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Natural Suspect A Collaborative NovelExtraordinary What an incredible Collaborative Novel of Suspense by 11 beloved and best selling notable authors I read the escription of the novel and was totally intrigued The book is as amazing as I anticipated and in fact it surpassed any and all expectations I loved itWilliam Bernhardt conceptualized the creation of a mystery written by multiple authors as he invited 10 of his author colleagues to join the fun It is also very special to note that the project collaboration was simultaneously Flawed (The Butcher, devised as a fundraiser and supports a veryeserving cause as all author royalties are The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS donated to The Nature ConservancyI was so excited to learn that 5 of my favorite authors contributed to this adventurous writing including William Bernhardt John Lescroart Phillip Margolin Brad Meltzer and Lisa Scottoline It was also a wonderful introduction to the 6 authors that I now must investigate their independent writing as I so enjoyed their gifts of collaboration and generosity to this project including Leslie Glass Gini Hartzmark John Katzenbach Bonnie MacDougal Michael Palmer and Laurence ShamesI could keep the thesaurus open all night in an effort to try to capture just a snippet of theelight in reading this novel It s a perfect of page turning riveting exciting uniue suspenseful scenes of courtroom Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins drama murder and mayhem and investigative reporting with humorous page turning riveting exciting uniue suspenseful scenes of courtroomrama murder and mayhem and investigative reporting with humorous all mixed into one extraordinary and outstanding novel Even if you never read the author s Afterword Don t miss this one It shares Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, details of how the novel came from creation to fruition My onlyisappointment is that the web site that was initially created for this title to share which author wrote each chapter no longer seems to be available I actually listened to this one This is a collaborative novel of suspense where Pages From Bee Journal different mystery writers write a chapter each It was ok Iefinitely enjoye. What Carl Hiaasen and a host of South Florida’s finest authors Stones of Witness did for Sunshine State crime capers in the New York Times bestseller Naked Came the Manatee William Bernhardt nowoes for legal thrillers–with the help of a Dream Team of today’s hottest suspense writers Like a literary game of telephone Natural Suspect begins with a chapter from Bernhardt Then each writer contributes a chapter and passes it along to the next The result is a completely inventive brilliantly plotted novel of suspense with twists than a schizophrenic's train of thought Can you guess who wrote which chapterNATURAL SUSPECTArthur Hightower made a name for himself and a vast fortune in the oil business But when the volatile tyc.

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And uite probably before they were even born and My Indian Kitchen did them much betterThe best thing about this book is that all proceeds wereonated to the Nature Conservatory That and brief episodes of humor very brief The plot Is A Well Worn One Head Of a well worn one Head of Family with Big Bucks threatens to Lots of Mommies divorce wife and cut everyone out of his will and winds upead on a big holidayat a big family gathering in this case Thanksgiving Wife is the prime suspect and winds up on trial Rest of book is spent making things so convoluted that anybody else might have killed him and no clues really add up and throwing in multiple torture scenes with psycho ressed as a clown or a ninja or an employee of Footlocker either really cutting off people s extremities or threatening to as well as an abnormally large rabbit just for fun I started to give this two stars but then I realized that there was no way I could rate it higher then the Michael Innes book I just gave one star So it isFirst posted on my blog My Reader s Block Another Collaborative Novel of Suspense The authors royalties were onated to The Nature Conservancy I was amazed at how well this book came together One of the things keeping it glued together was each author s sense of humor and their ability to toss a hot potato to the next author on the list Unlike Naked Came the Phoenix you are not told which author wrote which chapter so unless you are familiar with each contributing author s style it seems as if only one person wrote the book It was fun to read Not very good at all
the idea of 
idea of book is that multiple authors take turn writing a chapter and by the end of the book the story is complete Brad Meltzer was one of the authors I generally enjoy his books so I gave this one a shot Bad Fantasy Man decision The story is choppy and the writing is very uninspired I rate this one R for rubbish Shame on you Mr Bernhardt for putting this together. Pet rabbit and thinks his tryst with Devin will help him get a conviction Patrick Roswell a wannabe reporter sitting on a scoop that could turn the trial upsideown unless a scalpel wielding clown The Flame Of Adventure decides to kill the story and Patrick Sissy Hightower Julia's sex crazed air headedaughter in law who has a suitcase full of secrets Robert S Rutledge a powerful Wall Street warrior with a lot riding on the Hightower verdict and a lot to learn about messing with the wrong people and Cordelia the mystery woman that everyone seems to know All are in for the trial of their lives–but who among them is the true natural suspect All author royalties will be onated to The Nature Conservancy From the Hardcover editi. D some chapters than the other and I m not sure the final authors pulled the entire story together as cohesively as possible but fun listening anyway I liked how the chapters endedhad to laugh out loud at a couple of them I can only imagine what the next person thought how am I going to follow thatA ifferent read but still entertaining This is a great mystery written by 11 ifferent authors Each writer takes different read but still entertaining This is a great mystery written by 11 ifferent authors Each writer takes the story cold right where the last author left off Without this knowledge provided right on the cover of the book it cold right where the last author left off Without this knowledge provided right on the cover of the book it be impossible to know that the book was written by than one person This is a feat in itself what is even amazing is the uality and complexity of the mystery itself I highly Recommend This Book I Really Enjoyed Reading this book I really enjoyed reading book Different authors wrote one chapter It was a well written book and I could never figure out what author wrote which chapter It was fast paced and suspenseful A self made oil tycoon is murdered after threatening to Frog and the Treasure disinherit his family The wife is put on trail With severaliffert authors writing the chapters in a round robin the plot is always changing I found this to be an interesting read but The Butterfly Club don t wish to reveal too many secrets about the plot Natural Suspect 2001 is a collaborative mystery storyevised by William Bernhardt and contributed to by ten suspense novelists most of whom I had never come across before I suspect I know why The Goodreads blurb says that Bernhardt has put together a Dream Team of today s hottest suspense writers and makes it sound like he and Carl Hiassen who Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors did the same in Naked Came the Manatee had come up with a brilliant idea that had never beenone before Hello Ever heard of folks like Agatha Christie and Dorothy L Sayers and G K Chesterton They and other members of the Detection Club His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, did collaborative mysteries long before Hiassen and Bernhardt even knew how to write. Oonecides to Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? disinherit his spoiled children and cheating wife he makes the biggest mistake of his life and the last Aftereclaring his intentions Hightower turns up on Thanksgiving Day clubbed to J.M. Coetzee death and stuffed in a meat locker clutching a frozen asset–his wife’s precious pearl necklace Now Julia Hightower stands charged with the cold as ice crime of murdering for millions While the sensational trial has New York in a frenzy a curious cast of characters face off in and out of the courtroom Devin McGee a small time lawyer about to hit the big timeefending Julia Hightower if her intimate encounter with the prosecutor oesn’t catch up with her Trent Ballard the uirky assistant DA who owns a huge. ,

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