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Miss Shumway Waves a Wand { epub } BY James Hadley Chase –

Nanigans might not be able to enjoy their lives fully SighTo make It Clear I Have clear I have against the genre of science fiction or fantasy In fact I love the classics of those genres too The thing is this book caught me totally by surprise because I never expected it to be a supernatural yarn it s the last thing I d expect to read from a writer of Chase s type So it s not the supernatural by itself that is to blame here it s that the book does not really work as a sci fi or fantasy book either nor is it good enough as pure comedy let alone a hard boiled novel it appears to be full of empty gimmicks to generate cheap laughs and that is about itAs an example take the leading female character It is tiresome and inane a female has a split personality her good side and bad side Not just mentally throughout the book the woman is able to mostly involuntarily split into two exactly identical female bodies gorgeous bodies of course Myra and Arym and these then counteract each other and even verbally argue with each other over the course of the Book And They Both Fight And they both fight the attention of the same man the lucky narrator whom they wish to marry Oh my Though why exactly they suddenly have such fascination for him is never explainedThis is the worst type of a literary crutch when something verges on being symbolic without really getting there Readers are left scratching their heads Now what the hell is this supposed to mean It must be feared that the split personality gimmick in Miss Shumway Waves a Wand indicates nothing it is a gimmick and that is thatIn Miss Shumway Waves a Wand Chase abandoned what he does best a plot driven gritty realism hard boiled narration with a couple of delightful twists towards the very end and tried his hand at something else Good for him and good for many readers mostly hardcore Chase fans I suspect who seem to have enjoyed this entry in Chase s voluminous oeuvre I for one hope there is no other book like this left among those by Chase I haven t read so far if there is I ll do my best to avoid reading it The one word to sum p this volume is kitsc. A little magic on the side and just happened to be a dip a very efficient pickpocket From the day little Miss Myra Shumway walked into Millan's life things were never ite the same. .
Fantastically dated somewhat bizarre all in all a fast fun read One of the funniest books I have read A JHC classic I love this book the plot was super interesting the CHARACTERS WERE FUN TO FOLLOW AND were fun to follow and love Arym Hmmmmnot really the type of work one expects from Chase but ite readable The humour is over the top eg Don t bust your brassiere lady remember your O viziune a sentimentelor upbringing and try to behave like a lady Really And this is only the tip of the iceberg The work would ordinarily be considered as fantasy but is presented as fact supernatural factfacts a big man turns into a sausage and is eaten by a dog that subseuently begins to talk the canine having a sense of humour too A lady floating and propelling others to do so The patently dead suddenly being revived late oneven our hero at the end suddenly discovers his own son can levitate or whatever Look pop I am flying The author clearly wrote this work tongue in cheek and because of his reputation the book was published Hmmm Hadley Chase was a prolific writer of cowboy thrillers very noir detective stories and magi realism Miss Shumway is an excellent example of his skill in turning an everyday situation like a missing person into a mad fantastic romp Is books are short but every word counts Poor story The supernatural climax is a disaster Its so funny you will die laughingfor the first time hadley churned out this paranormal kind of novelIf you want to laugh to tearsplease please read itone of the best novel in the whole worldtake my wordread it entertaining book is by a well known writer of hard boiled detective fiction turning his hand for once to the paranormal Miss Shumway has run away to Mexico as well as being a stage magician she has developed real magical powers and also turns out to have double trouble There s a glorious seue Nice Oh No A Hard Boiled Humorous Western with Supernatural ElementsThis was a childish dud all the way through despite a few laughs generated suffused in gradeschool level humour and employing what should be forbidden literary devices to get out of plot difficultiesWhatever you do How come a New York reporter like Ross millan was combing half of Mexico looking for old man Shumway's missing daughter Millan had asked himself theestion a dozen times and when ,

Miss Shumway Waves a Wand
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O not read Miss Shumway Waves a Wand as your first James Hadley Chase book He wrote dozens of hard boiled novels but in this volume Chase attempted to do something that he mercifully by all accounts attempted in none of his earlier or later books to cross the hard boiled type of narration with comedy well okay that s been done before but at the same time also with elements of a modern Mexican Western it s getting far fetched now so that there s ite a lot of horseback riding in the book too but worst of all the book is also crammed full with puerile supernatural tricks of the shabbiest order such as a Talking Dog Or The Turning Of An dog or the turning of an into a piece of sausage what the during an altercation females disappearing into thin air or floating over your head and pulling your hair and in the very worst such instance when the leading protagonists have absolutely no way to escape from a room and are being attacked then they yep you guessed it they simply step out of the window mid air high above the sidewalk a woman and a man very much in love and they simply tread air over the streets and buildings of New York City escaping from danger that way Then they safely descend onto a sidewalk and continue their adventurous pursuits in the sual manner Well any writer could rescue their heroes that way whenever they re in a pickleThis is simply Como agua para chocolate unacceptable and it is embarrassing If a 12 year old child wrote a yarn like this you might pat him or her on the head praising the child s imagination But an established writerThroughout the book I kept hoping this just can t be real The narrator simply must wakep right in this chapter or the very next chapter making it clear that most of what has occurred so far invading the dead Indian chief s abode could have been an acceptable turning point was simply a dream hallucinationNo such luck here Chase is consistent and pulls these stunts all the way through right to the final page of the final chapter which features a trashy would be funny Hollywood happy ending He even has the guts to suggest that readers who refuse to believe such she. E found her he asked himself a whole lot estions For the shapely blonde he'd seen in the photograph turned out to be a fast talking lady who packed a punch like a prize fighter did.