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Upsetting All the moomins hate working and give no f s about a comet Moomin gets famous by having a golden tail and has a lovehate relationship with fame I remain completely and utterly biased The Moomins are adorable I do have to say though that all the strips in a row does show up repetitiveness of the stories and the way #all the strips in a row does show up the repetitiveness of the stories and the way returns to its idyllic status uo at the beginning Still whimsical good times wryly commenting on the s of modern culture s obsession with fame fortune and what the neighbor s have Sadly this one seemed to me to show a falling off of uality Disappointed in this volume The first story where the Moomin family goes back in time to the Wild West has some super problematic encounters with native populations The rest of the stories ust don t feel cohesive Too frantic and disjointed to really be enjoyable The last story Moomin and the Golden Tail is probably the best of the bunch and is clever with the way it tackles fleeting fame but the rest let me down. The series is the winner of the Harvey Award and has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awar. Moomin The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip Vol 4Delightful as always 4 stars mainly for the third story because I love uality Moomin and Snufkin content I also really enjoy the creative use of the panel borders whether tree trunks or or text banners or wilting flowers that bloom when precisely the right thing is said they add richness to the storytellingI m not a huge fan of the time travel chapters it s a plot that s typical to the comics world but doesn t feel particularly Moomin but this is still a pretty solid installment In complete honesty I m not sure I would ve realized on my own that #The Transition From Tove Only #transition from Tove Only Tove Lars happened in this volume Lars seems to have a pretty decent handle on his sister s sense of humor and the Moomins cheerful absurdity I ust LOVE these books The stories are bizarre border line nonsensical thoughtful magical hilarious sometimes political culturallyracially diverse yes even in Moomin Valley culture and race exists and vastly creative And her drawing style is very satisfying there s always so much. More delightful tales from the legendary Finnish artistDrawn uarterly's bestselling Moomin se. always so much. More delightful tales from the legendary Finnish artistDrawn uarterly's bestselling Moomin se. .

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Going on As long as they come out with Moomin books I will buy them I cannot wait to share these with my daughter when she s a bit older Particularly enjoyed Snorkmaiden goes Rococo This is one collection that aged very very very badly The Wild West chapter was so painfully full of racial stereotypes I could barely get through it Sometimes you encounter a piece of older fiction that ust slaps you in the face with bad representationThe other stories in this collection had the same off kilter silly antics #Seen In Previous Volumes #in previous volumes were fun and in keeping with the tone of other Moomin comics There are some truly delightful panels They didn t offset the deeply uncomfortable first story Highlights include a time machine where snorkmaiden meets Snorkmaiden and insults her Snorkmaiden has a problem with a man who like pork dumplings over pancakes Again it appears that Snorkmaiden and Moomin troll are in some sort of bizarre open relationship Little My isn t as cheeky as she normally is which Is. Ries Created By Ries created by legendary children's author Tove Jansson is now in its fourth installment.