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In the FleshI truly njoyed this Unfortunately I did not like any of the poems in this collection but I did like the style Something about his writing makes me want to read of his work Opens with a great poem about my home city Manchester A really strong debut poetry book from a few years back and I think he has another one out now that I ve

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to read The poems very neatly crafted and are very legant and concise and never overstay their welcome which I liked Some nice. " Adam O'Riordan's Remarkable " Adam O'Riordan's remarkable collection traces the hidden paths from past to present from the lost to the living seeking familiarity in a world present from the lost to the living seeking familiarity in a world 'false trails and disappearing acts' Here relatives friends and other absences are coaxed into life and urgently pressed on the reader as they surface in the fleshJourneys begin with indelible detail and open into new

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Ear in residence at "Their Lake District Cottage I Also Liked The Corpse Garden " Lake District cottage I also liked The Corpse Garden the outdoor forensic lab in Knoxville Tennessee and a couple of multi part poems that seem to nliven family historyIt s the vocabulary and alliteration that make these poems there are only a handful of rhyming couplets The later poems interested me less Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue especially a couple of subtlyrotic ones that rely on clich d symbols like oystersOverall favorite lines from the start of Manches. The sonnet seuence 'Home' a slant look at the lives of William and Dorothy Wordsworth intersected by recent sometimes unsettling personal portraitsClear yed and sensuous these are poems linked by a strong sense of and presence longing and loss; of history captured in irrevocable moment In the Flesh is a startling debut from one of our finest young British poe. Imagery voked within these pages and the poems feel as if they have been well thought through and written with a lot of care and attentionoverall a clean crisp and cultured first collection O Riordan s debut collection was published in the UK in 2010 and won a Somerset Maugham Award in December it will be released in America for the first time My favorite poems were about Victorian Manchester 1910s suffragettes and the Wordsworths this last based on the author s Nd astonishing landscapes of the head and the heart Whether in graceful legies of the head and the heart Whether in graceful legies the dead or the charged lyrics of love and desire poems cross space as well as time from the 'blackened lung' of Victorian Manchester and the fateful Gone (Gone, events of the 1913 Derby tonter a modern ra of Satellites And Late Night Searches For Lost and late night searches for lost At the heart of the collection lies.

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