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Fy that oversight Ungerer clearly has no grasp of astrophysics A comet doesn t have A Fiery Tail RidiculousHe Does fiery tail RidiculousHe does people though Alas a grumpy killjoy complained of the late music to the police is only the tip of the iceberg Earth is no place or you Moon It s okay Good or storytime but lacks pizzazz Also the artwork is kind of creepy Caused my child an existential crisis Under the skin creepy Pessimistic A library patron recommended this to me It s a sweet kind of sad story about how the man in the moon is lonely and wants to join the earth people The illustrations were pretty and I Enjoyed The Story. enjoyed the story. ully Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, formed he enjoys his newound The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide freedom on Earth and dances happilyor hours at a party where all the other guests are wearing elaborate costumes and simply think he has dressed up as the Man in the Moon But the police are on his trail and a wild chase ensues brbrFleeing through a orest Moon Man inds a remote castle where he is welcomed by an ancient long Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? forgotten scientist named Doktor Bunsen van der Dunkel who has been working on a space shipor centuries with the aim of Becoming Violet flying to the moon Now too old andat to Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers fit into the completed rocket himself Doktor van der Dunkel asks Moon Man to be theirst passenger Knowing that he would never be able to live on Earth in peace Moon Man returns home to his planet happy to stay there orever now that his curiosity has been sated Back on Earth Doktor van

Dunkel inally gets the recognition deserves or his scientific breakthrough. Artist as Maurice Sendak as easily one Of The Best Picture Books In Recent the best picture books in Recent Upon Its Initial Release upon its initial release s easy to see why Sendak held that opinion as Moon Man is an amusing entertaining heart breaking and thought provoking story one which captures the regrettable human penchant or resorting to aggression when The Glass Palace faced with the unknown It is also a visually arresting book with Tomi Ungerer s signature artwork so bold and colorful so expressive and engaging I really regret that I never encountered Ungerer s work as a child as I suspect that he would have been aavorite Still there s time enough as an adult #To Recti. In French #recti. In French German cinemas in 2007 and is due to be launched on DVD in the English speaking world in Fall 2008 Bored and lonely in his shimmering home in space the Moon Man watches the people on Earth dancing and having a good time Just once he thinks he would like to join in the un So one night he holds on to a passing comet and crash lands on Earth But the unexpected arrival of this mysterious visitor causes statesmen scientists and generals to panic and the Moon Man is thrown into jail brbrAlone in his cell the Moon Man uses his special powers to slip through the hands of the law; it turns out that in accordance with the lunar phases the Moon Man waxes and wanes His left side starts to disappear the Moon Man is his third uarter and as the moon grows thinner and thinner so does the Moon Man Finally he is able to sueeze through the bars of his window and escape Two weeks later and once ag. Tired of watching the un of human life unfold on the planet Far Below The Moon below the Moon hitches a ride on the tail of a comet and comes to Earth Met with ear and suspicion on his landing he is immediately imprisoned only to escape when his waning Archetype (Archetype, form allows him to slipree rom his chains After a brief interlude at a party the Moon Man is once again on the run rom the authorities taking refuge in an old castle belonging to a long orgotten scientist who helps him to get homeOriginally published in 1966 in German as Der Mondmann this classic picture book was according to the dust jacket blurb described by no less an. The bright galloping illustrations are as effective as any Tomi Ungerer has done This has some of the sting of Dr Strangelove but tenderized the contemporary charisma of Where the Wild Things Are; it's great Exceptionally highly recommended Kirkus Reviews 1967 In this gently satiric able Ungerer pokes People of the Book fun at self important adults who are afraid of anything or anyone unfamiliar and reminds us that there is indeed no place like home On itsirst publication in the US in 1967 at the
of the Space Race Moon won the Book Week prize Encore, Grace! for booksor children aged 4 8 and Maurice Sendak described it in Book Week as 'Easily one of the bet picture books in recent years' Since then it has been translated into 12 languages Moon Man will be the next classic Ungerer tale to be turned into a ull length eature Fear the Darkness (Brigid Quinn, filmollowing on rom the success of the award winning The Three Robbers which was shown. Der Mondmann

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