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Midsummer NightNovels I m looking forward to the next adventure of these two favorite characters hopefully soon I ve saved the novellas to read all at once hoping that it will help me to say goodbye to this series in a somewhat satisfying way now that I now they re all that s left So far it s not working I may need to go back and re read the full novels for that It s not that the novellas are bad this one is fun They re just not enough I Heartily Approve Of This approve of this trend to fill in the gaps of the larger stories in a series with bits that couldn t be included in the earlier story as one of the reasons Brisbane and Julia s wedding was a lovely addition to the series "and of course it wouldn t be them if family craziness and a "of course it wouldn t be them if family craziness and a didn t intrude on their plansJulia and her family gather at Bellmont Abbey for the occasion of her wedding and her soon to be husband is settled with Uncle Fly down in the vicarage Wedding details are tedious to her and she only desires to be with Brisbane but incidents around the Abbey distract her A portent issued from a gypsy lady and a idnapping on Midsummer s Eve along with battles over the wedding dress and the special meals lead Julia to discover that someone is plotting in the shadows of her special dayThis one is a shorty but well paced and plotting in the shadows of her special dayThis one is a shorty but well paced and plotted that includes all the wonderful colorful characters and historical details that I have come to love from this series I wouldn t change a thing and I loved getting this lighter slice of Brisbane and Julia s life tucked between the deeper and darker stories that are their usual fareThose who enjoy historical mysteries with a romantic detective team richly drawn secondary characters and historic backdrop along with a strong plot should try these Completely pointless silly filler novella If I hadn t read the first couple of books in this series I would have been totally fine with this It s light and fluffy and fun The problem is that this doesn t fit the tone of the novels at all which are darker and serious even if Julia is regularly sarcastic and witty This was gooey and just didn t feel right to me Not to mention bringing back a character from a previous title view spoiler Charlotte King hide spoiler. F village life pagan traditions bursting through staid Victorian conventions and the congenial madness that tends to swirl around Lady Julia's family and you get an unforgettable wedding But add in a dangerous past nemesis who has come to wish them not so well and their day to remember just might take a fatal tu.

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Hat romance there is glorious I ve rated the previous installments in this book at three or four stars and liked them well enough to purchase the Kindle package from That s where things started to unravel for me Didn T Make It Clear That The t make it clear that the books were novellas I wouldn t have purchased the package had I nown I HATE NOVELLAS It s as if the author and publisher don t want to go to the trouble of creating an entire story so they produce a short story A novella that occupies me for an hour or so just isn t fulfilling Also it s danged near impossible to develop characters or nuanced pacing in a novella The work is just a blast of information a story sketch that leaves me cold So instead of developing Midsummer Night and the novellas cold So instead of developing Midsummer Night and the novellas follow it most of which occur on the heels of each other into one book that would eep me interested for hours the author and publisher decided to string things out I think this is a lazy approach to fiction and it cost them a reader This was a lovely treat for Julia and Brisbane fans It took some events from book three and expanded on them a bit I needed a little distance from the Veronica books be I am besotted with Lady Julia Grey and her dark handsome Gypsy Nicolas Brisbane It s simply a delight to read their witty playful conversations and watch to see which one will persevere in getting hisher way in their unconventional relationship Coming from such different backgrounds their blending into a married couple is full of cultural and life style differences even though Brisbane has for some time been away from the Gypsy community In Midsummer Night Deanna Raybourn shows us that the blending is also a chance to bring together the Roma and the English who mistrust them Brisbane s Gypsy the Roma and the English who mistrust them Brisbane s Gypsy are often a dark brooding bunch but they also have a great capacity for loyalty and love Julia s family of March relatives are truly a mixed bag of nuts and they too are capable of pleasant surprises when a family member s happiness is at stake This novella gives readers a much desired account of the wedding of Julia and Brisbane with all the family shenanigans included I ve become a big fan of the novella in series reading to fill in life between. Ffair not to be missedMidsummer in Victorian England an auspicious time for a wedding Brisbane has taken charge of the music Julia has perhaps mistakenly allowed her sisters to choose the dress And Belmont Abbey is overflowing with guests awaiting the blessed day What could go wrongCombine the close nit chaos ,
This was an enjoyable little short story but I didn t find it particularly convincing that Lady Julia let Charlotte King go free There seemed little sense behind itI also found it odd that there is much talk from Lady Julia about how Brisbane uses his sight for the benefit of their investigations when he does nothing of the Friend Foe kind He completely ignores it and does everything he can to suppress it which if you ask me is a bit of a waste of aey plot device I really really want rate this one higher This short I really really want to this one higher This short occurring a waste of a The Longevity Diet key plot device I really really want to rate this one higher This short novella occurring books 3 and 4 of the Lady Julia Grey series features the wedding of Julia to Nicholas Brisbane half gypsy great nephew of a Duke private detective that has featured heavily since book 1 For the first time in this series I actually believed in Julia and Nicholas romance in a way I didn t in the full length books Butthere is a ridiculous side mystery that just had me wishing Julia was smarter or at least less ditsy or something READ ebook Oct 2019 Easy fun read Would ve enjoyed it if not for somewhat OTTitchen sink flavourBut really my main sticking point is this when the hell did Crab undergo gender change given that she threw a litter in book 1 Seriously I ve read all of the Lady Julia Grey books they are among my favorites In the first book Silent in the Grave Lady Julia meets Nicholas Brisbane a private enuiry agent investigating her husband s death They fall in love marry and go on to further adventures with Lady Julia trying to help Brisbane in his profession and Brisbane trying to protect her from danger We never got to see their wedding however but this short novella solves that problem delightfully We see lots of Lady Julia s eccentric family and even some of Brisbane s Roma relatives Although the story is uite complete in itself I would not recommend this book if you haven t read at least the first story Preferably the first three These are included in The Lady Julia Grey Bundle only US999 for the Kindle version A bargain price for three full length novelsIf you like mysteries and you like romance the Lady Julia Grey books are a wonderful combination of both mystery than romance really but the presence of the swoonworthy Brisbane makes Readers everywhere have fallen for New York Times bestselling author Deanna Raybourn's intrepid amateur sleuth and socialite Lady Julia Grey Not to mention her devastatingly handsome partner in crime Nicholas Brisbane Midsummer Night is the long awaited novella of their wedding a dashing and potentially deadly