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[PDF] My Lady Viper Tales From the Tudor Court #1 author E. Knight

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My Lady Viper Tales From the Tudor Court #1Ry we find here is far from that of staid civility and forthright purity as reported by historyWhile that might have been true for the tragic een Jane it My Lady Viper is the story of Anne Seymour who becomes a lady in waiting to Jane Seymour who is of course one of Henry VIII s eens This is the first traditional historical fiction offering from E Knight one of Henry VIII s eens This is the first traditional historical fiction offering from E Knight also writes romances A Most Unusual Match under the name Eliza Knight It was neat to see the author make a jump to traditional historical fiction and after reading this book I can say that the jump was worth it Now Tudor fiction can be tricky and it s a tricky subject for me I was going guns a blazin for Tudor fiction a couple years ago but fell out of it when it seemed like so many Tudor historical fiction books were the same I was a little hesitant to read this book because of that but the author makes it worth it This is a very different take on what could be a well tread subject I feel like Jane Seymour is one of Henry VIII s lesser knowneens so I liked seeing her and getting to know her through this book Because Anne is so close to Jane we get to see a really intimate picture of Jane that I really enjoyed Anne is a really interesting character in her own right There is a good infusion of romance in this book so that Knight s previous fans will not feel so at seaThe writing of the book is pretty good and the pacing moves nicely This book has a lot of drama and intrigue that keeps it moving at a good clip E Knight breathes new life and new scandal into the Tudors This is an engrossing historical fiction tale that readers will love I ve been wanting to try one of this author s historical romances for a long time so I jumped at the chance to check out her first historical fiction offering but I m sorry to say that it didn t send me I gave p after about 150 pages There were some mechanical issues like too much telling of historical political and character info and as you know Bob dialogue but mainly I could not swallow the heroine s inconsistency she continually pined over her love and devotion to her husband and her yearning to have her feelings returned yet her head and her body was easily turned by the first courtier to give her that look and that courtier s lterior motives were rather transparent I just didn t want to read about her any not with so many other books calling my name But I m seeing good reviews from other readers so it may just be me I started this book with the hope I would be able to give it at least three stars but after only a few pages I knew it would probably be two Now it s just one There might be mild spoilers in this review but most of it is historical stuff that sort of happenedSadly the books starts out mediocre and gets worse with time The main character is all over the place She s the prime example of telling and not showing According to the other characters she s beautiful ev I was really excited to pick p a book about Anne Stanhope Seymour the other characters she s beautiful ev I was really excited to pick p a book about Anne Stanhope Seymour notoriously manipulative wife of Edward Seymour The Seymour family often gets lost in the shuffle of Tudor history especially compared to the Howards I tend to think that this is because the Swept Away (Harlequin Blaze ueen they produced Jane Seymour isn t as flashy or tragic as the Howardeens Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard Hardcore Boleyn fans just hate the Seymours which is a shame because Henry VIII is the one truly at fault and cast them as prudish bores Really they were Texan for the Holidays (Brodys Crossing, uite an interesting bunch of political power players and none savvy at least during Henry s reign as Edward Seymour and his wife AnneMy Lady Viper certainly takes on an interesting topic Henry VIII s reign from the execution of Anne Boleyn to his death from Anne Stanhope s perspective Understandably Knight tries to humanize Anne who s reputation is not the best and Edward who s rep is even worse The writing is engaging obviously my attention was held and I read the book rathericklyThe strengths of the book are in Anne and Edward s scenes together particularly when Anne gets her shit together and realizes that she and her husband are a great team That s what I wanted out of the book While The Tudors portrayed Anne as an adulterous party girl whose Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers uptight hubby bored her the Seymours actually had a pretty happy marriage for the times As everyone else seemed to hate them I get the sense that they had ans against the world mindset that was typical of the Seymour family They knew they worked