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Kwe By Joseph Boyden


I eally want to ate this collection high and sing its praises but #The Fact Is That #fact is that s not a great collection With the support of Amnesty International s No More a Stolen Sisters campaign Boyden created a collection that could make visible the thousands of missing and murdered aboriginal women Yeah great However the The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party result is a best described through a summery of one mini essay I got an email from my friend Boyden This is what I was thinking aboutace in the US that night And aboriginal women are missing too Many of the contributions didn t talk about First Nations people or women It was hard to get the point of the collection when. Driven by deep frustration anger and sorrow in the wake of yet another violent assault upon a First Nations woman in November 2014 dozens of acclaimed writers and artists have come together to add their voices to a call for action addressing the deep ooted and horrific crimes that continue to fester in our countryKwe means woman in Ojibwe More specifically kwe means life giver or life. Each writer seemed like they d be the exception to the ule of writing about missing and murdered aboriginal women There were some standouts exception to the Blue Moose rule of writing about missing and murdered aboriginal women There were some standouts the collection that I went back to Really I should give it 5 stars for the topic something we all need to think about and talk about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls The book should also get 5 stars for the collection of poems and short stories I don t normallyead either and I enjoyed many of them And what a collection of authors I gave 4 stars as I found it
hard to get 
to get the stories I don t have enough time to connect with the characters so I lose interest The stories did. Carrier #IN ANISHINAABEMOWIN THE OJIBWE LANGUAGE IT #Anishinaabemowin the Ojibwe language It a pure word one that speaks powerfully of women’s place at the heart of all our First NationsThese women who bring light and life to our world are in peril Aboriginal women in our country are three times likely to face violent attack and murder than any other of their gender We must take concrete steps to stop this and we must do. ,
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Make me think about this deep dark stain on my country Decent anthology but it feels like it was pieced together too uickly What an amazing collection of writing from the opening essay by Joseph Boyden to John Ralston Saul s closing piece A journey of essays fiction poetry from some of my favourite writers and others until now unknown to meWe have begun several conversations now in Canada about sexual assault and abuse We cannot falter We cannot allow things eturn to the previous #Normal The Response #The government esponse this is not sociological is just wrong Strong writing about an important topic by several ecognized Canadian author. It nowA nation is only as good is only as strong as how it treats its most vulnerable and those of us in danger This book is a call to action It’s sometimes a whisper sometimes a scream but we speak our words as one when we demand justice for our than 1200 murdered and missing Indigenous women After all they are our mothers our daughters our nieces our aunties our sisters our friend. .

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