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[M. William Phelps] Free Kiss of the She Devil epub – PDF, Kindle eBook & TXT

One would stay in a *miserable relationship even if they re religious I can t say book is well *relationship even if they re religious I can t say this book is well I felt there was too much repitition especially with the tirades the She Devil had The author puts too much of himself into the book with snarky comments although the people were so loathesome I didn t mind very much Also the daughter s psychic nature what was up with that I m reading true crime and whether or not she actually has some ability I couldn t care less and found it completely unnecessary to the story Overall the book is too long and redundant but not the worst thing I ve read Disclaimer This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from NetgalleyThis book is far from an unbiased source instead it s misogynistic and tries to be appear scandalous Well done again Mr PhelpsAs far as the comment concerning Kevin Oulette sp his last picture saying today he s not the same man he was Was that based on his pic or has Phelps been in touch since the printing of this book I wonder because he seemed like such an unlikely killer then again not much background on him so gotta be cold heartedWow that Donna Trapani what a nut case and sorry George but ou areere a terrible judge of character To Emily I know what Playhouse you mean I feel the thingsou ve seen I m no psychic I believe some people are acutely observant and pick up on behaviors and mannerisms by virtue of their personality etc Smart oung woman either wayI enjoy MWP s writing because he writes the way he speaks so reading is much like hearing him talk Chilling storySuch a chilling account of a web of secrets Gail sounded like a remarkable person George was definitely out of his league Donna is clearly a sick twisted individual who just couldn t stand to get rejected This account was investigated well Just wish the ending had been different for the per d on s who committed this senseless crim. Ps recounts the compelling real life drama of a twisted love triangle that ended in bloody murder and the riveting investigation that brought to light a master manipulator’s trail of deadly dece.