well together and valued and loved one Family hangs by a thread If her sister in law Jane Seymour cannot give the King a son she will be executed or set aside and her family with her Anne throws herself into the deadly and intoxicating intrigue of the Tudor court determined. Probably just a little better Than 35 Stars But I 35 stars but I to round p to give credit to the artists who work so hard on the stories that we devour In the author s note always appreciated in a historical fiction leastwise by myself she does outline her reasoning behind certain manipulations of history and she takes on a character who was very prominent in the Tudor court and yet as she was a woman we have very little information about I thought overall the story was good the main characters well defined and fleshed out BUT SPEAKING OF FLESH We hear far too much of our main characters nipples and her careening desire It was distracting and a bit nauseating Am I being priggish Perhaps In doing a bit digging into the author post read I find she also has penned some erotic fiction and so perhaps it s simply her writing style I m glad I didn t know that before hand as I might have missed a book that as it turns out I did like and those parts above were easily skipped through as they did nothing to add to the story Rated this 4 stars Treachery and intrigue during the reign of Henry VIII Told through the eyes of Anne Seymour the wife of Edward Seymour who is the brother of Jane Seymour Henry s 3rd wife Not great literature but I really enjoyed this take on the Tudors A fast read If a book has anything to do with Tudor history I will read it I generally like to read books centering around Anne Boleyn and as a result I have become part of Team Howard rather than Team Seymour forgive me for the phrasing there That being said it was very different for me to read a book that focused on the Seymour family and did so in a positive way

i thought i 
thought I hate the book because of this but I ended p thoroughly enjoying it It was fun to see some characters in a new light as well as being introduced to some historical figures that I was The Naturalists Daughter unaware of I thought that the book was fairly well written There were some moments in the dialogue when characters would switch from Old English to New English so the language felt a little inconsistent The ending felt a bit rushed It was basically a lot of dialogue giving aick rundown of all that had happened within the past few years It was almost as if E Knight realized that the deadline was in a few hours and there was one chapter to write Despite its flaws I thought that this book told an interesting and relatively The Weather Girl unknown story in an enjoyable way The book movedickly and was able to keep me interested throughout the story I won this book through a Goodreads Giveaway This is my first First Reads review Find this and other reviews at fiction The phrase alone makes me cringe Wolf Hall The Other Boleyn Girl The Autobiography of Henry VIII The Sixth Wife Secrets of the Tudor Court A Husband in Time ueen s Gambit there are enough titles on the market that I could go on all day With so many options it s hard to imagine an author bringing something new to the table Are there really angles that haven t been tried schemes that haven t been woven or characters who haven t been featured I know it sounds improbable but such a distinction does not make something in and of itself impossible which leads me to E Knight s My Lady Viper Overflowing with intrigue conspiracy and romance this book had me hooked from the first chapter and that isn t easy for a skeptic such as myself to admit Henry s court comes vibrantly to lifender Knight s pen drawing the audience into a refreshing original web a danger and deceit Anne Seymour s divided loyalties and multiple alliances really appealed to me The complexity of her situation built tension I m entirely nused to seeing in this subgenre and conveyed a tangibly authentic degree of turmoil within the narrative The nontraditional love triangle was eually alluring Anne s emotional connections to Edward and Anthony Are Not Clear Cut are not clear cut easy define and though they are remarkably different both are passionate affairs that leave the reader genuinely absorbed in Anne s romantic liaisons A brilliant illustration of a capricious monarch and the nest of serpents that surrounded him My Lady Viper is an absolute must Intricately detailed cleverly constructed and tterly irresistible Though much has been made of lives wives deaths and courts held by the various Tudor The Innocents Dark Seduction ueens the life and times of youngeen Jane Seymour has gone largely From Father to Son (A Brothers Word unsungUntil nowMy Lady Viper gives readers that much yearned for glimpse inside the Seymour reignTold in the voice of Lady Anne Seymour the sto. May 1536 Theeen is dead Long live the een When Anne Boleyn falls to the executioner's ax on a cold spring morning yet another Anne vows she will survive in the snake pit court of Henry VIII But at what cost Lady Anne Seymour knows her. NotherThose moments and the moments when Anne actually acted like a master manipulator were great I also give Knight her props for trying to balance a human Henry VIII with his monstrous side and the scenes with Jane Seymour were genuinely interesting This is probably the first portrayal of Jane Seymour that hasn t annoyed
