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London in an HourFeatures 120 bite size ideas for things to do and places visit in London in under an hourorganised around the ange of activities london has around the ange of activities London offer with chapters to help you find original and diverting suggestions for things find original and diverting suggestions for things do as well as a few places to eat and drinkIncluding how to sueeze in som. ,

Summary London in an Hour

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find the best 
the best to buy a birthday present or go for a uick pampering; discover outdoor spaces or uiet hideaways to escape the chaos; avoid the typical al desco make the most of your mornings; and turn a Spare Hour In Between A in between a or at a train station into an
Essays One

Our well spentWill also include TOP TEN LISTS FOR THOSE REALLY PUSHED FOR TIME ten lists for those eally pushed for time comprehensive indices by location and activity type to help you find what you need uicklyWhether you’re a visitor on a Family Day Out Or A Busy Working Londoner London In day out or a busy working Londoner London in Hour will transform your experience of the city.