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Memnon By Scott Oden


Much has been written about Alexander the Great but little is known of his irst real opponent Memnon of Rhodes Scott Oden #Takes What Little Knowledge We #what little knowledge we of the man and uses it as a springboard to weave a deeply compelling account of his life The author deftly handles the intricate politics of the Greek city states dotting the coast of Asia Minor city states that were part of the vast Persian Empire and counter balances it with the rise of Macedon under Phillip II and the ambitions of his Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) famous son While an enjoyable read and extremely well researched I was hopingor time spent on the actual confrontations between Memnon and Alexander While part of the Whoops! final act itelt all too brief But it s a minor uibble The book is highly recommended Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. for the nature of the subject matter if not the subject itself This novel is aictionalization of the life of Memnon of Rhodes ancient Greek warrior and opponent of Alexander the Great Memnon lost his life The Sheep Book from a wound suffered at Halicarnassus The old saying seems to be true History is written by the victors From this novel I certainly got a much different view of Alexander than I ve ever read before I was introduced to the anci Still one of myavorite military historical about Alexander the Great by looking through the lens backwards How was Alexander viewed in Persia I was really impressed with Scott Oden s Memnon First his combat scenes are incredible I Laduma felt like I was there I have never said this about another author before and iteels weird writing it but it s true Scott Oden writes mass battle scenes better than Robert E Howard He engages all the senses in his writing in a magnificent and realistic manner I didn t so much as read this novel as experience it I really The Gangs Birthday Surprise felt like I was there side by side with Memnon It was written with an epic scope spanning much of Memnon s life with left the reader with large gaps in his history but that only added to the realism as though Memnon and I had seperatedor a while to do other things then got back together later I have only had a couple of writers able to create that kind of experience Earth for me so Scott Oden is rare company asar as I am concerned That the author was able to do so much with so little historical information is a testament to his skill at both history and Get Up fiction This is another book that really doesn t uiteit the Out to Lunch five star system I d say 375 B but only that low because it s pretty clear how things will turn out about three uarter Standard by the book historicaliction Eual parts action romance and intrigue I ll be checking out Scott Oden s other books This is one of those books that just darts under your eyes and is Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? finished before you know it Most of the 688 pages went so smoothly and easily that it was only until around page 450 that I started to get bored And then hooked in again And then boredBoredom aside though I thoroughly enjoyed it and was only mildly let down in the end when Oden s smooth easy style got a bit dense and dull That s why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 I would still recommend Memnon to anyone and suspect the boredom I experienced with it in the end was partly myault I had expected something else I think and we all know the error of doing thatMemnon is an entirely likeable character A mild mannered gentle man who breaks the butch arrogant mould often *found in lead male characters in male authored books It was refreshing The love relationship between Memnon *in lead male characters in male authored books It was refreshing The love relationship between Memnon Barsine never drew me in 1 because I don t need romance in the books I read and 2 because they were closely related and that was kind of gross I am sure you can guess that it was the latter than the Beetle in the Anthill formerIf you like your ancient greeks served up educated stately and starvingor battle at every turn then Memnon is for you I am picky about historical iction titles Most are just action adventure stories crammed into a historical setting you I am picky about historical iction titles Most are just action adventure stories crammed into a historical setting Memnon doesn t do that I easily imagined no became one its citizens and thoroughly enjoyed this book RatingReview This review originally appeared on Out of this World Revi. He lived in the shadow of kings One trusted him with his empire; the other Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales feared his every moveMemnon of Rhodes 375 333 BCE walked in theootsteps of giants As a soldier sailor statesman and general he was in the words of Diodorus of Sicily outstanding in courage and strategic grasp A contemporary of Demosthenes and Aristotle Memnon rose rom humble origins to command the whole of western Asia in a time of strife and slaug. Tored under Aristotle Even then Memnon recognizes the danger Alexander represents should be ever come into his ownEventually tides shift and Memnon and Mentor s exile is lifted They leave Philip s service and return to their home to claim what is theirs under Persian law While Greek the brothers are aligned with the Persians #THROUGH TIES ESTABLISHED BY THEIR SISTER S MARRIAGE TO #ties established by their sister s marriage to a Persian aristocrat Peace ever leeting is short lived as Philip unexpectedly dies The enemy who is known becomes one Hands Tied, A Hammer Story far dangerous in theorm of Alexander who becomes King of Macedonia and soon begins a campaign of conuest that will see him The Slanted Worlds (Chronoptika, facing off against our titular character Given Alexander s success it s not that difficult toigure out Memnon s ultimate Say Go Be Do fate though I will say that I guarantee you it is not what you re thinking From the historical record such as it is we know that Memnon is perhaps the only military leader who gave Alexander pause Yet there can be no delusions about who ultimately comes out on top Still it was with a heavy heart that I continued to read drawing ever closer to what Iigured had to be an inescapable conclusionWhat unfolds is indeed a series of battles that I can only
as spectacular and right up with some of the best battles I ve had the pleasure to read in historical Confer fiction think Bernard Cornwell surely one of the best of them all Memnon gives Alexander such grief I imagine Alexander remembered their contests right up until his dying daysMemnon isn t all about battles though There s plenty of political intrigueleeting alliances and a love story that has the potential to split Memnon and Mentor apart The woman who attracts each of their interests is Barsine Bound by duty she makes great sacrifices to ensure alliances and that their lives remain safe and secure At irst a seemingly leeting character in the narrative as she appears in and out of Memnon s life she becomes a central Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, figure in the story over time and perhaps looking back over the totality of the book takes on an even larger role than Memnon himselfMemnon by Scott Oden earns a solidive rocket rating The King of Spades from me The characters writing and story are all superb Do yourself aavor and add this one to your reading list For those who have decent knowledge about this period the world before and during Alexander the Great s empire I truly recommend you this book The historical accuracy is very satisfying and the parts that Scott Oden made up make The historical accuracy is very satisfying and the parts that Scott Oden made up make with what happened in the past both Memnon and Mentor had great talents and skills and that s what they were in the past trustworthy generals that gave their adversaries really hard time so they should have a Mitos nrdicos (ncora Delfn) father that has such talents to pass down the uality to the brothers Barsine may have escaped death during the execution of Alexander IV Alexander didn t take Barsine as his wife because of being the runner up in this affair and so onI enjoyed the interludes even better than the main story they show Barsine seelings and her devotion to Memnon after all these years After all both Memnon and Alexander were talented but ill Taming the Alpha (Crescent Moon, fated generals If Memnon survived and defeated Alexander at his very capital Pella Alexander will beorced to cancel his campaign thus preventing the destruction of the Achaemenid Empire what s If Alexander lived longer to consolidate his power in the new Ptičje oko na tarabi found Empire there would be no successors that plagued the eastern lands as they did in history the period after his conuest was a bigger mess than it already had beenAnd what s if Memnon survived none of the latter would have happenedThe battle scenes and action were absolutely well depicted however the action could be a bit gross because of the gore and stuff like that described The political intrigues were even better I liked Mentor s plan with the Great King and how Memnon lured the Assos eunuch to a trap Overall even if you know nothing of this period you should give it a try if you don t know words like chiton or amphora you can look them up online they were real ancient Greek words. F Barsine a woman of remarkable beauty and grace Most of all heought Quinlans Character Stars for the promise of peace Through the deathbed recollections of a mysterious woman the life of Memnon unfolds with brilliant clarity It is a record of his triumphs and tragedies his loves and lossess and of the determination that drove him to stand against the most renownedigure of the ancient world the ambitious young conueror called Alexander the Great. ,