the hell out 
hell out me Sure she s still innocent and naive but that s not her dominant trait You get the sense from this Jane that she knows her head could be on the chopping block next and she s trying to surviveUnfortunately several nnecessary plotlines drag the storyline down I know why Knight did this I know we re sure about little of Anne Stanhope s life and I get that for some reason Knight thought that would bore her readers But it wouldn t have It really wouldn t have So she added in two horrible storylinesThe first starts early and it really set off alarm bells for me It s this completely nneeded overblown rape as backstory thing that explains why the Seymours married no Edward s not the rapist thank God and gives s our principle villain throughout the book I hate rape as as backstory and you get the sense that part of the reasoning behind this was that it explained Anne s cold nature WTF Knight you have to know better That s a cardinal sin of fiction right there Knight you have to know better That s a cardinal sin of fiction right there basically throughout the book we have this leering sexual predator threatening Anne and her loved ones And it somehow takes Edward Seymour one of the most powerful men in the realm years and years to make sure he gets his comeuppance None of it made sense and I couldn t help but think it was put in there to counterbalance Anne s portrayal in The Tudors among other reasonsThat was bad enough but I tried to ignore it and move on Then Knight writes in this cringeworthy romance storyline between Anne and a certain nobleman Not only does that destroy what makes Anne so appealing as a historical figure the Lady Macbeth Edward Seymour s wheeling and dealing Macbeth but it s not even an appealing romance Anne is constantly and rather annoyingly going I shouldn t But I should But my husband cheats on me and though I A Full House understand that this is ok by Tudor standards and he d definitely have me put aside if I cheated on him I still want to cheat on my husband This just made Anne seem less like a lady viper and like a complete dumbass Then we have multiple lovely scenes where her suitor basically sexually assaults Anne and continues to pursue her after she s said no Oh and he tries to blackmail her into screwing him But they love each otherThis whole time Edward is actually a pretty decent husband by the standards of the day His position at court ensures Anne s position at court He progressively warmsp throughout the book and they apparently have a pretty hot sex life As Anne whines about her tragic life and her love you just want to throttle her Like girl you could be Anne Boleyn Also there s this whole subplot wherein Anne feels really bad about the Seymour role in Anne Boleyn s downfall and despises Lady Rochford Anne s sister in law who was instrumental in bringing her down It stinks of Knight s awareness that every Tudor fan today loves Anne Boleyn and feels like an attempt to make Anne Stanhope sympathetic I adore Anne Boleyn but I know that not everyone was sympathetic to her back in the day Most weren t and I would have appreciated it if Knight had portrayed Anne Stanhope s feelings in a likely accurate fashionThe novel just suffered from inconsistencies in Anne s character She has all of two or three scenes with her firstborn but is so devastated by his death that she becomes cold to everyone around her including he This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed it as I can never get enough of Tudor books I enjoyed reading about the Seymour family and another Anne in Tudor history The author did a very good job in my opinion with the development of the characters and they just see to jump off the page at you I think she also did very good with the setting so she made feel as if you were right there in Henry s court Another thing I enjoyed was the telling of yet another love triangle from the Tudor court Anne was known as a vicious woman and after reading her story here you will O Homem Que Ela Ama Odiar Diamante Bruto understand why while at the same time getting you tonderstand her side Anne was a very strong woman to survive being at court I will be looking forward to book two in this series I recommend this book to fans of historical fictio. At any price to see the new A Stormy Greek Marriage ueen's marriage a success and the Seymour family elevated to supreme power But Anne's machinations will earn her a reputation as a viper and she must decide if her family's rise is worth the loss of her own so.