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He does so much Does the *book satisfy as a mystery One hundred per cent I d say Of course there are *satisfy as a mystery One hundred per cent I d say Of course there are mysteries and ach of them articulates in a different way And The Exiles Gallery each of them pays off beautifully But it s notven scratching the surface of the novel to say that when the narrator promises both to give us the answer in advance and to surprise us with the 3 crimes scenes 1 manMass murderer Jack Glass is on loose and the Solar System is not safe Enveloping theoretical physics and power dynamics Roberts offers this suspense It uestions values from loyalty to the Dislocating China ever pres BewareDon t go to Adam Roberts looking for utopian visions of the future If you want harmonious co operation post scarcity paradises or futures where humanity has forged it s nobler instincts into the foundations of Brave New Worlds looklsewhere most of Robert s books will give you screaming nightmaresIn On Earth s gravity has literally flipped ninety degrees and it s a hardscrabble borderline medieval dump In new Model Army the world is ravaged and broken by conflict wrought by cheap democratic armies And now in Jack Glass the solar system is a grim dictatorial dystopia for most ruled by a family known as the Ulanovs who keep the great mass of people living in decrepit dome habitats hanging in space living off barely palatable algae and collecting cancers from the radiation they are xposed toI don t want to live in these places but damn Roberts makes me want to read about them Roberts tells an intense tale in most of his novels and does so again here although intense is a pretty mild description of the beginning of Jack GlassThe first of two starting narratives begins with six men all prisoners dumped into the freezing cold of a sealed over crevasse on an asteroid with nothing than a small air generator a tiny heater some digging machines some dible algae spores and a packet of biscuitsDesperately cold crazed with thirst and packed into a tiny space only a meter or so across these men have to survive an Cultural Excursions eleven year sentence together and to do so they must hollow out their asteroid and find ice to drink and make air At thend of their stay the asteroid they have hollowed will be scrubbed and sold as accommodation for the rich its new owners caring not about the suffering of it scrubbed and sold as accommodation for the rich its new owners caring not about the suffering of it creatorsThere is no way out of this prison floating abandoned in space The men go through despair anger and then far dangerous than Cruelty and Laughter either boredom Thestablish brutal hierarchies of dominance the top men using and abusing the weaker men as they please violence breaking out and threatening to Cop Knowledge end them allOne of the weaker men Jac is different from the others He has no legs and he spends time polishing a tiny round of glass he finds in the asteroid He means toscape this prison Cultural Aesthetics even though such anscape is impossibleThe second narrative concerns the two scions of a powerful family second only in stature to the rulers of the solar system who are holidaying on a summery European island when one of their servants is brutally murdered Diana the younger of the two sisters is an aficionado of murder mysteries and throws herself into investigating what has happened The case seems open and shut There were nineteen other servants in the building no one Class and Conformity elsentered or left and there is a clear motive for one of the nineteen There is of course to this killing than there first seems and as Diana solves it she will be introduced to a civilisation Descartes and His Contemporaries ending threatFrom these two narratives Roberts spins a story spanning the solar system and dealing with concepts that span a great deal at the same time It s heady compelling stuff and I lovedvery minute of it Jack Glass is Adam Roberts at his best and his best is very very good Roberts is a master of concept driven SF High Tide at Midnight each of his books different from the last This novel is different from his other work and in He committed the murders and by thend of the book their sympathies for the killer will be fully ngaged Riffing on the tropes of crime fiction the country house murder the locked room mystery and imbued with the feel of golden age SF this is another bravura performance from Roberts Whatever games. .
Holy wow I loved this bookThe book is in three sections and the first just sucked me in I was obsessed with the world Roberts created within nine pages Roberts s writing is marvelous tender yet precise dancing in rhythms then breaking out of step like a flaneur s pause The world he created is compelling and vast and utterly believable The second and third sections had a different focalizing character and so I couldn t relate to them as asily And then *there is a plot development in section three which other reviewers have commented on which seemed unlikely And unnecessary And lowered *is a plot development in section three which other reviewers have commented on which seemed unlikely And unnecessary And lowered opinion of the Deceptive Beauties eponymous hero But 25 5Jack Glass by Adam Roberts is a book that tries too much to be many things but ultimately fails in most if not all of them Here s my personal view and opinion why this is so and why I was disappointed As usual I will avoid going into too much detail describing what this book is about you can read the synopsis up there Instead I will go straight into my review Be wary this review will probably contain light spoilers but nothing too revealing ui PrologueDear readers I fear I have to convey a terrible terrible tragedy to you The fifth rating star was murdered and now lies dead in front of you But the strangest thing is that we already know who did the killing It was a collarboration of the remaining four stars who have fled into this review It s like in the novel Jack Glass where we are told who is the murder Roberts books are truly difficult to rate because there isn t anythinglse like them in the modern SF genre He writes beautifully really beautifully the kind of image dense well crafted sentences that you have to read three times just to savour the feel of them sliding through your neurons His ideas are magical and he s no imaginative slouch ach novel he writes sports a new and freshly minted world of wondrous veracitySet in a future where humans thickly clot the space between the worlds of the Solar System and are ruled most oppressively Jack Glass is a story about a kind of cosmic terrorist but presented as a series of three murder mysteries the