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which was to be expected took some getting used to the style of writing I think it needed to be first person due to some of the experiences Bridget went through but it didn t need to be written for Natalia It was hard to read this book because of the difficult subjects it tackled some of them hitting home and when I finished reading my chest felt really heavy due to some of the heavy content and angst I still give this a solid 4 stars as the love story between these two characters is incredibly moving and you feel every emotion Bridget is going through which is a show of great writing I just felt it showed of the sad times than it did any happiness I don t think this is "one I could read again as it is very emotionally draining It "I could read again as it is very emotionally draining It amazing that I found the seuel even better than the first I don t now if it s only me it had me crying my eyes out Check out online extras to this book Excellent writing I can t wait for works by this author Not really a bad read but it feels a bit unnecessary like an afterthought considering both how long and honestly complete the first book feltI per. To remind us to eep moving forward and honestly complete the first book feltI per. To remind us to eep moving forward if we look from the right angle and maneuver the pieces. Sonally wanted a bit Of Perspective Of the perspective in the first book but I guess I asked for too much considering this one exclusively flips the perspective to her This in itself doesn t really have to be a negative but reading from both perspective I am of the opinion that Bridget simply isn t a very interesting character at the very least not compared to Natalia As she always refers to Natalia as you throughout the book you did this you did that etc it almost feels like a journaldiary so that even though it may be TOLD from Bridget s perspective it still feels like the entire thing focuses on Natalia without Bridget being able to uite shine as a strong character herselfIn the first book Bridget came off as the stronger and grounded character of the two especially early on so her stage of depression felt like a way to balance the character seeing how perfect she had been before Unfortunately in this book Bridget comes off as a rather weak character compared to Natalie with Natalia seemingly pulling almost all the weight in the relationshipI didn t really dislike it but I don t think it compares to the "first boo. Just so they become a masterpiece we eep adding to until the day "boo. Just so they become a masterpiece we eep adding to until the day die Seuel to Taking the Long Me and You and Daisies35 stars This book was tedious for me to get through It is a story about having and raising children Not really my thing Natalia in this book is cruel and obnoxious My heart can t take this ExcellentI loved Me and You and Daisies What a beautiful story Being with the characters thru so many life changing events makes them so much real This book is an excellent Glimpse Of Married Life With Two Children And All This of married life with two children and all this Singularly uniue It s like an open ended love letter from Brij to her wife Natalia Or maybe like an open narration to her about what s going on I ve never in my life read something so intensely intimate I m acutely affected by the sads and this book has it in boat loads But it s offset by the good times There This one is no doubt a good book but it s exactly an emotionally drained experience to read But just go for it if you are curious how Natalia and Bridget s lives go on Natalia and Bridget Fantastic seuel satisfyingpowerful and a surprising great storylinewell written and i do encourage most readers to take some interest in both series because they are really good I didn t enjoy thi. Maybe 'happily ever afters' don't exist Maybe they're fragmented and sprinkled throughout our lives. ,

Lily R. Mason ê 5 Read


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