to know very much Even at the end he only thinks he s figured out what is going on in tropical San I igo and with Elaine It oesn t ever feel as if he either finds or iscovers anything like the whole truth Which means that we How to Become a Virgin don t eitherThere are lots of secrets hinted at but none are ever revealed Elaine might have been sleeping her way through the San I igo government The US might is probably propping up a corruptictatorship through proxies and military contractors Dan is almost certainly being used by the US propaganda machine but he and we never get to the bottom of whyThis might be tolerable if Dan were a interesting or even sympathetic characterI never cared about him so I Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, didn t care what happened to him In Flames is not uite a mystery butid not have the breakneck pace of a thriller It id leave me with a lot "OF UESTIONS ABOUT SAN I IGO "uestions about San I igo especially about who was using who Dan Shedrick takes a job as a junior architect at an American firm in San I igo and it oesn t take him long before he starts an affair with the wife of a resort owner But then everything goes south when a radio personality is murderedThis is a very short book I read it uickly but it has taken me ages to write this review Usually I try to write the review as soon as possible while everything is fresh in my head But I had uite a lot of time before this review would be up and frankly I have put it off a bit I still try to grasp what the point of the book was I thought the murder was the important part when I started reading the book but now I m not sure Is this a spy novel Is this some kind of first love gone bad book I have actually no idea it idn t feel like a thriller It felt that the book was built up by a lot of escriptions and way too. E he’s Command Performance dragged away on a brutal journey into the heart ofarkness   Buffeted by aggression Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, depraved ritual and personal betrayal Daniscovers fierce truths about San Iñigo and himself In the island’s forbidding mountain jungle his life goes up in flames a eadly inferno that will forever change him if he survives at al. In FlamesWhile in paradise the beautiful San Inigo Dan Shedrick finds temptation and opportunity Unfortunately he also stumbles upon a murder which exposes some shady ealings Drawn in by a seductive woman he soon finds himself captive eep in the forest Will he be the next victimMost of us think of the beauty of the Caribbean as a getaway For Dan the toxic beauty of the island and a sexy woman become his ownfall Corruption is around every corner and he seems pulled in by all of it Murder is only the tip of the iceberg What I thought would be an interesting murder mystery turned into a commentary on political strife and corruption Ultimately Dan wasn t just facing an intense police Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss department threatening to name him a suspect or collaborator he ended up caught in a muchangerous political storm Most of it comes at the hand of a manipulative woman Still there s redemptionThe storyline and intrigue pulled me in early on and the characters were complex and memorable However somewhere in the middle I felt lost thanks to the switch from who Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] done it to political thriller By the end I reconnected I just wish the transition would have been smootherThat being said the author created an intense thrill ride with palpable moments I can honestly say there wasn t a moment where I was bored orisinterested just slightly confused Overall a captivating read Rating 35 starsNote I received a complimentary copy for review purposes A positive review was not reuested or guaranteed the opinions expressed are my own I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was promising when I began reading it Unfortunately I uickly grew to seriously Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, dislike the main character Dan It seemed like all he everid was Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm drink He works for a company called Xy Corp There are multiple mentions that the company is bankrupt and what have you and all we ever know about his job is that he works at the new harbor and sometimes he goes very rarely I feel like this is a plot line that could have beeneveloped Not important but it bothered me the whole book how the company was named Was I supposed to read it zy Corp Or X Y Corp It wasn t until way later that I got an an before Xy so I was given some help Why not XY This seriously bugged me Maybe it was just like that in the proofThis book seemed very hurried to me I guess I should have surmised that when I saw it was only 175 pages in Bluefire Reader There s not much time spent on anything Nothing is even resolved at the end of the book besides him getting rescued The way it is Whispers Of The Heart described by the media he spendsays trying to get to safety With how little The Dukes Gamble detail we re given it seems like he kills potbelly guy and then walks for an hour and the helicopter appears Delgado Vinny seath gets a lot of focus but at the same time it Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, doesn t Everyone is all worked up about it but we never find out why Elaine lies about him to the insurgents We never find out if she reallyid kill him We never find out what really happened why he was killed etc Dan gets on a plane and goes home I finished the book and thought Well that was a waste of time I on t mind reading a book where things are unresolved But this is a thriller according to the jacket and you generally find out what happens Maybe in a noir or something like that things could be left unresolved but this is not a noir As far as I know this is not part of a series so I think this was a #Poor Ending Nothing Was #ending Nothing was "Up At All Normally This "at all Normally this rive me nuts but since I Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition didn t even like the book it s not going to keep me up at night A promising beginning but steadyecline throughout the remainder of the storyDan Shedrick is a recent Princeton graduate in architecture that is entering the job market Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh during a recession He has only been able to scrape up some meager job prospects with very little pay Then he gets an offer as a junior architect with XY Corp a powerful United States contractor that provides many types of services His project will be located on the island of San I igo a tropical paradise that shares a relationship with the United States where Dan will help finished construction on the new harborWhen Dan arrives in San I igo he uicklyiscovers that it is not the tropical paradise he surmised in his mind From the airport to the project location the road is lined with fencing and artillery vehicles to keep renegade rebels from attacking After being held up coming back to his hotel from a resort club he Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward decides to move to the club to be cautious He soon finds himself caught up in a relationship with the resort owner s wife implicated in a murder and eventually abducted by the rebels in hopes of receiving a high ransom from an oil company If only Dan can get back to the states he may never go to an island againWhen I read the