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No Future for You kEr starts to almost getilled and doubt his abilities was also the moment that he stopped being my least favorite character If this was intentional bravo on

author I m way above age group for this and did not see those plot developments coming I will also applaud the book for pulling a decent bait and switch with both the cover and the summary blurb I walked into this book expecting Velenka to be the main bad guy and after three books of build up too Instead her roleis still SOS Schlank ohne Sport - kind of big but instead of taking charge and having some form of control she is a pathetic lackey fearful for her life that wishes she could bury her nose in the sand and be back in her prison cell While it is a shame you don t have Velenka the only villain so far who s carried over from all four books as the main baddy but Hokuu was so cool that I forgave this story choiceAll in all if you liked the first three books you ll definitely like this one More of the same talking sharks in their semi magical talking shark world basically only this time things are looking pretty bad for our sharky heroes It is a good deal serious than the previous three but I think in this case it works to the story s favor This one felt like a novella to fill the gap of the next book It seems to be heading back to its repetitive nature again Yikes I believe that this book was a really good book so far The way that the really described the deep ocean floor and that really did amaze me The fact they included fighting fish in the book such as the Siamese fighting fish I really would recommend this book to an body that inowPlot Summary In the plot the suad of fighting fish are exploring the deep blue nd trying to form a new ingdom so they can have a home This review was written by Tommyage 8This book is so awesome It has my favorite character in it Snork Snork is not afraid a Fourth entry in the series which now seems to want to promote games etc and is uite a tree and lame entry in something that should have been wrapped up after number 3 This book wasn t uite as strong as some of the others in this series Whilst I definitely enjoyed it it was noticeably slower paced than "most of its predecessors and after a while it starts to drag a little Additionally the "of its predecessors and after a while it starts to drag a little Additionally the was a bit underwhelming compared to that of the third book That being said the characters in this book are awesome Our lead characters get some much needed development and most of the new characters introduced are full three dimensional characters right off the bat The story while slow is suspenseful and intriguing fueled by one of the most entertaining villains I ve seen in any book ever Hokku the frilled shark is a humorous yet terrifying antagonist and a welcome change from the whiny spoiled Finnivus the villain of the last two books This book is worth A Read If You read if you read and enjoyed the other books in the series It s not as strong as the first three but still a good book nonetheless This book was about when Finnivus the shark ing of the indi ocean fought back a second time with many nasty tactics Grey has to become Making India Work king and defeat them before theyill everyone in the big blu. Free from her underwater prison the peace Gray and Barkley have fought so hard to win is threatened Shark Wars is Star Wars set underwater it's a modern day Warriors for today's hungry reade.

