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Tanza being very short and estricted to one potion conveys this image The poem is very epetitive with most stanzas starting with for a and every second line containing the phrase mix "A POTION OF THIS WOULD MAKE "potion of This would make easier for children to learn and memorise the poem to perform The last word of each line in the stanza hyme and the hythm stays the same across all the stanzas making it easy to ead Michael Rosen s A Z The Best Children s Poetry from Agard to Zephaniah is a diverse collection of children s poetry that I am going to enjoy e visiting of children s poetry that I am going to enjoy e visiting my teaching career An A Z has a functional uality at odds with my own thoughts on poetry but this anthology is made up of some inspiring poems many of them new and most of them I had never ead beforeAs the title implies the 127 poems for children from 61 poets are presented alphabetically and whilst I methodically ead them in the order they appeared like the foreword by Michael Rosen describes you can start where you want to and look for poems you like I felt that the short introduction captured some of the elusive beauty of poems the way that poetry can be about so many different things and presented and eually enjoyed in so many different waysThere were many poems I liked and would share in class I wished I had ead James Carter s poem What Can You Do with a Football when I taught my English lesson on calligrams It would have particularly appealed to some of the football mad boys in my year 2 SBT1 class The book covers a breadth of subjects from school animals immigration and measles to mushrooms amongst others Many of these could be great eading material to prompt discussions in PSHE on topics like co operation friendship bullying There are also many great choices for literacy lessons on poetry including different types of poems hythm hyming words and the use of punctuation and description in poemsSome of my favourites focused on school I loved Allan Ahlberg s The Mighty Slide for its funny insight into children the playground and its transformation in the snow Insect Day which made me smile and the humorous Schoo. Anthology edited by Michael Rosen the Children's LaureateCoinciding with his laureateship and a very welcome public promotion of the need. This book is like a a bunch of stories instead a book of poetry Michael Ronsen brings to life different topics by using poetry He has picked out different poems from different authors as well as his own All use a brig I had immense fun eading this eclectic collection of poems to my children It is an anthology of poems edited by Rosen so diverse "that it is suitable for almost all age anges within both KS1 and KS2 and even enjoyable to me at "it is suitable for almost all age anges within both KS1 and KS2 and even enjoyable to me at age of 37 It can be used to discuss writing stylestechniues and grammar as the collection covers a wide ange of subjects and are all written in different waysFrom the thought provoking and very elevant and current Immigration Trap by John Foster p70 and the clever Waht by Peter Cole p40 through to the witty Cow in the Cornflakes by Margaret Henderson p106 there eally is a poem to stir every emotion within this collectionMy personal favourite and one that fits well with my passion for eggae music is I De Rap Guy by Benjamin Zephaniah p273 A uniue end to a wonderful ead and a book that should be on everyone s to ead to a class list This is a great collection of poems for younger children who are interested in poetry Even as a young adult I enjoyed this fantastic collection Hilarious The poetry anthology Michael Rosen s A to Z The Best Children s Poetry from Agard to Zephaniah is a selection of poems curated by Michael Rosen The anthology contains a wide variety of poems some have many stanzas and others are only a few lines long The poems have a ange of styles with some following the traditional hyming style Bobby s Bubble Gum and others are calligrams Tree or written in a dialogic style Late Home The poems are organised by author s surname so it is easy for children to find poems by poets they like Potions by Michael KavanaghI like this poem because it captures the brilliance and imagination young children s imagination when they are playing especially outside When eading the poem it is easy to imagine children in the garden mixing together the plants and writing down the potions on scraps of paper The style of each From Agard to Zephaniah the very best of children's poetry from the very best of children's poets appears in this wonderful and exciting. ,

L Trip and How was school as well as the profound Geography lesson with its implicit lesson to follow your dreams Whilst I often favour poems that make me smile included are some poems like Immigration Trap by John Foster and the philosophical People Need People by Benjamin Zephaniah that strike a cord and could prompt some great discussion at key stage 2I also discovered some poets I like such at Tony Mitton and his beautifully simple My Hat and the summary of the modern day aspiration I wanna be a star I can imagine eading Jacob Sam La Rose s How a Poem Arrives and Michael Rosen s The Difference in a literacy lesson to demonstrate that poems come in many forms and of course don t need to hymeThis collection of poems will be a useful tool in my esources armoury that I will pick and choose from to epresent subjects or poetry forms There are poems I could share with year 2 to year 6 and expect it will be a book I will teach from ather than one that certainly in KS1 and lower KS2 that children would ead for themselves However whilst there is no colour and few illustrations inside the cover is inviting to children and the book certainly Delivers On Its Promise on its promise present a ich and diverse A to Z of some of the best of today s children s poems Albeit with some clever fillers from Michael Rosen on those tricky letters u v x and y for which no poet could be found I loved these poems though my children weren t so excited about them Fun My all time favourite poem The Painting Lesson by Trevor Harvey is in this anthology I still know the poem by heart and the comedic twist never failed to make "me laugh Perfect for Key Stage One I often drew the orangegreen "laugh Perfect for Key Stage One I often drew the orangegreen and imagined how my teachers would eact if my mum changed overnight Really good selection of all sorts of different poems I can t ecommend this book highly enough It is exactly what every class teacher needs on hisher bookshelf to grab the attention of children and enthuse them a A great book of poems So many different authors and styles great way to introduce children to poetry and the differing way authors write. For children's poetry in our education system this future classic for Puffin will delight eaders young and old and make the perfect gif.
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