synopsis of this book I was intrigued andecided to give it a try The first few chapters of the book started out very promising but then began to ecline in uality as the story continued For some reason there were several chapters throughout Part I and Part III However Part II was one long rawn out part that "Was Not Broken Up Granted "not broken up Granted particular part ealt with Dan s journey from abduction to rescue but I felt it could have had some sort of separationOverall I was not able to connect with any of the characters Dan uickly become an alcoholic who lusted after the main lead female character Elaine throughout most of the story I never really figured out Elaine but apparently she got around A lot The Padre kept showing up as multiple characters throughout the story He must have been a really good actor for people to believe th. San Iñigo is a jewel of the Caribbean a playground paradise for the foreign elite a hell for unfortunate locals For recent Princeton grad Dan Shedrick San Iñigo promises the fulfillment of too many esires   Dan hires on at a powerful American firm as a junior architect but still finds time for tennis booze a reckless affai. E images that he concocted The remainder of the supporting characters idn t behave in a believable wayAlthough there were not an explicit sex scenes there were several occurrences of implied sex between Dan and Elaine There is also a fairly isturbing molestation scene that occurs at the end of the first part There was foul language than I prefer throughout the book even though I understand that several of these characters will use that language in real lifeThere was a lot of A Guide to Americas Sex Laws descriptive filler throughout this book that Iidn t feel added much to the story It made the story mundane and sluggish to continue on to the ending Several of the contents Agewise didn t seem believable One such scene is the commander of the rebels telling Dan that he sleeps great and that the only things that will wake him are his name or if something sounds off Then Dan convinces the other rebels that his sleeping pills are pills to give peace and they all take them and pass out Then Dan gets up steals a spear and takes flight all while he can see the commander slumped against the rock with his eyes closed The one part of the book that I can say was believable is that the American media takes an event and modifies it so that it can get the most news ratingsIn a nutshell Ion t recommend this book to my fellow readers I see that he has a new novel coming out in June so hopefully that one will be better I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour for a fair and honest reviewA lover of mysteries thrillers and romantic suspense I couldn t wait to read In Flames by Richard H Weber Set in in a lush tropical paradise and filled with intrigue forbidden romance and betrayal at almost every turn Dan Shedrick Mr Weber s protagonist is a surprising choice as a central character Especially when you take into account his age experience and naivet While I found Mr Weber s writing style easy to read and mostly enjoyable I have to admit that I on t really believe this fits in the thriller genre I m just Too much escription of the view too less about the action a mixed inside battle of the main character not sure that it s a 3 book Interesting captivating thrilling I am not a big fan of the thriller genre but this has me wanting to read The authors uniue voice compelling storyline and well A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World developed characters make this a MUST read I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via NETGALLEY The plot was imaginative and exciting The characters were welleveloped and understandable The Anthropology as Cultural Critique descriptive language was just about the right level to capture the feel of a tropical island While the story arc was exciting and suspenseful the strongest point of the book is the moralilemma for the main character The reader Anyone definitely has to pause and think how they might have responded I liked the book both for the interesting story and the thought process it engendered Summary from GoodreadsSan I igo is a jewel of the Caribbean a playground paradise for the foreign elite a hell for unfortunate locals For recent Princeton grad Dan Shedrick San I igo promises the fulfillment of too manyesiresDan hires on at a powerful American firm as a junior architect but still finds time for tennis booze a reckless affair with the sexy wife of a but still finds time for tennis booze a reckless affair with the sexy wife of a owner even a bit of reconnaissance for the US cultural attach But soon he iscovers that nothing on San I igo is without conseuence When a much loved local radio personality is found on a beach with his head blown off Dan s lover becomes a suspect And not long after his foray into espionage he s ragged away on a brutal journey into the heart of Boggs darknessBuffeted by aggressionepraved ritual and personal betrayal Dan Battleground Chicago discovers fierce truths about San I igo and himself In the island s forbidding mountain jungle his life goes up in flames aeadly inferno that will forever change him if he survives at allMy ThoughtsThis was a very uniue reading experience for me I spent the majority of the book not uite knowing for sure what was going on exactly That sounds like a bad thing but surprisingly it wasn t In fact for me it was actually a compelling reason not to put this book own This book is written in a way that gave me lots of uestions with answers there were far and few between That makes it sound like the book was confusing but it wasn t It was the why s #Behind Everything That Was #everything that was that left me guessing constantly and reading continuously Let me give you an example when Daniel gets to the island he realizes from the very beginning that he is an outsider compared to the other country club members on the resort where he is staying The why he is such an outsider though is a uestion that is constant throughout the book I m not sure that Daniel every fully understands what separates him from the others All of these ifferent uestions added a "layer of intrigue to the book there are "of intrigue to the book There are of other examples but I Bitter Choices don t want to give any spoilers away so I ll leave it at that Daniel s character wasn t the most likeable yet itidn t bother me like it would in most books I just kept reading as I needed to see what was going to happen next By the end of the book I still Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic didn t have him figured out but Ion t think that I was meant to Because really none of the characters and their motivations were ever fully explained It worked for me because even now I have been thinking about everything that happened This book has stuck with me and left me ponderingI would really have loved the chance to Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold discuss this one with other readersOverall this book was a strange yet compelling read I m finding it hard to really explain my thoughts in R with the sexy wife of a resort owner even a bit of reconnaissance for the US cultural attaché But soon heiscovers that nothing on San Iñigo is without conseuence When a much loved local radio personality is found on a beach with his head blown off Dan’s lover becomes a suspect And not long after his foray into espionag.