literary conceit here being Roberts take on the old country house Agatha Christie style whodunnit To a point this is what we have but the detective angle proves a surface gloss what we have but the detective angle proves a surface gloss SF world buildery The murders take back seat and we re soon hip deep in Roberts usual concern of the unworthy swain courting the unobtainable damsel Who are we to complain All authors have their literary drums to beat but with the gruesome first installment of Jack Glass it appears at first that we have scaped this particular obsession and it s something of a surprise and disappointment to be presented with it againGlass himself is a confident capable man much sure of himself than many OF ROBERTS EARLIER PROTAGONISTS PART OF Roberts arlier protagonists Part of book s draw is the slow revelation of the various layers to his character and the discovery of the romantic flaw in Glass is well judged if slightly disappointing by which I mean it fits this story perfectly but anyway see above The dividing up of the story into three undoes the pacing and the contrast between the first taut superbly claustrophic tale and the languid tone of the latter two unseats the reader There s a little too much time spent detailing the inner thoughts of teenage girls something Roberts already tackled brilliantly in By Light Alone He does it well admittedly but too much hereAlthough this is not his strongest work overall Jack Glass contains some of Roberts most artful writing and the first part of the book is among the best SF stories from one of today s finest British SF writers What a wonderful thing this book is Roberts himself describes it as arising from a desire to collide together some of the conventions of Golden Age science fiction and Golden Age detective fiction He does that beautifully but. Golden Age SF meets Golden Age Crime in this British Science Fiction Award winner for best novel from the author of Swiftly New Model Army and Yellow Blue Tibia Jack Glass is the murderer we know this from the start Yet as this xtraordinary novel unfolds readers will be astonished to discover how. ,

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Ome ways reads as a science fiction detective story although it soon grows to ncompass far far than that The only thing holding me back from a five star wide yed Forgery, Replica, Fiction evangelical review is that Jack Glass snding is both abrupt and unsatisfying I loved this story and I didn t want it to nd so the way it did was particularly galling There are some codas in the form of poems that add some supplementary insight into the Ulanovian solar system and some of the players in the background of the narrative but I still felt a little short changedIn saying that I still rate Jack Glass as one of my favourite reads this year and a novel worthy of inclusion in any serious SF collection Roberts has written several works I would consider to be twenty first century classics and when considered along with Bete Stone and New Model Army Jack Glass only further cements Roberts as one of the brightest supernovae in Science Fiction45 mysteriously xploding stars This is still the best book I ve read this year I know it s only April and I read this in February and there s still a lot of time But I bloody loved it And I haven t Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life even got to lend my copy out yet which is a travestyI found it in a way that usually turns up a lot of dross but has actually done me uite proud in the last few months which is to say in the comments section of a Guardian Online article this time on locked room mysteries Every so often I discover that someone has written a book specifically for me and they didn tven TELL me three choice golden age detective stories set in the golden age of sci fi It took me about forty five seconds to order it on and when it arrived about the same amount of time to get Escape extremelyxcited about the prologue Tell me you don t love good genre savvy fiction Tell me you don t lo A uantity of blood is spilled in this story I m sorry to say and a good many people die and there is some politics too There is danger and fear Accordingly I have told his tale in the form of a murder mystery or to be precise and at all costs we must be precise three connected murder mysteriesBut I intend to play fair with you reader right from the start or I m no true Watson So let me tell verything now at the beginning before the story gets going Such a promising beginning tell verything now at the beginning before the story gets going Such a promising beginning sly narration *word play and nticing hints a troublesome book *play and nticing hints A troublesome book well written cold and only intellectually interesting characters dysconjugate plotting and rather Lit engaging world building The result is a book that is clearly well done but doesn tver reach that point of Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 emotional resonance orngagementAfter the prologue by the aforementioned sly narrator the first sectionstory In the Box is about seven men placed on an asteroid as part of their prison sentence It will be Keeper of the Doves eleven years before the ship returns so until then survival is up to them A fascinating brutal and uncomfortable character study as the seven menngage in the adult version of Lord of the Flies The reader knowing that a murder will take place lends an interesting tension to the already violent group dynamics I was poised on the Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, edge of a reading seat wondering how and when it would happen Oh and thending A clever disgusting sueamish solution All this and uotes at Beautiful cover but not at all reflective of the tone or content of the book What you re getting is a dark rather nasty series of interlocked stories set in a future of corporate dictatorships widespread poverty and minimal concern for human rights So um kind of like now actually only with advanced technology and drugs Because I read the blurb and some reviews I wasn t Not Quite Cold (Lowcountry Mysteries, expected a fun optimistic tale a la thearly days of science fiction but I was hoping for at least some nods in that direction You know maybe a rocket ship made of glass rather than a space vessel made of view spoilerthe butchered bodies of murdered convicts hide spoiler. He plays with the genre whatever uestions he asks of the reader Roberts never loses sight of the need to ntertain Filled with wonderfully gruesome moments and liberal doses of sly humor this novel is built around three gripping HowDunnits that challenge notions of crime punishment power and freedom. .
Jack Glass
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