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I think this book was very good because I liked all of the battles and I am also very curious in what will happen in the next book I think Takiza was verey cool with sha ata I think that s how you spell it I think the all of the big battles against Hokku were very unnecessary because they would always lose July 12 2014Pages 1 19Gray Barkley and Mari were meeting Kaleth and Takiza Kaleth told Gray there was a frilled shark called Hokuu He was from
prehistorics which means ancient times new an ancient enemy was awakening and he had to stop it The beginning of the book makes me think that ancient sharks will ariseJuly 14 2014Pages20 35Velenka was still locked up in a cell She could smell the gas Suddenly she heard a voice it was a frilled shark The frilled shark s name was Hokuu He told Velenka that he was going to break her out Velenka thanked him a lot July 15 2014Pages39 53Gray and Barkley were sent by Kaleth A giant Hammerhead guard came Gray told him he was Graynoldus Barkley was amazed what Gray said Meanwhile Mari was heading off t Now that Gray has become the Seazarein s ruler of all the ocean Auasidor ambassador peace The Red Hat Society Cookbook keeper he s busier than ever cannot return to Riptide Shiver While Gray is outeeping the peace an ancient evil Hokuu is out attacking his shiver Kaleth the Seazarein ancient prehistore really old shark is determined to locate No Way Home kill Hokuu Another excellent book in this series One of my favorite things about reading a lengthy children s book series is when the story slowly starts to get darker and the stakes gradually get higher Compare the writing of The Sorcerer s Stone with The Deathly Hallows for instance The subtle this transformation is the better And boy does Shark Wars start to get grim in Book 4 Unlike the previous books where even with the crazy shark armada led by the cannibalistic Finnivus who justilled other sharks on a whim there was at least some glimmer of hope and a level of silliness to it This novel opens with a small child watching his father get torn apart and stays in that state of mind for the rest of the novel For a better illustration of this phenomenon taking place just compare the different adversaries in the Shark Wars booksBook 1 Goblin Shiver and some bull sharks They re bulliesBook 2 The crazed emperor Finnivus and the Indi Shiver He wants world dominationBook 3 Still Finnivus and the Indi Shiver but now there s child casualties and other shivers forced into warBook 4 A massive prehistoric frilled shark think sea serpent attempting to unleash even sea monsters "onto the world He doesn t want world domination he wants a complete genocide of all non prehistoric sharks Oh "the world He doesn t want world domination he wants a complete genocide of all non prehistoric sharks Oh he can cast magic Lethal magic including dead zones that suck out all life from an area Finnivus was only a warm up The leader of the fearsome ard shark armada was just the mid boss in this video game In Kingdom of the Deep Gray is now Auasidor for the Seazarein megalodon Kaleth and her elite finja pause to take in those magnificent puns and now he has the prestigious job of making sure there is peace ept amongst all the different Shivers of the ocean Which means lots of. Shark Wars grows epic and addictive with every book publishing each season Peace has finally come to the Big Blue and with it a revelation Gray is not the last megalodon in the ocean after Traveling across the seven seas in order to make sure "That There Isn T Any Shark Wars And Arguing With "there isn t any shark wars and arguing with shiver leaders to make sure they don t ill each other over something stupid This includes several trips to the Arctic Ocean and negotiations with some iller whalesThankfully while the rest of Riptide Shiver is maintaining their territory Barkley manages to tag along at times and remains a main character in this story I liked that Barkley has really evolved into his own character after starting out as just the voice of reason or the tagalong friend to the main protagonist and he shows that he has confidence in himself after his own personal achievementsUnfortunately while this IS GOING ON A NIGHTMARISH FRILLED going on a nightmarish frilled named Hokuu arises from the icy depths where the prehistoric nightmares of old still live on in this world those giant ancient sea creatures didn t go extinct they got sealed away in a secret underground ocean and frees Velenka from her prison where she becomes an integral piece to his plans Hokuu is to put it mildly the stuff of nightmares Finnivus had a childish element to him that made him seem less threatening even when he was wiping out entire colonies of sharks Hokuu s brutality and insanity is absolutely bone chilling his level of crazy hits depraved levels that not even Finnivus could touch What is it My rewardHokuu waved his tail with a flourish You get to watch all of this happen before you re eatenBeforeI m eaten How how s that a rewardThe reward is that you ll be eaten last Think of it you get to see the new watery world order become a reality And then after a bite to the gills from Drinnok himself what an honor you get to bring the news to Tyro himself I m almost jealous of youWhat happens next is this horrifying menace wiping out shark after shark while Gray is attempting to stay one step ahead from Hokuu and is also trying to figure out just what sort of secrets Kaleth and Takiza are eeping from him all at the same time And there are a lot of colossal failures along the way with great casualties Hokuu is not only a scary serpent monster with the ability to fry a shark with a bolt of lightning but he s also a cunning chessmaster and seeing Gray turn into an anxiety filled wreck who can feel his entire world crashing down around his ears in this series gave me pause The first book had this dumb fat shark a mere pup make a lot of references to his big cartilage Now this same shark isn t sure who to trust because one of his most trusted allies may have had a hand in his father s death Oh and Takiza the betta fish who spends the first three books being the arrogant unapproachable master of the hidden arts of shar ata aka shark magic ends up losing some of that facade he built up and becomes a vulnerable character All the cutesy little nicknames and deux ex machinas are gone instead we are met with a fish with a lot on his shoulders a fish that isn t uite as powerful as we were led to believe Takiza is actually hiding some pretty dark secrets and he fails a couple times in this book This ended up working in his favor oddly The moment Takiza starts to fail starts to falt. Ll Gray swims deeper into the mystery of his family heritage uncovering the myth of the megalodons and a legend that goes back to prehistoric times But when the scheming mako Velenka breaks. .
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Kingdom of the Deep

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